• Double Header: Serverless mobile apps with Firebase and Serverless CI/CD on GCP

    FIRST PRESENTATION Build and scale serverless mobile apps with Firebase and Google Cloud Doug Stevenson Google ABSTRACT If your app has millions of users, you need a backend infrastructure to support its growth. Do you want to build that infrastructure? Of course not! Your time is better spent focusing on the app. In this talk, we'll take a look at the code for a mobile app that works like a “universal translator”. It uses Firebase and Google Cloud services and APIs. And we'll do it "serverless" without having to manage servers or infrastructure. A live demo of the app will be done with audience participation - bring a phone or laptop! WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Anyone who wants to see how Firebase developers cross into Google Cloud, or Google Cloud developers who are interested in using Cloud infrastructure to power realtime mobile apps. THE SPEAKER: Doug is a veteran engineer, experienced public speaker, and developer advocate at Google with the Firebase team. He developed web apps before the web had "apps", and developed for Android since the very first Android device was on the market. In the SF bay area, he's bootstrapped the efforts of several startups. Outside of work, Doug follows professional ice hockey and enjoys craft beer. SECOND PRESENTATION Serverless CI/CD on Google Cloud Platform Lynn Langit @lynnlangit GDE, Cloud Architect ABSTRACT In this talk see the newly released GCP Cloud Build service in action. Lynn Langit will build a serverless CI/CD pipeline using Google Cloud best practices. The pipeline will include both a Continuous Integration and a Continuous Delivery build step and will build both code and service artifacts (docker container). The pipeline will use Build Triggers to implement these features. THE SPEAKER: Lynn Langit is a Cloud Architect and Developer. She is a GDE for Cloud, AWS Community Hero and Azure insider. In addition to production work on data pipelines, Lynn is also an author of 30 courses on cloud and data topics for Lynda.com. SCHEDULE: 5:30 pm - Arrive, socialize, food 6:00 pm - Announcements 6:15 pm - First presentation and Q&A 7:15 pm - Second presentation and Q&A 8:15 pm - Networking 8:30pm - Finish

  • ​The Future of Healthcare IT


    FEATURED SPEAKER Dr. John D. Halamka is the International Healthcare Innovation Professor at Harvard Medical School and Executive Director of the Beth Israel Lahey Health Technology Exploration Center. PRESENTATION TOPICS Dr. Halamka has wide-ranging interests in Healthcare Information Technology. He will cover these topics: - How can interoperability let us make better use of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence? - How can we foster the culture of evidence-based medicine and can ML and AI help with that? - Can we achieve the Learning Healthcare system envisioned by the National Academy of Medicine? - How do we transition the healthcare system from the fee-for-service model to value-based care? And what is the role of IT in that transition? - How can new technologies like blockchain help solve some of these challenges, and when are they not the right solution? WHO SHOULD ATTEND Anyone from academia, industry or government interested in machine learning, APIs, mobile, cloud, and internet of things in healthcare should attend this session. SPEAKER'S BIO SKETCH Please see details here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zKZLiHeFYfw3BY34VjTbQstV7TdwURgk SCHEDULE 5:30 pm - Arrive, socialize, food 6:00 pm - Announcements 6:15 pm - Presentation 7:15 pm - Q&A 7:30 pm - Networking 8:00pm - Finish SPONSORS Special thanks to athenahealth for the meeting space and refreshments for this event.

  • Google Cloud Next '19 Extended - GDG Cloud Boston

    Broad Institute | Yellowstone Room

    Cloud Next 2019 was jammed pack event with tons of new features and GA announcements. This meetup will condense the myriad announcements and dive deep into some of the hundreds of detailed breakout sessions. Freshly back from Next, Lukas, Norbert, and Joe will cover the meteoric progress in Google Cloud Platform so far in 2019 and how it enables and improves your GCP development projects. Enjoy great Indian food, a free QwikLab, and enter the GDG SWAG raffle! Agenda: 5:30pm-6:00pm - Meet & greet with food (Indian!) and beverages 6:00pm-6:30pm - Cloud Next 2019 recap and new feature deep dives 6:30pm-7:30pm - Hands On with Machine Learning QwikLab 7:30pm-7:35pm - SWAG Raffle (winner's choice) - 4 drawings 7:35pm-8:00pm - Breakout questions about Next and your projects Bring a laptop to participate in the FREE Qwiklab (WiFi will be available). Please bring any additional questions or topics you would like to discuss. The goal of this Extended event is to bring everyone up to date with the cornucopia of new features and previews released and announced in the last two weeks to help you maximize your GCP productivity and efficiency. A special thanks to our Sponsor, Google Developers Group (GDG) for sponsoring this event's diverse food options. Notes: 1. Parts of this session will be recorded and broadcast LIVE on YoutTube. View here: https://youtu.be/fi4BBQ57nWM 2. Vegetarian and Vegan eating options will be provided and be properly labeled. Food items containing nuts will be properly labeled.

  • GDG Cloud Boston March Meetup - TensorFlow Dev Summit Viewing Party

    Join us to learn about Google's industry leading ML toolkit, TensorFlow. We'll review the many announcements at The 2019 TensorFlow Dev Summit (March 6th and 7th) and how they impact you. Learn more about the summit @ tensorflow.org/dev-summit Hosted at the Broad Institute in Cambridge in collaboration with GDG Android and GDG Cambridge. Agenda: 6:00pm - 6:30pm Dinner (not pizza) & Networking 6:30pm - 6:35pm Welcome Remarks 6:35pm - 7:30pm Watch Keynote + Overview of TensorFlow 2.0 7:30pm - 7:45pm Recap of Announcements & Talks at the Summit 7:45pm - 8:00pm Break 8:00pm - 8:45pm - Machine Learning Experts Panel & Audience Q&A Thanks to Google for helping sponsor this event!

  • Dealing with Data in an open multicloud environment: An intro to Netapp CVS

    Bryan Wagoner is a Cloud Architect within the Cloud Data Services unit of Netapp with a focus on GCP. He is a veteran of startup companies with 22 years perspective on the technology industry. Bryan will present ideas on how to build large multicloud fabrics and avoid vendor lockin. Users migrating enterprise apps to GCP, anyone dealing with cloud storage or spend issues, analytics apps, or anyone wanting an open multicloud strategy will be especially interested. Schedule: 5:30pm - Arrive, socialize, food (Boloco) 6:30pm - Presentation 6:15pm - Q&A 7:30pm - Finish Presentation Summary: NetApp Vision of creating pan-global IOT/Analytic fabrics using Kubernetes, serverless, and building data fabrics The world is rapidly changing and consumers need a way to utilize multiple public cloud provider services in conjunction with their own Datacenter resources, seamlessly, while avoiding lock-in to any one provider. NetApp believes that Kubernetes, Service Mesh, Serverless, and a data fabric is a major first step to realizing pan-global fabrics of IOT, Analytics, and the borderless software defined datacenter. CVS on GCP overview & Use cases NetApp and Google Cloud formed a strategic alliance to provide a tightly integrated, self-service, multiprotocol file service offering on GCP with superior performance. Cloud Volumes Service allows customers to migrate/build apps with massive IOP and Bandwidth requirements at a low cost price point that enables workloads on GCP that are otherwise too expensive to move or build. CVS is built to look and feel like a google native service through partnership with google. Cloud Sync Overview CVS Demo Q&A

  • GDG Cloud Boston January Meetup - Image Analysis and Training @ Scale w/ GKE

    Image Analysis and Model Training @ Scale on GKE Seasoned ML developer, Sergei Makar-Limanov Ph.D. has built ML implementations at TripAdvisor, LevelUp, CNet, and most recently mabl. Sergei will present how to build an online image analysis and training pipeline at scale on GCP, using an entirely serverless architecture. He'll discuss the use of Google Kubernetes Engine to cost effectively train and retrain models at scale over millions of images using GCP features like preemptible VMs. The challenges and benefits of combining the training pipeline into a real time, serverless training/prediction system with Cloud Dataflow, Pub/Sub, Functions, MemoryStore, and BigQuery will also be detailed. Hosted at the Broad Institute 5:30 Doors open 6:00 Food and announcements (Boloco burritos and chips!) 6:30 Talk by Sergei Makar-Limanov Ph.D. 7:15 Q&A Session Notes: 1. Parts of this session will be recorded. This is experimental, so we can't promise that a recording of the entire event will be available. It is something we are moving toward for future sessions. 2. The food selection will include a number of vegetarian burritos, but supplies will be limited to a first come, first served basis

  • GDG Cloud Boston 2018 Holiday Party at Flat Top Johnny's

    Come join GDG Cloud Boston to socialize and celebrate the holidays and the upcoming New Year at Flat Top Johnny's in Kendall Square. We'll raffle off a Chromecast and Google Home Mini @ 7:00pm, so be sure to sign in and get your raffle ticket. Join us to socialize and talk tech @ our reserved pool tables and enjoy food and drinks.

  • GDG DevFest OnAir

    Needs a location

    Join GDG DevFest OnAir - December 11th, 12pm EST (YouTube) We’re excited to announce the first official DevFest OnAir! DevFest OnAir is an online conference featuring sessions from DevFest events around the globe. These community-led developer sessions are hosted by GDG (Google Developer Groups) focused on community, networking and learning about Google technologies. With over 500 communities and DevFest events happening all over the world, DevFest OnAir brings this global experience online for the first time! REGISTER: https://g.co/dev/festonair18 #devfestonair18 #googlecloudplatform Benefits of Watching: Exclusive content. DevFest OnAir includes exclusive content from Google. Switch between three separate tracks: Cloud; Mobile; Voice, Web & more. Sessions cover multiple products such as Android, Google Cloud Platform, Firebase, Google Assistant, Flutter, machine learning with TensorFlow, and mobile web. Tailored to your time zone. Anyone can join, no matter where you are. We’re hosting three broadcasts around the world, around the clock, so there’s a convenient time for you to join no matter where you are at home or at work. Ask us a question live. Our live Q&A forum will be open throughout the online event to spark conversation and get you the answers you need. Fun! Join the fun with interactive trivia during DevFest OnAir where you can receive something special! Every participant will receive one free month of learning on Qwiklabs.

  • GDG Cloud Boston December Meetup


    [Date is confirmed. Location has changed, but it is still on the T.] Join us to hear Philipp Maier of Google Cloud talk about GCP networking. Consider for a second the impact Google Search has on our daily lives with timely and relevant responses. Now, think of other Google products – Gmail, Maps, Chrome, YouTube, Android, Play. Each of these products has over 1 billion monthly users. Google had to develop networking technologies to meet the requirements of a distributed computing infrastructure that can support those billions of users. Google Cloud’s goal is to share these innovations and infrastructure with others so that they can also impact and delight their users. Philipp Maier will discuss GCP networking at both introductory and advanced levels, highlighting the strengths of using state-of-the-art software-defined networking and distributed systems technologies, such as Virtual Private Cloud networks, and global Load Balancers. Advanced features covered will include Network Service Tiers, and several interconnect options that are useful in hybrid and multi-cloud architectures. Should you desire formal training on GCP networking, you'll be in good hands. Philipp is the author and instructor of the new Coursera Specialization "Networking in Google Cloud Platform" Several options for taking these courses will be recommended. https://blog.coursera.org/launch-your-career-in-cloud-networking/ Hosted at mabl 5:30 Doors open 6:00 Food and announcements 6:30 Talk by Philipp Maier 7:30 Q&A Session 8:00 Networking and wrap-up Notes: 1. Bring you laptop or notebook computer. There will be a hands-on session toward the end of the evening. It will be helpful to have a GCP Trial account already established, and have the GCP SDK installed. If you want help with those items, please ask us. 2. Parts of this session will be recorded. This is experimental, so we can't promise that a recording of the entire event will be available. It is something we are moving toward for future sessions.

  • IoT in Action: Smart, Connected Products (Google Cloud Talks: Cambridge)

    Google Cambridge (Registration instructions below)

    [Note: For this Google Cloud event, separate registration is needed, see below. RSVP on this page is not sufficient.] GDG Cloud Boston invites you to join Google Cloud at: Event: Google Cloud Talks: Cambridge Title: IoT in Action: Smart, Connected Products Registration Required https://cloudplatformonline.com/Cambridge-Talks-Series-Talk1-Reg.html New "Cloud Talks" Series Next Wednesday (11/28), Google Cloud invites you to join us for an entirely new program in the Cambridge/Boston area. Our new Google Cloud Talks series is built for Cloud users to learn and network after hours. Each month, we’ll bring together a community of IT practitioners at our Google offices to discuss key features of Google Cloud with our Customer Engineering experts. We’ll dive into the products, tools, and new features that matter most to your career as you modernize IT with Google Cloud. Summary Nobody has an IoT problem. Many people have a business problem which can be solved in whole or in part through the use of IoT technology. In this session, we'll leave the world of Raspberry Pi behind and talk about how Smart Connected Products are working to solve current business problems that are all around us. We’ll also explore how Google Cloud’s IoT tools and scalability make it the most flexible choice for your IoT solution. Agenda 6:00 PM - 6:30 PM - Check-in and refreshments 6:30 PM - 7:45 PM - Welcome address and presentation 7:45 PM - 9:00 PM - Reception and networking Speakers Kevin Holbrook, Cloud Customer Engineer Kevin Holbrook is a Cloud Customer Engineer who has spent the last 10 years working the IoT space (or ”M2M” as we used to say back in the day). Kevin has worked on dozens of Industrial IoT projects that are currently deployed in the field, and he also works with startups in the IoT space. Here at Google, he is focused on helping customers to solve real business problems with real-world technology. Location Google Campus, 355 Main St, Cambridge, MA