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Firebase Workshop with the Firebase Team from San Francisco

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Lukas E. and Marion S.
Firebase Workshop with the Firebase Team from San Francisco


We are delighted to be joined by two amazing engineers from the Firebase team, who visit us from the US especially for this meetup.



Workshop description

Diana and Rachel will lead a workshop in which participants can bring their own laptops and try out one of the most requested Firebase features, local emulation for testing and development. Participants will walk through writing Firestore security rules and a Firebase Function to make failing tests pass. In the process, participants will learn about local testing with Firebase, which is traditionally tricky for managed services; about how to extend the tests to become part of a CI setup; about securing a Firebase app, given the different security model; and how to build reliable and scalable Firebase Functions. Diana and Rachel are also happy to answer other questions about Firebase.

Diana's Bio

Diana Tkachenko is the engineering lead for Cloud Functions for Firebase. Prior to working on the functions team, Diana worked on Firebase Hosting. Read more about her awesome work on the Firebase blog, her LinkedIn, or watch a "Meet Firebase" video of how she became an engineer at She also leads a learn-to-program blog at

Rachel's bio

Rachel Myers is an engineer working on Firebase Security Rules. Before joining Google, she founded a cloud deployment company and was an engineer at GitHub. In her free time, Rachel leads RailsBridge workshops to teach women Ruby and Rails, and gives talks about everything from performance monitoring to software architecture.


18:15-18:30 Welcome & Apéro
18:30-20:00 Workshop with Diana & Rachel
20:00-21:00 Apéro & networking

Lagerstrasse 100 · Zürich, ZH
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