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This Meetup group is about GDPR compliency.

Many organisations have now finished their initial analysis of what data lies in which systems, they have classified the data and some have created a high-level gap analysis of what still needs to be done.

In many cases this bundle of information, this result of the analysis phase is now being given to the implementation team. The implementation team are the ones responsible for turning the documentation into a working system.

In GDPR terms a working system is one that is delivering the rights of the data subject, it is automating or supporting the process of collecting data, and where possible it is helping to meet the other key objectives of GDPR such as data anonymization, and breach notification.

This meetup outlines some of the early steps that can be taken and offers up a best practice for developing a process that can be used with existing systems but is also applicable as new systems and new types of data are introduced.

The SESAM GDPR Task Force shows you in practice what needs to be done to deliver the rights the data subject is entitled to. This will make a valuable foundation for the continuous process of analyzing and documenting.

Sesam GDPR Task Force consists of experts within:

IntegrationSystem architectureLawTechnical implementation

With expertise in the SESAM GDPR Platform and GDPR in general, and also with experience from similar projects, our team is well suited to quickly set things up for you. If you need further assistance, we would like to refer you to our skilled business partners in the field of legal and IT.

Relevant for:

Responsible for implementation, enterprise architects, solution architects, DPOs, advisors, developers, CISOs, CIOs, Team leaders, CTOs, R&D, C-level.

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