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Android framework to open source strategy

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Hello everybody,

Boy, have we got an event for you with the latest and greatest in all things.

From Android Content frameworks and HW acceleration to Open source strategies for projects.

We hope to see you all there!


• 1800 - 1830 gathering and mingling.

• 1830 - 1915 The Gizra Way by Mr. Amitai Burstein.

• 1920 - 2005 Android of Things by Mr. Dan Elkayam.

• 2010 - 2100 Android HW accel. & Views by Mr. Royi Benyossef.

Session synopsis:

The Gizra Way - Approaching a Project with Open Source Tools

Why did Harvard University pick an Open Source platform to power its websites (and how we became involved), why the White House made a similar decision (and the Israeli angle) - and how come Capitalist uses Communist Open Source (and why that isn't actually so).

Open Source doesn't just refer to a technology, but to a different attitude and mindset. I'll discuss the values that enabled this approach to become a leader in contemporary software development:

* The tools & thinking of Open Source, and why they're worth implementing

* Total transparency as a way to reach accuracy

* Teamwork, and the role of the "benevolent dictator"

* The vulnerable points of a distributed project

* Is Open Source cheaper?

* How to migrate from closed source to open.

Amitai Burstein, Co-Founder at Gizra (, a software development company specializing in Drupal and other Open Source solutions.

Android of Things - working with the Android content framework.

Developing apps is hard, from implementing beautiful designs, making them feel smooth and work like a magic, we are facing a lot of problems and misconceptions when it comes to content managing.In this session I'll share with you the world of using the Android content‘s framework and my experience and opinions about why, who and what make it so beautiful.

Dan Elkayam, Android Developer Freelancer.

From playing with my Arduinos and tweaking electronics, I've left my garage and started the journey of exploring the endless possibilities of the Android application development: bringing good apps to greatness, hacking and making beautiful UIs. Today, I've decided to take my believes in good, my passion in technology and my love for Android, to solve real world problems and make people joy.

Custom views and hardware acceleration in Android

You know that buzz-word; "hardware acceleration" that people tend to drop? well, most of them don't know how to use it and when (trust me i see it in mentorship sessions all the time) well, this is what this session is for.

Royi Benyossef, a Google Developer Expert for Android in 2013 (, a mentor at Google's CampusTLV for Android ( and (last but not least) the set top box team leader at Vidmind, an OTT TV and Video Platform Provider. (


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