• Google I/O 2019 Recap

    Comcast Center

    Come join us for Google I/O recap from Sweety, Elise & Arpit. This is a group discussion where we'll talk about interesting topics and announcements at I/O. 6 - 6.20 pm Pizza and networking 6.20 - 7.30 pm Google I/O discussion For first timers, someone from the GDG organizers group will be downstairs at the lobby to receive you and take you up to the meeting room. Food and beverages will be provided.

  • Words have power: The ping pong catapult

    Comcast Center

    Abstract ------------ In this workshop, we’ll step outside of our Android comfort zone and create a conversational user experience using the Google Assistant running on our phones. We’ll manipulate the world around us with Internet of Things (IoT) hardware. Get ready to learn a taste of Kotlin-based Google Actions fulfillment with Google’s AppEngine, the Particle Photon Arduino platform and possibly Newton’s Laws of Motion as they pertain to Ping Pong balls! (BYOL - bring your own laptop with either a built-in USB-A port or a USB-C/USB-A adapter) Please read this before attending the workshop: http://tinyurl.com/yyt5cjno Speaker Bio ----------------- Nick DiPatri has a degree in Electrical Engineering from Rutgers and has spent the last 20 years building hardware and software systems for Philadelphia companies. He is currently a Principal Engineer at Comcast. Nick is a 'maker' at heart and loves to build gadgets using epoxy, 3D printing, microprocessors, and blinky lights.

  • Cloud Study Jam - Kubernetes Workshop!!

    Comcast Center

    Want to get started on the Google Cloud, but don't know where to begin? Join us for our Cloud Study Jam! Get official Google training, a $55+ value, free of charge. Together we'll work through several Google Cloud labs. You will get hands-on experience with the Cloud Console, Kubernetes, Security, IoT on Cloud, and Machine Learning. Then after our live session, you will have free access to more labs you can finish at home. Complete all labs in the quest and earn a Google-hosted badge for your online profile, and additional 30 days access to the training platform to compete any labs you want Bring a laptop and charger (PC, Mac or Chromebook)! The labs will run on all of the latest versions of the popular browsers. For the best experience, make sure your laptop has Firefox or Chrome installed. Don’t forget your charger. Agenda: 06:00 - 06:25 - Food, Networking 06:25 - 06:35 - Introductions & Getting Started 06:35 - 07:50 - Complete Kubernetes Lab! 07:50 - 08:00 - Wrap-Up!

  • CICD & Fastlane Talk w/John Mahoney & Raymond Hoagland

    This talk will cover CICD for mobile teams at Capital One and our work with Fastlane for Android teams. Raymond is a Software Developer at Capital One focused on mobile CICD. He enjoys video games, mechanical keyboards, and a wide variety of music. John is also a Software Developer at Capital One focused on mobile CICD. He enjoys spending time with his family, video games and movies.

  • Talk on Stoop with Tim Raybould

    Comcast Center

    Stoop for Android and iOS is an inbox for finding and reading great newsletters. It was recently featured on Product Hunt as well as a finalist for the 2018 Golden Kitty Awards in the Mobile Category. You can find more about the app here: https://www.stoop.website/ --- Abstract --- The talk will go from concept to shipping to handling an initial burst of users. Stoop was developed using React Native with a Firebase back end and is available on both the iOS App Store (after some app review drama) and the Google Play Store. After launching in November, it's already handling the receipt of hundreds of thousands of emails per week for over 10k inboxes, via a mail server which Firebase communicates with via IMAP. --- Speaker Bio --- Tim Raybould is the Founder and builder of Stoop. Prior to Stoop he was the CEO at Ticketleap for 4.5 years, through its exit in 2017, and prior to that was the CFO of Ticketleap for 4 years.

  • October Monthly Meeting: Web Notifier App ; Left-Shifted Automated Testing

    (Note: This event is on Thursday instead of our regularly scheduled Wednesday) Talk 1: Anatomy of an app: Web Notifier The Personal Web Notifier is an app that can be programmed to check your favorite websites for updates. For example notify you that a new blog is up on medium for your favorite author, that there's a new article on 9to5Google, or that the game you've backed on Kickstarter finally has an update. Open source available on GitHub: https://github.com/RightHandedMonkey/PersonalWebNotifier Anatomy of an app is a dive to explore the inner workings of what makes this app work. From Chrome Custom Tabs to WebViews and why you should care about the difference. What's the reason for using job scheduler and how does it work? We'll go into how the app uses JSoup to read CSS selectors on other pages and injected Javascript to communicate a user's selection of an item on a webpage. Bio: Currently managing the Comcast xfinity Android Stream team, Sam is a full stack Mobile lead, developer, and architect recently focusing on Android but with extensive experience in the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) and AWS. He has been involved in in delivering robust end-to-end Mobile and Web solutions. As a Mobile developer, he has been instrumental in developing and deploying dozens of apps including xfinity stream, tv remote, apps for major medical journals, and others. ------ Talk 2 Left-Shifted Automated Testing: Light and Dark Magic Revealed Abstract: Left-shifted automated testing in Android is hard but, if done right, pays off. I’ll cover practical testing scenarios for developers using Android's Espresso and Architecture Components frameworks. As with any powerful magic, however, Espresso is capable of great good and evil. So come to this talk and learn about both! Bio: Nick DiPatri has a degree in Electrical Engineering from Rutgers and has spent the last 20 years building hardware and software systems for Philadelphia companies. Nick is a 'maker' at heart and loves to build gadgets using epoxy, duct tape, 3D printing, microprocessors, and blinky lights. He has lived in the Philadelphia area most of his life.

  • Super Meetup 2018

    Uptown Beer Garden

    GDGPhilly is partnering with Technical.ly this September for Super Meetup. Join us at Uptown Beer Garden for free drinks and snacks to celebrate the Meetup community in Philly (and recruit new members!) Please RSVP here >> Super Meetup 2018” (https://www.meetup.com/Technically-Philly/events/251885544/) ** Details: ** Details Come connect with one another, make friends, and learn about local tech at this year's Super Meetup! RAIN DATE: WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 26th. The Super Meetup is a gathering of the most-connected members of the local tech, startup, and entrepreneurial scene. It’s a chance to make new friends and learn more about local tech and entrepreneurial resources and tech-focused meetup groups. The idea of the Super Meetup is simple: meetups are integral to any tech scene. Every now and then, it makes sense to rally the leaders of tech-related meetups in town and gather for one big mixer. The idea is to connect people with groups they may not have otherwise known about. Expect beers flowing and great pay as you go food. We will have free beer until the kegs run out. You will also be able to pay for food as you go! HANG WITH THESE MEETUP GROUPS: • ChickTech: Philadelphia (https://www.meetup.com/Philadelphia-Women-in-Technology-ChickTech-Meetup/) • Delaware Valley Chapter of Cloud Security Alliance (https://www.meetup.com/Cloud-Security-Alliance-Delaware-Valley-CSA-DV/) • Indy Hall (https://www.meetup.com/IndyHall/) • Philly HUG (http://philly.hubspotusergroups.com/) • PhillyXP (https://www.meetup.com/PhillyXP/) • TriState.IoT Meetup (https://www.meetup.com/TriState-IoT/) • Security Shell (https://www.meetup.com/Philly-Shell-info-sec-meetup/) • Startup Junto (https://www.meetup.com/startupjunto/) CHECK BACK FOR OTHER PARTICIPATING MEETUP GROUPS! Interested in having your Meetup group involved? Email [masked] for more info. THANKS TO OUR AMAZING SPONSORS! DRINK SPONSOR: WebLinc (https://www.weblinc.com/) • Ascensus (https://www2.ascensus.com/) • AWeber (https://www.aweber.com/) • BlackRock (https://www.blackrock.com/investing) • Chariot Solutions (https://chariotsolutions.com/) • Connectify (https://www.connectify.me/) • Deacom (https://deacom.com/) • Guru (https://www.getguru.com/) • HealthVerity (http://healthverity.com/) • Hero Digital (http://herodigital.com/) • IntegriChain (http://www.integrichain.com/) • Linode (https://www.linode.com/) • Printfly (http://www.printfly.com/) • PromptWorks (https://www.promptworks.com/) • RevZilla (https://www.revzilla.com/) • Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr (https://www.saul.com/) • Slalom (https://www.slalom.com/) • Somers Team (https://www.thesomersteam.com/) • Stitch (https://www.stitchdata.com/) • Think Company (https://www.thinkcompany.com/) • Vanguard (https://investor.vanguard.com/corporate-portal/) • Vistar Media (https://www.vistarmedia.com/) What to expect: • Learn about the participating Meetups and chat with the organizers one-on-one to find out more ways to get involved. • We’ll have some color-coordinated dots so you can self-select into a few categories (seeking opportunities, looking to hire, looking to network, etc.). • Grab free beverages and pay as you go snacks! • Bring plenty of business cards and lots of energy! There will be a number of people you will want to network with. • Find opportunities with the exhibiting sponsors (and grab some sweet swag)

  • August Monthly Meeting: Building Tastebudz with NFC and Google Cloud

    * Main Talk: * Tastebudz: The mobile approach to digital ordering Abstract: Tastebudz uses the NFC adapter on a customer’s phone to free restaurants from having to buy expensive tablets or specialized hardware. When a customer scans a tag with a phone running Tastebudz, the phone will immediately download the restaurant’s menu, if it isn’t stored already, and allow the customer to order whatever is available. The technology being discussed is: NFC, REST, Memcache, Datastore, Firebase(Authentication, Messaging, Crashlytics) Bio: Justin Katzwhite is the founder of Blackdog Interactive, the maker of Tastebudz. He has been working with Android and Google Cloud Platform for over three years. ------------------------------------------------ Lightning Talks: ------------------------------------------------ 1) Google Cloud Functions: How and Why Abstract: Google Cloud Functions offers a simple, scalable and cost efficient method of creating and extending cloud services. Learn how to create a cloud function along with common use cases for serverless architectures. Bio: Zach Russell runs a software development firm and is the organizer of GDG Cloud Philly. ------------------------------------------------ 2) DroidCon NYC Trip Report Nick Dipatri

  • July Meetup - Firebase, TensorFlow

    Comcast Center

    We got a last minute room change to 42 A. Seats 75 people 6.00 pm - Pizza & networking 6.15 pm - Intros & Announcements 6.30 pm - Sweety Bertilla, Firebase 7.00 pm - Q&A, Break 7.10 pm - Josh Gordon, TensorFlow 7.40 pm - Q&A Title: Firebase Abstract: Firebase is a suite of services offered by Google for ease of developing and managing apps in a variety of platforms such as Android, IOS, web. This presentation will cover remote config with A/B testing, Dynamics Links, Robotesting and Crashlytics. How to set them up and use them with a simple demo. Bio: Sweety Bertilla is a Senior Android Engineer working in Xfinity home security app for Comcast. Title: Getting Started with TensorFlow Abstract: We'll walk through a couple beginner-friendly exercises in TensorFlow, using tf.keras - TensorFlow's latest high level API. We'll use Colab to write and run our code, so you can it at home with a single click. I'll be around afterwards as well to chat about all things ML. Bio: Josh Gordon works on the TensorFlow team at Google, and teaches Deep Learning at Pace University. He has over a decade of machine learning experience to share. You can find him on YouTube (goo.gl/KewA03) and Twitter (twitter.com/random_forests). Please update your RSVP as we have limited space this time.

  • Build Actions for Your Community - Session #2


    Learn how to build apps for Google Assistant. This is Part #2 of a two part series.