Price: $26.00 /per person
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Note: This class is at Resurrection Lutheran in Long Beach.

We are continuing our exploration of LEGO microbuilds with penguins!


***We will start by trying to draw penguins on brickpaper, then we will look at what penguins actually look like. Color, shape and size.

Then we will learn some building tricks working on a class model. A half hour to build your take home kit and we're done!*****

Study the effect of scale with a teeny tiny microbuild. Includes a take home build kit.

Microbuild: Penguins!

Ages 6-12

Friday, May 17th, 10:30am-12:30pm (feel free to send a snack with your child)

Cost: $26/student

A microbuild is a teeny tiny build using teeny tiny parts. The specific build depends upon the specific parts that I find. This hopes to create a scene with clear bricks (ice) and black, white and other colors. The "penguin" is a penguin shape that we came up with at the Manhattan Beach build. They will stylize with other colors. Let's call it ginormous emperor micro penguins. I.e. they're big for microbuilds, but still small. I'm working on parts for another style, but it will take some doing. They wll take home 2 or 3 penguins on a little ice base.

This is starting to take form nicely. I am including here a video about the scenery that I'm going to show as an example. The kids will help me to build up mine (and learn a bit about how to do it) then will work on their take-home components. Watch both videos!

The Penguin build is turning out to be more about the ice than the penguins... It's so cool!!! but the week is young... If you want the Penguin build, best to take it now, because I think we're going right into a Fortress of Solitude scene. If possble, I will follow almost immediately with Batman.


Instructor: Ms. Patricia Tsoiasue is a system engineer and extremely involved in the creative community of Long Beach. She is working to bring a maker space to Long Beach and we are thrilled she is doing classes for our students. Her projects include sewing projects (softies and ugly soft creatures with eyes that glow), mechanical experiences, electronics with the Arduino - a robotics computing platform and LEGO bricks, a creative medium that she loves!

This is a drop-off class if parent and child are comfortable. Parent may stay to help younger students and/or to observe.

To sign up one child, RSVP as yourself; to sign up two children, RSVP +1, etc.

Feel free to pay online or bring payment to class. Cash/check ok. Please make checks out to Patricia Tsoiasue.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!