In-Memory Streaming Architecture with Striim

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# Leveraging In-Memory Streaming Architecture for Hybrid Cloud Integration

Trevor Kaplan, an engineer at Striim, is presenting about the state of the art and challenges that organizations have moving critical applications and systems to the cloud.

Hybrid cloud architectures are becoming increasingly commonplace as organizations move critical applications and systems to the cloud, while maintaining some existing systems in-house. Without having reliable operational data in the public cloud, businesses cannot use the cloud environment to support their core business functions.

Streaming data integration, continuously collecting and moving data while processing it in-stream from on-premises systems to cloud environments and back, is integral for hybrid cloud success.

Come to this session and join in the discussion to see an overview of how a Streaming Platform enables fully-connected hybrid cloud environments via continuous real-time data movement and processing across on-prem data sources and a wide variety of cloud services on Google Cloud Platform as well as an extensive demo of how to implement such integration pipe-lines.