Flutter Interact Extended Barcelona

Google Developers Group Barcelona
Google Developers Group Barcelona
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Wallapop Office (Atico - 7th floor)

Meridiana 89 · Barcelona

How to find us

Press the "A" button in the elevator (A stands for Atico), and there's only one door. Notice that we aren't doing it in the 6th floor as in other Flutter Meetups that happened at Wallapop.

Location image of event venue


Flutter Interact is Google's event to announce new features associated with Flutter and other related Google technologies. At GDG Barcelona we are hosting Barcelona's livestreaming party. This is the agenda for the event:

6:20 - La Previa: while everyone arrives, we'll have some drinks a snacks
6:40 - Connect to the Livestream
7:40 - Pizzas & drinks networking
8:30 - We leave the offices. Anyone that wants to continue can do it in a near bar


Please take a look at our Code of Conduct here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mrlwW6qCu-vQd_gvCDKVsDQNJm-znkU-4wWdGxoW6Vs/edit?usp=sharing