• Diving Deeper Into Flutter


    Diving Deeper Into Flutter REGISTRATION LINK : https://forms.gle/jzCydUGPXL4h9BUU7 Location - https://goo.gl/maps/zX5c2uRJCPmXCyN99 Note: You will require an invitation to attend the event. Seats are limited, so register ASAP! DISCLAIMER: RSVP on meetup does not guarantee confirmation. Please register in the link above Flutter is Google’s portable UI toolkit for building beautiful, natively-compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase written in Dart. In this workshop, we will cover the following topics : -Exploring Ways of Storing Data in Flutter Apps -Connecting our Flutter apps with Public APIs -Basic CRUD calls with Firebase About the speaker Pooja Bhaumik is the first woman Google Developer Expert for Flutter in India. Currently working in Bounce in Bangalore, she is a respected community member known for her technical blog posts that are currently translated to Spanish, Portuguese & Turkish for a wider reach of audience. Co-founder of WomenDroid and xxCode communities, she is also passionate about diversity and inclusion and aims to bring a change in the gender ratio in technology.

  • Workshop on Data Analytics and Visualization using Google Colab

    91springboard Indiranagar

    **Workshop on Data Analytics and Visualization using Google Colab** Kindly fill the Google Form to attain the workshop- https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeyMbXi6YDwL9QY9jsrt6-TMIMpdjXrdxQm6u4LA_tLHuPfJA/viewform The amount of data generated in the world continues to accelerate, and with it, the opportunity to analyze this data to manage businesses better, design better products, and much more. But this raises many important questions, like how much data do we need to answer the questions we’ve posted? How do we know that the conclusions we have drawn are actually valid? How do we display these conclusions in a meaningful and useful way? Numerical literacy, including basic proficiency in Statistics, is a must for anyone pursuing a career in data science. The goal of this workshop is to introduce some key concepts that get used repeatedly in data science applications. Our Speaker - Usha Rengaraju **Expert guest Speakers** - Sujay Vittal (Standford Grad) - Deveja (Program Coordinator @Google) AGENDA- 1) Overview of Statistics (1hour 15 minutes) --Measures of Central Tendency --Measures of Variability --Probability Distributions --Central Limit Theorem --Hypothesis Testing --Confidence levels and Significance levels 2) Case Study - 1(Hands-On)--(30 minutes) 3) Introduction to Data Visualization in Python(15 minutes) 4) Case Study -2 (Hands-on)--(30 minutes) 5) Networking session and closing **All notebooks will be executed in Google Colab. **Kindly bring fully charged laptops. **RSVP doesn't reserve your seat, kindly fill the Google Form to attain the workshop.

  • Google I/O 2019 Extended

    Google India Pvt. Ltd

    Interested in meeting other Google developers, but can't make it to San Francisco? Google I/O Extended enables developers all over the world to attend local viewing parties hosted by Google offices, Google Developer Groups (GDGs), and student ambassadors. GDG Bangalore is happy to bring you Google I/O Extended :) Register at- http://bit.ly/IOExtended19 Venue : Tower E, 4th Floor, RMZ Infinity, No. 3, Swamy Vivekananda Rd, Bengaluru, Karnataka[masked] Date : 07-May-2019 Time : 8.00 PM - 12:30 AM Note: You will require an invitation to attend the event. Seats are limited, so register ASAP!

  • IWD Extended 2019

    91springboard Indiranagar

    The celebration continues with a day packed with a series of amazing sessions by our esteemed speakers. The theme of this year's IWD celebrations is "Lift as you climb". Let's come together and celebrate, to honour "Women in Tech". • What to bring - Laptop - Please install the necessary tools, the details of which will be sent to you with a mail confirming your participation in the event. Register at - https://bit.ly/2HxQsK6 (RSVP Doesn't guarantee a confirmation for the event) Agenda- Tentative timings 8:00 Am- 9:00 Am (Registrations) 9:00 Am- 9:15 Am (Kickstarting the event) 9:20 Am -9:55 Am (Keynote) 9:55 Am-11:00 Am (Democratisation of technology) 11:10 Am- 12:30 pm(Diving into ML using Tensorflow) ------lunch breakout---------- Post Lunch - Codelabs on ML Flash Talks *The event is exclusively for Women, though +1 male allies are welcomed. *Details regarding venue and agenda will be shared via email to selected participants.

  • Hack2Hire- DBS and GDG Bangalore

    Needs a location

    DBS’ Hack2Hire programme is back for the third consecutive year. We seek to identify top talent in emerging technologies such as cloud computing, AI, machine learning and Big Data. We're looking for technologists across all levels and roles (including Business Analysts, Mobile Application Developers, Full Stack Developers, DevOps Engineers, QA Engineers, Data Engineers, Paas Devops, Security Engineers, Chaos Engineers & Solution Architects) to join us to drive major digital transformation to reimagine banking. Click here to take up the online challenge: http://bit.ly/2TXQl1Y Participate in the Hack2Hire hackathon and stand a chance to be selected to be a part of our technology team that makes the impossible, possible. Hackathon Process: Step 1: Attend an online test with DBS from Hacker rank. (Deadline: 9th APRIL 2019) Step 2: All applicants, who has been selected through online test will be invited for 1-day Hackathon at Bangalore (Saturday, 13th APRIL 2019) Step 3: Selected applicants in Hackathon will have 1 round of discussion on the same day. Step 4: Shortlisted applicants will be processed for hiring at DBS (Post all necessary document verification)

  • TensorFlow Dev Summit 2019- Extended

    Altimetrik India Private Limited

    Register at- http://bit.ly/TensoFlowSummitExtended A half a day workshop filled with all the TensorFlow Goodness, Title(1) : Practical Reinforcement Learning using TFRL(Tensorflow RL) and OpenAI Gym 1. Why is RL important? 2. Reinforcement Learning vs Traditional Deep Learning 3. Introduction to Tensorflow RL 4. User Interaction with OpenAI Gym 5. Training OpenAI Gym environments via Tensorflow RL 6. Future of RL Application Development with Tensorflow 2.0 Tite(2): TensorFlow Applied for AR Title(3):TensorFlowJS RSVP does not guarantee confirmation, Please register in the form above.

  • International Women's Day Celebration 2019

    "Women Techmakers Bangalore" in collaboration with "Women In Nasdaq Bangalore" invites you to meet "Sandhya Puchalapalli" in occasion of International women's day celebration. Register via the link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/MRCSWD2 "In 1992, a washerwoman approached Sandhya Puchalapalli with a two-year-old girl, Radhika, who had been abandoned on the streets of Kadapa. Her father had killed her mother in yet another case of domestic violence, and he had abandoned the child. Triggered by the past injustices she had seen, Sandhya decided that she would foster the girl. This defining moment marked the beginning of a life’s work. After taking the baby in, Sandhya, her young nieces, and her friends (Sunita, Durga, and Vimala) decided to establish a home for a few abandoned girls. At this time, they only had a few simple goals: to give these girls home, support their education, and teach them that they are valuable. Soon, community members from all walks of life stepped up to support their cause. From these humble roots, Sandhya’s social movement was born. Since the inception of her foundation, “Aarti Home for Girls” Sandhya's organization has saved over 1,000 girls from the streets of India. It became clear that this process of abandonment and gender-based discrimination could not be stopped by simply fostering the abandoned children. There needed to be a larger social movement to support mothers in protecting their children and empower women to live emotionally and economically independent lives." Please do send in your queries here:-https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Y5XQ3LG if you want us to share any questions/ queries/ thoughts with her before we meet her on 5th March 2019. Join us in this incredible celebration at - Register via the link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/MRCSWD2 (RSVP doesn't guarantee an invite) Date: March 5th, 2019. Time: 3:00 PM

  • Flutter- Build your First App- Workshop

    91springboard Indiranagar

    Limited seats hurry up and register at:- http://bit.ly/FlutterWithGDG Talk/Workshop Abstract: Flutter is the SDK which provides the support to build beautiful mobile apps in record time. In this talk/workshop, We will discuss what is a flutter, how it works and how one can start development with the Flutter. We will discuss how we can use different widgets and create screens. At the end of the talk./workshop we all will have our own app. If we have time I will try to cover how to publish an app over PlayStore using nevercode.io CI/CD. Speaker Bio: Dhrumil Shah the co-organiser of GDG Ahmedabad and a Mobile Developer at Shipmnts. Founder of @Flutter_Flakes Who has started working with Android when Android 2.1 was announced & now exploring cross-platform technologies like React Native and Flutter. He has done Masters in Computer Engineering in Wireless and Mobile Computing. Being an expert, he has an excellent command over developing applications that have made him a good trainer as well as an avid speaker in his domain. He often organizes workshops, seminars, and talks to help developers & students who look forward to growing their careers in the field of Mobile Computing. Our Beloved Partners: "Slang, a platform to build a custom, multi-modal and multi-lingual Voice Augmented experience (VAX) in any application" You can read more about them at https://slanglabs.in

  • ML Cloud Study Jam- Week 3- All about Kubernetes

    We have 1 more exciting week to go. Kubernetes and more Register at- http://bit.ly/KubernetesStudyJam Kubernetes is the most popular container orchestration system and it was designed specifically with Google Cloud Platform integration in mind. In this advanced-level quest, you will get hands-on practice configuring Docker images and containers, deploying fully-fledged Kubernetes Engine applications, and integrating Slackbot and MongoDB databases with Kubernetes. This quest will teach you the practical skills needed for integrating container orchestration into your own workflow. Agenda: Very quick intro to Docker Introduction to Kubernetes Setting up Kubernetes to GCP Kubernetes Building Blocks Pods ReplicaSets Deployment Label and Selectors Services Helm Package Manager Hope to see you again on 23rd Feb 2019 About the speaker: Neependra Khare is the Founder and Principal Consultant at CloudYuga Technologies, which offers training and consulting services around container technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes. Neependra authored “Introduction to Kubernetes” course on Edx for the CNCF. He is also Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA). Please feel free to reach out to us in case of any queries. Note- RSVP on meetup does not guarantee confirmation. Please register in the link above

  • Womandroid Hackathon


    GDG Bangalore in association with Truecaller and CoWrks is excited to present an exciting Hackathon "Womandroid". Register at - https://www.eventbrite.com/e/womandroid-hackathon-powered-by-truecaller-tickets-54978269484?aff=GDG Description Where: Cowrks EcoWorld When: 16-17 February Time: 9:30-6pm (16th), 9:00am - 8pm (17th) Womandroid Hackathon is an all-female coding weekend to empower each other by building a network and sharing knowledge. Who can join? Since this is a women-powered hackathon, all participants, speakers, and helpers will be female. We welcome also non-binary and transgender participants. Fast Facts - Theme: Women Empowerment - Lunch will be served both days (including snacks, high tea, drinks etc. to keep the energy up) - Kids: Bring them. We will have a nanny present during both days - What do I need to bring? Your laptop, charger, phone, and enthusiasm to build cool things! This will be a weekend of coding, inspiration and a lot of fun! On the last day, dinner will be served after 6pm, so we hope you can stay! Why: The main idea with the Womandroid Hackathon is to empower each other by building a network and sharing knowledge. The Hackathon: The theme of the hackathon is Women Empowerment. This could mean anything your team believes that would empower your female user in her daily life. Think of it as MVP (Minimum Viable Product) product development, presenting ideas, and a lot of coding. And then add the opportunity to meet and work with other people and develop your skills. Do I need to be an Android Expert? No. You will be assigned a group where your group members have different levels of experience. What’s required is some kind of knowledge in android development and a big will to learn! Is that all? Nope. At the end of the hackathon, a jury will look at your project, provide feedback and finally appoint winning teams! There will be neat prizes for the top 3! Themes and speakers of Lightning Talks: TBA *Let us know if there is any specific topic you would like to have as a lightning talk. Depending on the demand we can also increase the number of the lightning talks. If you are interested to give a technical or inspirational talk, please contact us.* FAQs What can I bring into the event? Bring your laptop, phones, chargers, and your enthusiasm to build great things. How can I contact the organizer with any questions? You can send us an email at [masked] #Womandroid #empower #networking #WomeninTech