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Are you passionate about creating cool apps for a new generation of TVs?

Do you want to be a part of an entertainment revolution that's hitting living rooms in the very near future?

Awesome - because on March 7th you'll get a chance to learn all about it.

Google has invited us down to their offices here in Toronto to teach us all about Google TV and how you can make inspiring, exciting, next-gen applications for their Android-based operating system for televisions.

GTUG members will be given an overview of Google TV and UX design patterns for TV.

Word on the street is that there will also be Pizza, soft drinks and some beer.

And the tantalizingly ambiguous: "There may be a surprise or two."

The Evening's Presenters

Paul Carff

Paul is a Developer Advocate for the Google TV Platform, and is currently engaging with partners to develop applications and Video Sitemaps (improving Video search and discovery). At Google, he has managed a number of internal technical support teams, the Google Analytics Support, and developed data warehousing solutions enabling Google's Sales and Support teams to scale. Before working at Google, Paul was a career Naval Officer working his way from the enlisted to the officer ranks.

Specialties: Video Sitemaps, Google TV

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Les Vogel

Les is a Developer Programs Engineer for Google TV. He works closely with Google TV developers, writing sample code and helping them understand how to bring rich, compelling apps to the Google TV Android marketplace. As an eclectic developer, Les has worked on at all levels including hardware drivers, neural networks, accounting and databases for small businesses, solar energy systems, spreadsheets, image processing, electrical power systems monitoring and very smart websites. He's found that making things fast is an exponential benefit for users - faster things often have greater battery life and it tends to delight users, even if they don't understand why. Visible projects: AirPort wireless networking, helped drive the Core99 chipset through the Apple product line; the Newton printed handwriting recognizer; Full Impact spreadsheet engine for Ashton Tate; distributed multi-processor OS for Motorola (Computer cX); a flood management telemetry system and monitoring of solar housing for the TVA; a fail-safe system for Boeing Energy Systems.

Specialties: Google TV for Android

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Although we'd love for everyone to come, limited spots are available.

NOTE: Attendees will need to sign an NDA for entry into the building to check out this GTUG session


If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to ask any of us organizers. We're here to help! Give us a shout on Google+ or Twitter!

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