Build Actions for Your Community at WTM SW

GDG Falmouth
GDG Falmouth
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This will be an introduction to chatbots and google actions with at the end of it a chatbot will be created with the Suzie Project to help Young People identity harassment using their toolkit.

This is the first in a series of 3 Workshops over the next few weeks. Creating bots that help the community. The next one will be Drug Harm Reduction bot working with Ad Action and Falmouth University. Again, this workshop will help people create or advance their understanding of chatbots plus also create an exciting bot around a story of drug use from real people with advice. To help people understand that they are not alone.

The last in the series is a bot working with the local housing association DCH and the Foyer project and others to help young people access housing advice and even fill out information that they can then submit. Again, this will be a workshop to help people understand Google Actions, bots and create their own solutions.