• Building a backend for your app with Firebase!

    Google Developers Launchpad Space

    Our team is excited to have our fellow GDG organizer from LA and CTO of MK Partners, Matt Kaufman, as our speaker in August! About the talk: Building a backend for your app with Firebase Maintaining server infrastructure is time consuming and complex. Google's Firebase provides a rich Platform-as-a-Service that allows you to focus on development instead of IT. In this session you'll learn how to use Firebase Functions and Firestore to create a powerful backend for your application.

  • Searching for dark matter in CERN's Large Hadron Collider dataset

    Google Developers Launchpad Space

    We're happy to have Lavanya Shukla, Cofounder of Dataland, as our speaker for the month of July! About this talk: In this talk, Lavanya will explore how machine learning can be used to find potential influences of dark matter in data obtained from CERN's Large Hadron Collider experiments. The 3 major things we’ll be exploring are: 1. Particle Physics: A gentle introduction to particle physics and how the large hadron collider works. 2. Particle identification: training a classifier to detect electrons, protons, muons, kaons and pions and other particles. 3. Searching for dark matter: training a neural network to distinguish between background noise and the signal, and then applying clustering algorithms to find potential traces of dark matter in this signal. About our speaker: Lavanya is a machine learning engineer who began working on AI 10 years ago when she founded ACM SIGAI at Purdue University as a sophomore. In a past life, she taught herself to code at age 10, and built her first startup at 14. She's driven by a deep desire to understand the universe around us better by using machine learning. Twitter: https://twitter.com/lavanyaai Link to her article about dark matter (https://lavanya.ai/searching-for-dark-matter/).

  • AI that knows when you're interacting with it

    Google San Francisco

    Agenda : 6:00pm - 6:30pm Check-in and networking over food and drinks 6:30pm: Talks AI that knows when you are interacting with it AI that knows when you are interacting with it Description: "Can intelligent behaviours arise from a combination of simple ones? Can machines perceive the world the way humans do?" - We will show how we built artificial senses, starting from simple voice detection and object permanence to more complex ones like gesture recognition and attention detection. Inspired by the way the human neocortex has a single algorithm for processing multiple senses, we show how we combined simple encoded inputs to perform higher level reasoning. About Dario: Dario joined Cisco in 2015 and has focused his career on solving Machine Learning problems in many domains: from Computer Vision to Speech Processing, from Generative Models to Genetic Algorithms. He was previously a professional violinist with a career that led him to play with major symphony orchestras in Italy, Germany and Norway. When he grows up he wants to become an astronaut. About Will: Will Reed, Senior Technical Leader, Machine Learning at Cisco Will is applying deep learning to push the boundaries of natural language understanding, computer vision and systems that can learn in real-time from their environment. He was also once a philosophy professor. Now he writes code to answer the questions he used to only talk about. • Important to know Our Code of Conduct is located at: https://www.meetup.com/google-developer-group-san-francisco/pages/26314241/Code_of_Conduct/

  • Android Dev Summit Viewing Party

    Metreon AMC

    We reserved your spot for the Android Dev Summit viewing parties in many cities and movie theaters. While you're watching the sessions live, you'll meet other developers and learn about the new Android updates. There will be food and a great atmosphere. Come and join the party. RSVP will be done through this https://events.withgoogle.com/android-dev-summit-viewing-parties/ . Google will send a confirmation about you attendance.

  • GDG SF DevFest 2018

    Galvanize San Francisco, CA

    DevFest is a our yearly big developer event. Where we focus in providing an experience for all skill levels to learn more about Google and other technology. In years past we have had over 200+ attendees from all skill levels and diversity. Date: October 28, 2018 Location: Galvanize SF. 44 Tehama St, San Francisco CA For more information please visit. https://devfestsf.com RSVPing to this event does not provide you a ticket please visit our Eventbrite site to get your ticket: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/gdg-devfest-2018-tickets-50824608773?aff=meetup AGENDA 8:30 AM: Registration and Breakfast 9:30 AM: Opening 10:00 AM: Breakout for sessions 12:00 PM: Lunch 1:00 PM: Breakout for sessions 4:00 PM: Closing WORKSHOPS: 10:00 - 12:00: End-to-End Machine Learning Workshop 1:00 - 4:00: End-to-End Machine Learning Workshop 1:00 - 4:00: Google Assistant CodeLab TALKS: 10:00 AM - Intro to Building fo Google Home and Google Assistant with Serverless - Logging, and Errors, and Metrics - Oh My! - Dynamic App Modules: Building for the Next Billion 11:00 AM - Virtual Machine, Container, or Serverless - Optimizing Component Development - Building a Twitter Image Bot with Flickr and Google Cloud Platform 12:00 PM: LUNCH 1:00 PM - Modern Web in the Real World - All About Apps Script - Where is my movie? Inside Netflix's media storage system 2:00 PM - Build Android and iOS Apps with Flutter - Understanding Machine Learning in 45 Minutes - JavaScript for Artists 3:00 PM - Turning blue-sky ideas into successful products as a UX co-founder - Progressive Web Apps 101 - Leveling up your experience as an Android Developer 4:00 PM CLOSING Looking to sponsor? DM us!

  • Understanding Machine Learning in 45 minutes

    Google San Francisco

    Agenda : 6:00pm - 6:30pm Check-in and networking over food and drinks 6:45pm: Talks Understanding Machine Learning in 45 minutes Talk: Understanding Machine Learning in 45 minutes Description: Curious about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, or Deep Learning? What's the difference between them? Want to understand how others are using ML creatively? If you are new to these areas and want to learn what is going on behind the scenes, but not from a mathematical / computer science background, then this talk is for you. Take this this speedy 45 minute tour of the state of Machine Learning in 2018 by Jason Mayes, Senior Creative Engineer at Google. This talk will cover a high level overview of how deep neural networks work, their creative applications, along with some of the APIs and libraries that you can use from Google today to get started to do more advanced things. This fast paced talk aims to educate, inspire, and enable you to rapidly prototype your next idea in this amazing industry. This talk is aimed at beginners (no coding or mathematical background required) or those who may be familiar but curious about it's creative applications in industry. About the Speakers: Jason combines his knowledge of the technical and creative worlds to solve complex, strategic / technical challenges for Google's largest customers and internal teams. Developing innovative world firsts utilizing the latest technologies and hardware is a key component of his role where it is his responsibility to know something about everything that matters in the tech industry to rapidly prototype new ideas and consult on project solutions globally. With a background in Computer Science at the University of Bristol, England, where he specialized in reality mining and invisible computing, Jason has been a "hybrid engineer" for over 10 years. Combining his passion for several areas including both front and back end web programming, but also design and user experience, he has worked in many sizes of company from startups (including founding his own) to Google. As a mentor to many, he enjoys sharing his daily discoveries for all his curiosities online, which has attracted a global following of over 300,000. Social Media Links: LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/webdesign Twitter: https://twitter.com/jason_mayes Google+: https://plus.google.com/+JasonMayes • Important to know Our Code of Conduct is located at: https://www.meetup.com/google-developer-group-san-francisco/pages/26314241/Code_of_Conduct/

  • End-to-End Encryption & HIPAA with Firebase | End to End Machine Learning

    Agenda : 6:00pm - 6:30pm Check-in and networking over food and drinks 6:30pm: Talks Implement End-to-End Encryption & HIPAA with Firebase End to End Machine Learning Talk: Implement End-to-End Encryption & HIPAA with Firebase Description: Many developers see Firebase as a prototyping platform, which the platform way outgrew by now with a total of 18 products covering pretty much everything a large production app needs. In this talk, David Szabo will introduce about an open source project to implement end-to-end encryption on top of Firebase/Firestore, making Firebase one of the most secure cloud platforms out there. End-to-End Encryption also enables healthcare apps to run encrypted chats on the platform that meet HIPAA's requirements. The talk will cover the basic principle of how an end-to-end encrypted key management works, how keys can be distributed securely between users with open source libraries and how end-users can own the keys without noticing any extra overhead. A sample iOS and Android app/source will be used to demonstrate parts of the solution and outline how HIPAA deals with data encryption. Talk: End to End Machine Learning Description: We will start by developing a ML model using TensorFlow, training and deploying it on Google Cloud and then finally use it to get inferences. About the Speakers: David Szabo is a Privacy activist & crypto(graphy) nerd: I'm working on making and end to data breaches. In my third startup, Virgil Security, I'm building a framework for developers to simplify the implementation of perfect user privacy in healthcare, IoT and other products. Earlier in my career, I spent 12 years at Microsoft across 4 countries in various engineering, UX, business and leadership roles. Vikram Tiwari is co-founder of Omni Labs based in San Francisco which aims to bring data analytics and machine learning in marketing space. He is also a GDE for Google Cloud and focuses on big data and machine learning topics. Other than work he is involved with various communities in open source and local tech meetups. • Important to know Our Code of Conduct is located at: https://www.meetup.com/google-developer-group-san-francisco/pages/26314241/Code_of_Conduct/

  • Google Assistant: Build Actions For Your Community

    Google Launchpad

    Actions on Google and Google Assistant are one of the major Google technical areas and we want to invite the whole developer community to learn about creating Actions for the Google Assistant. This is a 1-day event for developers of all skill level to come together to learn how to create Actions for Google Assistant. The event features a blend of tech talks, code labs, discussions, demos and networking. SCHEDULE 9:30am: Registration 10:00am: Welcome & Introduction 10:10am: [TALK] - Building Conversational Experiences with Actions on Google 10:40am: [TALK] - Conversational Design Intro 11: 10am: [BREAK] Share Ideas 11:25am: [CODELAB] Learn how to create VUI (Agent/Natural Language Understanding Module in Dialogflow) 12:00pm: [LUNCH] 1:00pm: Create your Actions on Google 3:30pm: [DEMO] SPEAKER Jessica Dene Earley-Cha is a Developer Advocate for Google Assistant. She loves to connect with developers and explore VUI (voice user interface) to add another dimension to how user interact with technology. Jessica is a full stack developer who enjoys sharing knowledge and support others. Jessica is the co-organizer for Google Developers Group San Francisco, is a Women Techmakers lead and a teacher for Girl Develop It. You’ll find her either spending time with her dog, collecting strawberry knick knack or coding one of her many personal projects. WHAT TO BRING? Please bring your laptop for the hands-on codelabs.

  • Progressive Web Apps 101 | 11,000 Rockets & Counting: Behind the Scenes AppShip

    Agenda : 6:00pm - 6:30pm Check-in and networking over food and drinks 6:30pm: Talks Progressive Web Apps[masked],000 Rockets and Counting: Behind the Scenes of AppShip Talk: Progressive Web Apps 101 Description: I’ll walk you through the steps of transforming an existing website into a Progressive Web App from the bottom up. Together we’ll also explore the wide array of companies that have already benefited from the many enhancements PWAs offer. Talk: 11,000 Rockets and Counting: Behind the Scenes of AppShip Description: For Google I/O 2018 we took on a massive effort of designing and building a unique, fun Firebase + Unity powered game for attendees. It wasn't that simple though, we also manufactured thousands of procedurally generated rocket ships on collectible cards so every attendee had their own unique rocket to take home. We'll dive into the silly, clever nitty-gritty of how we built the game, the cards, and the card scanners in record time. About the Speakers: Frances Coronel is a developer with a design background who gets a lot of personal satisfaction out of helping the local tech community through her varied skill set. She is currently a Software Engineer at Slack at their headquarters in San Francisco, having previously worked and interned at Accenture's Liquid Studio as a software engineer and AR/VR developer. Her passions outside of work include contributing to open-source, blogging about her adventures in tech, and traveling with her partner using Airbnb. Abe Haskins is a Firebase engineer at Google. For the past five years Abe has been helping engineers build Firebase-powered things so they can take over the world. • Important to know Our Code of Conduct is located at: https://www.meetup.com/google-developer-group-san-francisco/pages/26314241/Code_of_Conduct/

  • Dashboards w/ Data Studio&BigQuery | Video Games+Deep Convolutional Neural Nets

    Agenda : 6:00pm - 6:30pm Check-in and networking over food and drinks 6:30pm: Talks Visualize all your data with Data Studio Applying Deep Convolutional Neural Nets to Video Games Talk: Visualize all your data with Data Studio Description: Large datasets in BigQuery might make it cost prohibitive to scale dashboard solutions. Unless carefully designed, solutions can lead to queries piling up with repeated viewing and result in significant costs in BigQuery. Google Data Studio lets users build interactive shareable data visualizations using their BigQuery data. In this session, we will show the common failure points and how you can build scalable, interactive, insightful dashboards in Data Studio from BigQuery data. Talk: Applying Deep Convolutional Neural Nets to Video Games Description: In this talk, Farza will be going over how he created a tool named "DeepLeague" which applies convolutional neural nets to do object detection within video games using YOLO-net. He'll be going over the process of how he programmatically built a custom dataset of 100,000 images, trained a neural network from scratch, and released the tool for popular professional gaming teams to use. About the Speakers: Minhaz Kazi is the Developer Advocate for Google Data Studio. As a business intelligence veteran, Minhaz is always exploring new ways for developers to collect, analyze, and visualize data. He is available for long discussions on circular reference errors, benefits of pie charts, SQL commas, and design of everyday things. Hi! My name's Farza and I do lots of stuff :). Most recently, I've been doing lots of work in computer vision/deep learning and got my start in the field doing research in academia with self-driving cars. I then went on to apply deep learning to something I enjoy a lot: video games. I won't discuss it much here since that's what my talk is all about, but my work is currently being used by a number of professional gaming teams to help them improve their analytics. Other than vision, I love building augmented reality iOS apps in Swift and websites in Node :). I currently work for a y-combinator company as an engineer. • Important to know Our Code of Conduct is located at: https://www.meetup.com/google-developer-group-san-francisco/pages/26314241/Code_of_Conduct/