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Learn how to be interviewed about yourself or product on camera
We have been asked to run a session on learning the basic steps when participating in an on camera interview. From experience, I know it can certainly be exciting—or nerve wracking, depending on your perspective. The presence of a camera frequently changes the dynamic between the interviewer (me) and the subject (you). And it is true that there are some different factors that you need to consider before an interview takes place For the purposes of this meetup, we'll assume that the interview you are about to give is for positive purposes—to promote yourself, a new product or service, highlight your leadership or address a topical news issue that intersects with your business. Read more here G-Mann

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This group are interested in promoting themselves, product or BRAND in front of a studio style TV setup ( You will find out how to conduct yourself when the camera is rolling. If you are a 'mumpreneur' a young entrepreneur or you need to find out the secrets of how to produce your own video, then let's get together with professionals for a bit of fun with great results

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