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GDG San Francisco aims to provide technical training on emerging Google technologies, as well as to provide an environment that facilitates networking. Meetups are hosted once a month right here in San Francisco.

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Design Systems for Developers

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We're looking forward to having Zack Brown, Co-creator of Diez and Co-founder & CEO at Haiku, as our speaker for the month of August. About the talk: Design systems hold the promise of bridging the gap between design and code, yet the phrase "design system" means something different to every person you ask. Zack will present design systems from a pragmatic developer's perspective: why to use one, how to collaborate with designers on a design system, how to adopt a design system progressively into existing codebases across platforms (with a spotlight on Flutter,) and how to make sure a design system is a helper rather than a hindrance to effective software development. Twitter: @zackaboo

Spinning up a GKE-Native Solution for Secure Data Sharing within Minutes

Hey gang! We're happy to invite Gustav Maskowitz, Technical Consultant at Gospel Technology, to be our speaker for the month of September. About the talk: Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) goes far beyond Bitcoin, crypto and Fintech, and is now gaining traction as an emerging technology solution for data security and privacy. As enterprise adoption and applications of blockchain continue to skyrocket, it’s paramount that developers and tech teams be at the forefront of learning and understanding how these technologies work from the ground up. In this case, how to build security in at the data layer and how to seamlessly integrate with current cloud technologies (i.e. Kubernetes, object storage, etc.) Gus Maskowitz, Technical Consultant and former Google Developer Advocate, will share how Gospel Technology, a secure enterprise data platform, is using blockchain and DLT in a never-before-seen way to allow companies to collaborate and share data safely and securely from a developer’s perspective. He will give a brief demo on Gospel’s new one-click GCP deployment to show how developers can quickly and easily spin up a node on GCP with lightweight code to start securely sharing data externally within minutes. About the speaker: Gustav Maskowitz is a seasoned engineer, technologist and developer advocate with 15+ years of experience working in technology. As a former Principal Engineer at Rackspace and Developer Advocate at Google, Gus brings a unique blend of technical knowledge and expertise combined with production, innovation and consultation. Gus currently acts as Technical Consultant to Gospel Technology, launching their Developer Relations program and 1-click GCP deployment.

DevFest San Francisco 2019

Google Developers Launchpad Space

ATTENDEES MUST PURCHASE TICKETS FROM => https://devfestsanfrancisco.eventbrite.com NO TICKET, NO ENTRY! GDG DevFest San Francisco returns on September 21st at the Google Launchpad and Galvanize. Join developers, students, mentors, and tech companies for the biggest community organized Google developer conference in San Francisco. DevFest San Francisco is a community-run, one-day conference aimed at bringing technology enthusiasts and experts together. About 300 people are estimated to attend DevFest, with speakers coming from all over Bay Area and the US. The talks will focus on Google technologies along with other emerging technologies such as Android, Flutter, Firebase, Google Cloud Platform, the Mobile Web, Google Assistant, Machine Learning, and more. DevFest attendees will be able to familiarize themselves with new and emerging technologies, network, socialize, and help to build the growing tech community in San Francisco and the Bay Area. Anyone interested in technology is welcome. Each ticket includes talks from industry experts, skill-building sessions, gifts, and lunch. Stay tuned for our schedule... Submit your talk here: https://www.papercall.io/gdgdevfest Brought to you, with love, by GDG San Francisco, GDG Cloud San Francisco, GDG Fremont, GDG Cloud Fremont and GDG Cloud Silicon Valley!

Introduction to TensorFlow 2

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We've invited Oswald Campesato, Developer/Trainer at UC Santa Clara, to be our guest speaker for the month of October! It's highly recommended for attendees to be somewhat experienced with TensorFlow before attending this meetup. About the talk: A fast-paced introduction to TensorFlow 2 about some important new features (such as generators and the @tf.function decorator) and TF 1.x functionality that's been removed from TF 2. A brief discussion of lazy operators and code samples, and if time permits, tf.keras models in TF 2 for CNNs and LSTMs. About the speaker: Oswald is a former PhD Candidate (ABD) in Mathematics, an education fanatic with multiple graduate degrees, an author of 23 technical books, and is currently completing on a TensorFlow 2 book and pursuing a degree in Machine Learning. He has worked for Oracle, AAA, and Just Systems of Japan, along with various startups. He lived/worked in 5 countries on three continents, has traveled to 70 countries in six continents, and in a previous career he worked in South America, Italy, and the French Riviera, and also taught Calculus at the University of Illinois. He has worked for Oracle, AAA, and Just Systems of Japan, along with various startups. His roles vary from C/C++/Java developer to CTO. Oswald has presented Deep Learning sessions at conferences, such as the Mensa Conference in SF (11/2018), Google LaunchPad, and BA meetups to more than 1,200 people. Currently Oswald is an instructor for Machine Learning, Deep Learning (TensorFlow and Keras), and Reinforcement Learning at UCSC (Santa Clara), and a consultant who provides on-site training for ML and DL. Twitter: @ocampesato

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Google Developers Launchpad Space

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