• Android Tech Talks #31

    Online event

    Hi geeks,

    Let's meet again. Amazing presentations, lightning talks, a fridge full of your favorite beverage and snacks. Sounds awesome, right?

    Bartłomiej Kierys | Mobile Software Engineer @ Qualtrics

    I have been a programmer for seven years. I spent most of my career creating mobile applications. I started with native (Android) projects, but I'm currently writing mainly in React Native. I work at Qualtrics, where I am a member of a team creating a mobile application in this technology.
    In my opinion, software should be always prepared with the user in mind. I also love when what I create looks good. For these reasons I deal with UX Design as a hobby and even if I am not a specialist in this field, I am always looking for the opportunity to share my passion.

    *Title:* Designing a mobile application with a user in mind - UX Design from a programmer's perspective.

    The world of smartphones changed users' habits and expectations. Nowadays, the application that does the right thing is not enough. It should be also user-friendly and easy-to-use on the small screen. UX Designers or graphic designers are employed in many companies to design the user interface. But developers also play a significant role in how the mobile application will ultimately look. Even the most beautiful piece of software can be uninstalled immediately if it loads data for 30 seconds.
    During the lecture, I will try to briefly explain the difficulties of designing the mobile app. I will also mention a few things that you should pay attention to when implementing the screens prepared by the designer.


    Miłosz Lewandowski | Senior Android Developer @ Miquido

    Android developer interested in delivering well-thought solutions and amazing user experience. Currently working for Miquido on the self-service app for one of the biggest polish telcos. In the free time watching tons of arthouse movies.

    *Title:* Annotation processing - where we are and where we want to be?

    Annotation processors are powerful tools that can greatly help us in creating our application. However, they come with some hidden but significant drawbacks. In this presentation, I will share the results of my various adventures with annotation processors from the last half a year.

    See you there!

  • Android Tech Talks #31

    Qualtrics Kraków

  • Android Tech Talks #30

    IG KnowHow

    Hi geeks,

    Let's meet again. Amazing presentations, lightning talks, a fridge full of your favorite beverage and tons of pizzas. Sounds awesome, right?

    Szymon Nitecki | Senior Android Developer & Team Leader @ Netguru

    Szymon is in mobile for a few years, mostly in Android development, but also experimenting with Flutter. In his spare time he likes DIY.

    See the world through painter’s eyes - the story of augmented reality app powered by machine learning.

    AR & ML are nowadays buzz words, but is it easy to use those technologies in mobile? I want to show how to create AR portal that transforms images from camera into small pieces of art in realtime. I'll explain some implementation details of the app in ARCore & tensorflow. The presentation will be also about the challenges that we encountered during the development.


    Piotr Ślesarew | Senior Android Developer @ Babylon Health

    Professional and ambitious dreamer. Android developer by day, GDG organiser by night.

    MVI hidden superpowers

    There are many architectural patterns. They are all great when used properly, but none of them is "The One and Only". In this talk I would like to share with you how I got inspired by MVI hidden superpowers and what kind of benefits you can get by implementing Unidirectional Data Flow.

    See you there!

  • Android Tech Talks #29

    Schibsted Tech Polska sp. z o.o.

    Hi geeks,

    Let's meet again. Amazing presentations, lightning talks, a fridge full of your favorite beverage and tons of pizzas. Sounds awesome, right?

    Adam Styrc | Senior Android Engineer @ Vattenfall

    I'm actively looking for new solutions, clear architecture and better testing. In my spare time, I started to write a programming blog at https://medium.com/@styrc.adam. Seven years of developing Android apps, Kotlin enthusiast, also coding in Flutter tech. Lately working for an energy company Vattenfall, supplying EV charging across Europe.

    Multi-module project and hexagonal architecture.

    Hexagonal architecture from Alistair Cockburn got popular in server applications world nowadays. It has evangelists from R. C. Martin, Jakub Nabrdalik and many many other Java programmers.
    In this diverse world of dynamic features, architecture approaches, and frameworks recommendations, I'll give a talk on how I divided my monolith into modules and what gold shined at the end of that journey 🙂


    Rafał Adamek | Android Developer @ Schibsted

    Android Developer with 4 years of experience, part of the Schibsted family since late 2017. Loves to discuss software architecture, thinks about it and constantly refactors stuff. Supporter of open source movement and a big fan of everything that is FOSS. Penguin is his spirit animal.

    Multi-module projects with Dagger2

    We will dive into more advanced stuff in Dagger2 and organize it in a multimodule setup. We'll talk about component dependencies, subcomponents, optional bindings and more - all in the scope of properly configuring our library modules to create a scalable app.


    Dominik Barwacz | Senior Software Engineer @ Azimo

    Something went wrong, what now?

    Let's face it, we focus most of energy and time on happiest flows possible. Have you looked at user experience when they encounter problems?
    I'll share our code generation tool that automates error handling, making users better informed. It can also give you better insight by reporting encountered problems to analytics.

    See you there!

  • Android Drinking Group #10

    Fog House Pub & Grill

    Long time no see! Welcome back Geeks :)

    Are you an Android Developer enthusiast? Do you like to geek out with a cup of your favourite beverage in your hand? If you have at least one yes, book your time and bring your knowledge.

    Main topic:
    Reusable UI components.

    This time we will be talking about reusable UI components. What the heck is that "Design system" that everyone is talking about? Bring your own ideas and solution. Share you experience and learn from others!

    This time we will meet on Thursday the 12th of December at Fog House Pub & Grill. Be there around 7 p.m but for sure someone will be there earlier :).


    Android Drinking Group is an informal meetup where you can:

    • Meet new friends.

    • Share your knowledge.

    • Ask stupid questions.

    • Solve your programming problems.

  • Android Tech Talks #28

    Miquido - software development company

    Hi geeks,

    Let's meet again. Amazing presentations, lightning talks, a fridge full of your favorite beverage and tons of pizzas. Sounds awesome, right?


    Konrad Szewczuk || Android Developer @ Miquido

    Android dev. Likes creating small apps in Flutter. Musician in free time.

    Introduction to Kotlin Inline Classes

    Kotlin 1.3 introduced the Inline classes feature, which allows creating type-safe, semantic wrappers around values with the advantage of having less memory footprint. In this presentation, we’re going to explore what they are, how they work, and when it makes sense to use them.


    Maciej Witowski | Android Engineer @ Zendesk

    Maciej has been working on the Zendesk Sell Android app (formerly Base CRM) for a few years. Before jumping into mobile space, he did some web development with Ruby and a bunch of other tools.

    Title: How we lost 30k methods with R8

    R8 is a replacement for Proguard developed by Google to make constantly growing sizes of our apps a bit smaller.
    In this talk I would like to answer questions:
    - What are the basic differences between Proguard and R8?
    - Why would you care to migrate from Proguard to R8?
    - How to migrate? What are some handy tools as well as pitfalls to be aware of?
    - What were the results of migration for our app?

    See you there!

  • Android Tech Talks #27


    Hi geeks,

    Let's meet again. Three amazing presentations, a fridge full of your favorite beverage and tons of pizzas. Sounds awesome, right?

    We will start getting knowledge about Ktor and how to prototype server-side API (Kotlin Native included)!

    Jarosław Michalik || Android Developer @ Talixo

    Jarek is a mobile developer working on software products for startups. On daily basis he enjoys writing tests and creating build automations the most. He writes a technical blog about Android and Kotlin development. You can spot him at conferences, meetups as well as on volleyball courts.

    Introduction to Ktor

    Ktor is framework for building client and server apps in Kotlin. It's ultimate goal is to provide an end-to-end solution for networking in multiplatform apps. This goal is not achieved yet, yet Ktor is worth to take a look at. I will show you how to setup environment for Ktor, how to prototype server-side API and how to connect it to Kotlin Native module on mobiles and browser.


    After that, we will have a short break for networking. During the second session, Mirek will tell us about his experience in dealing with a different types of production bugs.

    Mirek Stanek || Tech Lead @ Azimo

    Tech Lead at Azimo. Leading software engineering teams to transform great code into successful products. Former full-time software engineer for Android and iOS, yet still writing some code professionally and after hours 🤓. Passionate about Artificial Intelligence and effective leadership. Read more at medium.com/@froger_mcs.

    🐜 Face your bugs 🐛

    Like in nature, bugs are everywhere. We cannot make them disappear and cannot ignore their existence. When you think you dealt with them for good, they pretty likely drill another tunnel under your feet to pop up unexpectedly.
    In this talk, I will share some experiences about facing a different kinds of bugs in our mobile apps. What “bug” really means and how to deal with them as a relatively small engineering team.


    Next speaker will introduce us to Kotlin Flow! Brace yourself! Cold asynchronous data streams are coming.

    Aleksander Piotrowski || Team Lead @ Grubhub

    Father of two beautiful chihuahuas, Android dev in free time.

    Kotlin Flows aka cold asynchronous streams

    In my presentation we will have a look at Kotlin Flow - a (not so new) library that introduces a cold asynchronous data streams that sequentially emit values and complete normally or with an exception. Will compare that a bit to RxJava and hopefully see that all that time spent on Rx wasn't for nothing.


    And there is a bonus presentation! Last but not least.

    Rafał Ciurkot || Managing Mobile Team @ Qualtrics

    Kotlin lover since 2014. TypeScript enthusiast since 2018. 8 years of developing Android (and occasionally iOS apps). Embraced react-native.

    How to lock the app, not the user.

    Recently we’ve faced a challenge of adding lock screen feature to our app. As always - it sunshine and rainbows when it comes to envisioning the feature. After all, how hard can it be? You simply add a new screen and make sure that it appears before any other screen. Well… not really.
    This question kept me up many nights: how to add this feature, follow our security guidelines and make sure that we will not block the users if, or maybe even when!, we mess something up?

    See you there!

  • Product insights from different countries

    NetEnt Poland

    Let's meet on our next meetup which we organize together with Women in technology and NetEnt. This time we will have speakers with experiences from several different countries. They will share with us their knowledge about building products. We will have some insight from 🌍Belarusian, 🌍French and 🌍Chinese markets.

    19.00 - 19.10 - opening
    19.10 - 19.30 - Marta Yahadkina - Every product is a custom. How to establish new products and why statistics lies

    19.30 - 19.50 - Beata Mosór-Szyszka - Eiffel tower - how to validate your UVP and persona on the new market

    19.50 - 20.00 - break

    20.00 - 20.20 - Karolina Kowalczyk - China 2.0 - Tradition vs. Innovation
    20.20 - questions & networking

    Event is open for everyone. We will start registration for the event soon.

  • Safe Meeting #2

    Netent Poland

    Razem z NetEnt zapraszamy na kolejny meetup poruszający tematykę IT Security. Zapraszamy wszystkich chętnych (Panie i Panów :)) - zarówno osoby mające doświadczenie, jak i zainteresowane tematyką.

    Na Safe Meeting #2 posłuchacie jakie zagrożenia niesie ze sobą biometria i sztuczna inteligencja. Dowiecie się, ile warta jest wasza tożsamość i dlaczego #10yearschallenge nie miało na celu jedynie wspomnień dawnych lat oraz jak wygląda kwestia moralności w sztucznej inteligencji.

    Wydarzenie jest bezpłatne, ale konieczne jest zapisanie się.
    Zapisy ruszą 18.06 o godz. 19:00 i potrwają do 24.06 godz. 12:00 (lub do wyczerpania miejsc).

    UWAGA! W przypadku zapisu i rezygnacji z udziału w wydarzeniu prosimy o kontakt!

    18:00-18:10 Powitanie
    18:10-18:40 Joanna Świebocka-Więk (AGH, UJ) "Jeśli coś jest za darmo, to Ty jesteś towarem. Ile jest warta nasza tożsamość?"
    18:40-19:10 Joanna Misztal-Radecka (Ringier Axel Springer Polska) "Czy powinniśmy bać się sztucznej inteligencji?"
    19:10-19:40 TBA
    19:40-20:30 Networking

    1. Joanna Świebocka-Więk (AGH, UJ)
    Jej ogromną pasją jest biometria, czyli nauka o tym w jaki sposób wykorzystać ludzkie cechy wyglądu i zachowania, by móc rozpoznawać tożsamość, zarówno od strony informatycznej, jak i rosnącego potencjału jej zastosowań. Interesuje się też analizą i rozpoznawaniem obrazów, zwłaszcza obrazów medycznych i jest tak wielkim entuzjastą tego tematu, iż wszystkie prace dyplomowe, łącznie z pracą doktorską oparła o analizę zdjęć własnego mózgu.
    Ukończyła dwa fakultety na Akademii Górniczo-Hutniczej: fizykę medyczną i informatykę stosowaną. Na tej samej uczelni obroniła również doktorat. W międzyczasie skończyła studia podyplomowe na specjalności Grafika komputerowa i multimedialna.
    Obecnie pracuje na Uniwersytecie Jagiellońskim i Akademii Górniczo-Hutniczej w Krakowie, prowadząc badania naukowe z zakresu zastosowania metod sztucznej inteligencji w procesie przetwarzania obrazów medycznych i biometrycznych….i oczywiście próbuje zarażać swoją pasją studentów.

    2. Joanna Misztal-Radecka (Ringier Axel Springer Polska)
    Tematyką sztucznej inteligencji interesuje się od czasu studiów. Od 2015 roku, pracując jako Data scientist w Ringier Axel Springer Polska, tworzy rozwiązania Machine Learning na dużą skalę, w szczególności na potrzeby personalizacji Onetu i innych serwisów internetowych. Zainteresowania związane z przetwarzaniem języka naturalnego i ML realizuje w pracy oraz w ramach doktoratu wdrożeniowego na AGH, przekładając pracę naukową na praktyczne zastosowania. Prywatnie uwielbia podróże i aktywny wypoczynek.

    Chcesz zobaczyć jak było ostatnio?

  • Kotlin/Everywhere Android Tech Talks #26

    Grand Parade (part of William Hill)

    Hi geeks,

    Let's meet again. Two amazing presentations, a fridge full of your favorite beverage and tons of pizzas. Sounds awesome, right? It can be even more awesome with such great speakers like Chet Haase and Wojtek Kaliciński!

    We will start getting knowledge about Kotlin and how it works under the hood. Internals!

    Chet Haase
    Chet is an advocate on the Android Developer Relations team. His son said that 'advocate' makes the job sound like The Lorax, which is about right. He speaks for the geeks.

    Kotlin Under the Hood: Understand the Internals

    Kotlin offers great, modern language features and a rich set of extensions. But it's not always obvious to the developer what's happening under the hood. This session will help you understand better what these features and extensions are doing internally. It will also show how you can use the tools that Android offers to find this kind of information on your own.

    After that we will have short break for networking. During second session Wojtek will tell us about Kotlin Multiplatform. Candy!

    Wojtek Kalicinski
    I am a Developer Advocate at Google and I work primarily to support developers in building great apps using Android Studio and Kotlin, as well as teach about new Framework and Play features. I enjoy looking for ways to make apps more usable, mostly through better development patterns and code optimizations.

    Kotlin Multiplatform: code sharing without compromise

    The promise of cross-platform frameworks looks great on paper, and some of them do a pretty good job delivering actual results. But with inherent differences between platforms, is "build once, run anywhere" even worth pursuing? Learn how you can share parts of your app between mobile platforms (and even the web!) without compromising quality, and delivering a best in class Android experience. During this talk I'll explain some ideas on how to structure not only your code, but also your teams, I'll show how to implement your own Kotlin MP libraries and showcase a few ones that you can use out-of-the-box.

    See you there!