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Los Angeles has been growing exponentially in the tech scene. Every year, companies are opening more and more offices here, and the Android community is bright and active. We're always trying to bring new content and opportunities for people already in the industry, and for those interested in joining it.

The format of our regular events is:

• 6:00 pm - 6:30 pm - Setting up, informal mingling

• 6:30 pm - Members are invited to make brief 5 minutes demos of their current projects, present themselves, look for jobs, etc.

• 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm One or two technical presentations, typically centered around Android or how to leverage other technologies within an Android app. It could also be about user experience and design for Android

We also plan to organize hackathons, study groups, and many other different kinds of events. We also have the support of local companies, which makes our meetups a great place to network or find your next opportunity.

Please consider submitting a talk to our Call for Proposals (CFP) form over here: https://tinyurl.com/gdglaandroid-cfp (https://forms.gle/jegQtXuT5QZFkpH16)

Participants and sponsors are expected to adhere to our Code of Conduct (CoC), which can be found here: https://tinyurl.com/gdglaandroid-coc

Disclaimer: GDG Los Angeles Android is an independent group; our activities and the opinions expressed here should in no way be linked to Google, the corporation.

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Android Worldwide January 2021

Online event

WE ARE MOVING! PLEASE FINISH YOUR RSVP IN THE LINK BELOW https://gdg.community.dev/events/details/google-gdg-los-angeles-android-presents-android-worldwide-january-2021/ --- Welcome to the first Android Worldwide event of 2021! We have joined an international collective of developer communities who like to put on quarterly events for Android Devs and related engineering specialties. Our primary goal is to help break-down geographical barriers between developers and communities, while doing our best to help each community's organizers feel supported. Android Worldwide is a series of four events in a single day, spread out to run at convenient times for people residing in many different timezones. All events are free, and you are welcome to attend whichever one you like—no restrictions. Each event is hosted by organizers from the dozens of engineering communities who have partnered with us. Speakers were carefully selected from submissions to our call for papers, which was difficult given how many fantastic options we saw. Paired with fantastic content, we want to emphasize the importance of having a tighter social fabric. For that, we've selected a special video conferencing software made by Remo.co, and set aside plenty of time for friendly conversation between you and your fellow community members from around the globe. The events are scheduled to start as follows: Event #1 @ 7PM IST (2:30PM CET / 8:30AM EST / 5:30AM PST) Event #2 @ 6:30PM CET (11PM IST / 12:30PM EST / 9:30AM PST) Event #3 @ 6PM EST (4:30AM IST/ 12AM CET / 3PM PST) Event #4 @ 6PM PST (7:30AM IST/ 3AM CET / 9PM EST) --- The event that's most convenient for our community is #4 has the following schedule (PST): 6:00PM: Socializing 6:45PM: gRPC with Kotlin Coroutines by Mohit Sarveiya 7:15PM: Break 7:30PM: How to work with Clean Architecture in Android by Gaston Saillen End: More socializing --- Presentation Details Talk #1: gRPC with Kotlin Coroutines by Mohit Sarveiya gRPC is a technology that allows you to call server-side logic from any platform using protocol buffers. What are the libraries available that allow you to create and consume gRPC services using coroutines? What are the debugging and monitoring tools we could use for gRPC? In this talk, I will share with you how to build a gRPC server using the gRPC-Kotlin library. We’ll explore how to use protocol buffers to define different types of RPC calls that are unary and bidirectional. On the client-side, we’ll also use this library to consume our gRPC service. gRPC-Kotlin provides an API that uses Flows to make RPC calls. We’ll explore how it works internally. For each RPC call, we implement using coroutines, I’ll show you how to unit test it. In addition to gRPC Kotlin, other libraries for creating and consuming gRPC services are Wire by Square and Kroto-plus. We’ll compare its features and its coroutines API with gRPC-Kotlin. By the end of this talk, you will have a better understanding of how to build and consume gRPC services with Kotlin coroutines. Talk #2: How to work with Clean Architecture in Android by Gaston Saillen In this talk we are going to explore how to work with clean architecture on a daily basis, what is clean architecture and why is it important. --- Directly register for the event here: Event #4: https://live.remo.co/e/android-worldwide-part-4-of-4 --- If you are interested in the events hosted by other timezones, you may register for those here: Event #1: https://live.remo.co/e/android-worldwide-part-1-of-4 Event #2: https://live.remo.co/e/android-worldwide-part-2-of-4 Event #3: https://live.remo.co/e/android-worldwide-part-3-of-4 --- WE ARE MOVING! PLEASE FINISH YOUR RSVP IN THE LINK BELOW https://gdg.community.dev/events/details/google-gdg-los-angeles-android-presents-android-worldwide-january-2021/

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