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IMPORTANT: We have moved rooms, we're now in 'The Shed'

Access to The Shed is available via the front doors of the campus up until 6:30pm. After this time, the building is only accessible via the 24 hour access door within the creative campus. Some one from the GDG Liverpool team will be there to point you in the right direction.


It is time for the GDG Liverpool Meetup! Where we mingle with the local tech community, listen to expert speakers and find out more about the latest advances.

The agenda:

6:00pm – Arrive to food, drinks & welcome.

6.30pm - Hello's & introduction.

6.40pm - Zero to Continuous Delivery with Google Cloud Platform

7.20pm – Build it together, not the same (codebase)

8.00pm - Pub!

Speaker: James Heggs

Talk: Zero to Continuous Delivery with Google Cloud Platform

A tutorial talk that will provide detail for creating your GKE cluster, utilising Kubernetes (k8s) and Docker to spin up a Jenkins container, using k8s to spin up Jenkins build agents, defining the build pipeline as code, creating a spring boot app as a docker container and finally deploying the application with k8s. Phew there is a lot to get through…so buckle in we’re in for the long haul. #buzzwordbingo

Bio: James Heggs co-organises the popular Manchester DevOps meetup. His professional experience has allowed him to work from both sides of the development/operations fence in a variety of commercial and UK governmental organisations. He has a strong sense that ‘culture’ is the most important part of a CALMS environment and a firm belief that the technology choices made during the implementation of a DevOps environments is the ‘easy part’.​

Follow him: @eggsy84


Speaker: Benjamin Augustin

Title: Build it together, not the same (codebase)

There are many solutions out there to achieve cross platform development on iOS and Android, all of which require compromises. If you are like us, those compromises are not worthwhile and it has prevented you from being able to use any of those solutions for your projects.

Even if we can’t use a cross platform solution there is a lot we can do to improve the concurrent development of an app on both iOS and Android.

We will show you a push-based architecture that can allow us to use the same terminology and design on both platform. Using Firebase and Reactive Extensions we can create a codebase that is so similar on both platforms that communication is much easier.

We can pair across platforms and when business rules have to change or when bugs are identified it is easy to modify both platforms as the change is virtually the same.

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See you there!