• I/O Extended 2019 Copenhagen

    Trifork A/S

    GOTO Copenhagen and Google Developer Group are happy to welcome you to this year’s Google I/O Streaming event at the Trifork office. **IMPORTANT** Since this event is a collaboration with other community groups, you have to sign up here: https://forms.gle/kcddcpevKLCCYmeY9 Agenda 17.00: Doors open 17.15: Welcome by GOTO, Trifork and GDG 17.30: Highlights from Google IO Keynote 2018 and clearing expectations by Ayoub 18.15: Food, snacks and drinks 19.00: Streaming of Google Keynote speak 21:00: Quiz/Raffle with prizes 21.30: Thanks for today The Keynote starts at around 19.00 Danish Time, and doors open at 17.00. We hope you will arrive at that time in order to mingle, have fun and get some food and drinks, as well as checking out the Trifork office! During the evening we will do a quiz, where you can win cool prizes sponsored by GOTO Copenhagen and Google Denmark. We hope to see you for an entertaining and exciting evening full of surprises and announcements from Google.

  • IWD Copenhagen 2019

    Needs a location

    A group of powerful female leaders from Copenhagen have joined forces to bring you our first Women in Tech Kickoff event for International Women’s Day with a special focus on AI. It will be taking place on IWD 2019, the 8th March. We are proud to announce that this conference will feature some of the most inspiring scientists, leaders and researchers in the fields of big data, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning. This event is held at Matrikel1, and will feature talks, networking, and light refreshments. We will finish the evening with an afterparty where our women DJs will spin tunes so we can dance all night. We hope you will join us in celebrating! Agenda 16:00: Arrival, #SurfaceTheWomen photoshoot and a glass of bubbles to celebrate the day 16.30: Welcome 16.35: Keynote By Marianne Dahl Steensen, GM at Microsoft & Sara Kolka, Microsoft 16.50: Camilla Kerlaugh, CEO and co-founder of Spenderlog 17.05: Francis Luk, Managing partner at AlphaZetta 17:20: Break 17.35: Vicky Chudinov, Data scientist at DSB 17:45: Dr. Abbey Waldron, co-founder of Computer Science Retreat 17:45: Networking and party with #SurfaceTheWomen photoshoot Registration: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/women-in-tech-kickoff-for-international-womens-day-tickets-56578364411

  • GDG Copenhagen Christmas edition - Socializing event

    Matrikel1 Bar & Café

    It's nearly the end of the year... This edition is going to be a joint event together with ngCopenhagen and Women Techmacker Copenhagen. So, we would like to invite you to our very casual Christmas gathering where you will get a chance to get together and spend time with members of different communities in Copenhagen. There will be Æbleskiver, Gløgg and drink cards which can be purchased with special discount. Of course, expect loads of fun, quiz & raffles! See you there! Sherry, Cem & Jeppe

  • ML Extravaganza


    This time we have a special event as a part of Coldfront community day (https://2018.coldfront.co/community-workshop-day/) and in collaboration with CopenhagenJS (https://www.meetup.com/copenhagenjs/). Our speakers for this event is going to be: - Sarah Drasner (https://twitter.com/sarah_edo) - Tore Knudsen (https://twitter.com/toreknudsn). Agenda: 16:30 - Arrival 17:00 - Welcome 17:15 - Machine Learning as a design tool by Tore Knudsen 17:45 - Break 18:15 - Live and Machine Learn by Sarah Drasner 18:45 - Networking 20:00 - Goodbye Machine Learning as a design tool Machine learning has been a popular area to explore for artists and designers in recent years. As a result, several projects and perspectives have shown how the qualities of ML can be used to develop new design tools and relations between designers, technology and end-users. This talk will present some of these projects and perspectives to demonstrate how new ways of using ML algorithms can facilitate a human-centered design process. A process that both enables quick iterations on the spot, and allows a whole new level of inclusion that invites end-users to creatively engage with technology. About Tore: Tore Knudsen is an interaction designer and recent graduate from K3, Malmö University. Most of his work explores how we can relate to and interact with technology in new ways. Recently ML has played a big role in his projects, one example being Pour Reception which he, together with his co-creators, has exhibited at CLICK festival in Helsingør and The Conference in Malmö. Live and Machine Learn The life we live online increasingly informs the way we live offline as well. Businesses live and die through algorithms like SEO, humans are sorted in government systems, and we make large, life-governing decisions through what is shown to us on the web: home buying, where to live, what to eat, and who we're in contact with regularly. The first shift we as web developers saw was people living and learning on the web more and more, which excited us. But as we start to automate those tasks through machine learning algorithms, a lot of us have trepidation. We know systems have flaws, what are the political and social consequences? In this talk, we'll explore this paradigm shift and some of it's dangers, but we'll also talk about the good impacts technology can bring. Helping people who need it, automating tasks for humans with disabilities, communication for emergency services: the possibilities for positive influence are endless. We'll explore just some of the tools that are out there, how with a little creativity, we can use these technologies for good. We as developers have a voice and chance to make a difference. Bio. Friendly regards Sherry & Cem

  • Google H/W Event

    Shape A/S

    Join us at Shape for food and drinks, as Google introduces the new line of Pixel phones as well as other devices Made By Google. We are very excited to see what they have in store for us this year. So swing by for some food, soda and beer as well as a passionate crowd to watch the unveiling with. We're co-hosting this event together with our friends at DroidDevs, which you'll also find on Meetup.

  • Google IO Extended 2018 Copenhagen

    Trifork A/S

    Tuesday, the 8th of May, Google kicks off Google I/O with the opening keynote! This is THE biggest event for all developers working with Google technologies - and fun for everyone else! This years Google I/O Extended is hosted by Trifork in collaboration with GDG Copenhagen! We want to provide you with the oppertunity of watching the keynote in setting with other like-minded nerds - filling our office with happy and tech-savy people! Therefore, we really hope that you will be joining us at the Trifork office in Copenhagen for our Google I/O streaming event! During the night, we will make sure that there are food, drinks and snacks available for all attendees. The Keynote itself will be projected on our big screen so that everyone can easily follow the exiting announcements! Doors open at 17.30 - so make sure to be there early in order to get the good seats and gt ready for the keynote at 19.00! At 18:00 Alejandro Montenegro from Google will give a talk about "Doing Machine Learning at Google". We and TriFork are looking forward to welcoming you to their office for an entertaining and exciting evening full of surprises and announcements from Google! https://events.google.com/io/

  • Web components & HTML literals


    Are you interested in learning about Web components and HTML literals? If so, then this Meetup is for you. Seating is VERY limited, so act fast! Agenda 17:30 - Arrival 17:50 - Welcome (GDG team) 18:00 - HTML literals, the JSX of the platform by Kenneth Christiansen (@kennethrohde) 18:45 - Food 19:15 - Web component architecture and patterns by Ana Cidre (@AnaCidre_) & Sherry List (@sherrrylst) 19:45 - Goodbye & Raffle

  • GDG Copenhagen Christmas edition at Bar7!🎅🏻🥂⛄🎄

    • What we'll do Let's get together, chat, drink and say Goodbye to 2017! So our Agenda for this meetup will be only Meet & Greet :) This is a joint meetup with ngCopenhagen meetup. • Important to know * Drinks will be available for purchase.

  • Web USB and Web Bluetooth Workshop By Lars Knudsen

    *Sign up has ended and participants who filled the sign up form have gotten a confirmation message. The future web standards are enabling Web USB and Web Bluetooth, which allows device makers to use a common web-based API across platforms. In this workshop, you will learn the basics of Web USB and Web Bluetooth and how to use Javascript to read and write to supported devices. The workshop consists of 2 parts: - A 1-hour introduction to Web Bluetooth and Web USB, followed by - A 2-hour hands-on session, where groups of 2 (max 3) will choose a task and implement it. This workshop is for any software developers, who have web/javascript experience, that would like to learn more about these standards and have a hands-on experience. *IMPORTANT: You need to sign up by filling up this form: https://goo.gl/pBfdzm This time we're pleased to have Lars Knudsen (https://twitter.com/denladeside) holds a workshop about Web USB and Web Bluetooth. This workshop is sponsored by Jayway (https://www.jayway.com/). Description: Web USB and Web Bluetooth are fairly new technologies, currently only available in Chrome, but other browsers are expected to catch up. A status tracker for Web Bluetooth is available here: https://github.com/WebBluetoothCG/web-bluetooth/blob/master/implementation-status.md. Since we have limited seats, we will run a raffle to randomly pick 16 who can attend this workshop. So go ahead and fill out this form: https://goo.gl/pBfdzm Laptop with Chrome installed is required for participating in the workshop.

  • Building ASP.NET apps on Google Cloud

    Google Office Copenhagen

    Do you build .NET apps for a living or just curious about how to run them on Google Cloud infrastructure, then join us for an after-work session with Developer Advocate Mete Amal from Google. The event is hosted at the Copenhagen Google office. There will be drinks and snacks! Seating is limited, so act fast! Agenda: 17:30 - Doors open 17:40 - Welcome message 17:45 - Talk: Building ASP.NET apps on Google Cloud 18:30-19:00 - Socialize Speaker: Mete Amal is a Developer Advocate at Google, currently focused on helping developers with Google Cloud Platform. As a long-time Java and a recent C# developer, he likes to compare the two ecosystems. Prior to Google, he worked at Microsoft, Skype, Adobe, EMC, and Nokia building apps and services on various web, mobile and cloud platforms. Originally from Cyprus, he currently lives in Greenwich, not too far away from the prime meridian.