• Flutter Study Jam - Episode 1: Layouts

    General Provision FATVillage

    We are excited to announce that we are kicking off the second season of Flutter Study Jam. Last year, on the first season, we covered the basics like setting up your environment, making a simple project, Stateless and Stateful Widgets, navigation between pages, and etc. https://flutter.dev/docs/get-started/install This season, we would like to dive deeper into different aspects of Flutter and discuss common challenges you might face while developing an app. In the first episode, we are discussing layouts. Speakers: Danielle Cox has been developing for 35 years. She is currently being paid mostly for Kotlin/PHP coding but has convinced her company to use Flutter going forward. After being invited to Google I/O, she has launched the Flutterfly youtube channel hoping to convert even more people. https://youtu.be/k2iw8n4atXQ Farzad Barzin is a full stack software engineer at BEX Realty and has been developing Flutter for almost a year and about a couple of months ago launched his first app to both Play Store and App Store. He also conducted the first season of Flutter Study Jam at GDG Miami. Agenda: 5:30 - 6:00 → Networking + Food + Drinks 6:00 - 6:45 → Danielle Cox: “The Align widget is broken!” A journey through designing a simple column. 6:45 - 7:00 → Break 7:00 - 7:45 → Farzad Barzin: ListView, GridView, and Slivers! Last but not least, at the end of the event we will have a raffle and the winner will get a free one year license of the JetBrains' product of their choice! Thanks to our sponsor, JetBrains! https://www.jetbrains.com/ Looking forward to seeing you all!