Lightning Talks

This is a past event

22 people went


This month we are going to have short talks on a variety of topics.

How I use Processing to Write Google Cardboard 3D/VR Android Apps

Processing is a Java based programming environment and library for visual artists and graphic designers to learn to code and prototype. Processing has several output program generation modes including one for Android apps (as a single activity). I modified the open source Processing for Android core library to use the Google Cardboard SDK framework to render stereo 3D/VR displays for the Cardboard headset. I will demonstrate some simple Android Cardboard phone apps written with Processing for Cardboard.

Andy Modia

I'm a retired software engineer who enjoys programming and photography. My last job before retiring was with Comcast where I worked on several set-top guides, mostly written in Java. My programming experiences span 50 years, mostly with embedded computer software development, and with Java since 1997.

Exploring React Native on Android

In this talk we will explore React Native to develop Android Applications. React Native was released by Facebook as a platform for creating native apps using JavaScript to instantiate native controls for iOS and Android applications. In this talk I'd like to give an intro to RN and talk about pros and cons on using it.

Arpit Mathur

I am a Software guy for Comcast Innovation Labs and co-founder of Android Alliance Philly. I am passionate about mobile software development, design and open source technologies. You can usually find me on Twitter at @arpit

Android Clean Architecture

Lately there has been a lot of talk about clean architecture in the Android space including MVC, MVP, MVVM, and more. Let's break down some of these design patterns and talk about how one might implement them on Android.

Chuck Greb

Chuck is a mobile software craftsman practicing clean code, responsive design, and test-driven development. He builds open source and open data tools for location-aware apps at Mapzen.