Save a Life - GHAC Blood Donation Camp for Thalassemia kids with Stepup

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GHAC Operations Office

A K Enclave, Adj Lane to Pizza Corner Road No 3, Banjara Hills · Hyderabad

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Take first left turn after Mebaz, next to Times of India building- road no 3

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GHAC SOCIAL - Blood Donation Camp

*** Urgent need of 50 bags for children effected with thalassemia who are on death bed if not given blood on time ***

Since 1998, the Society has been treating thalassemia affected and so far nearly 2200 patients both affected by thalassemia and sickle cell obtain free service from our center. Thalassemia is an inherited disorder of the blood. It reduces the amount of hemoglobin (red blood cell) the body can make, thus resulting in the inability of the red blood cells to carry a sufficient supply of oxygen to different parts of body. This will cause anemia and if not treated, the heart and other organs in the body will slowly fail due to the lack of oxygen and may be fatal if not provided blood in time.

These children require blood transfusion every 15 to 21 days throughout their life. To provide constant supply of blood to thalassemics, the society took the lead to establish full-fledged Blood Bank for storing, processing and testing whole blood and its components. More than 1500 units of blood are required every month to treat beta Thalassemia affected children.

Every day there is a requirement of nearly 30-35 units of blood for these children.

There are very few contra-indications for the blood donation. You will be checked by an experienced doctor and will be given a medical check up to ensure that you are fit for the donation.

Your haemoglobin( amount of blood in your body) will be checked in case required, before the blood donation to safeguard you.

Event Details

The camp will be held at:

GHAC Office, A.K Enclave,

Lane Next to Pizza Corner, Road No 3,

Banjara Hills, Hyderabad

TIME: 10 AM onwards till 6pm.

The blood camp is organised with the help of trained professionals from Gandhi Hospitals Blood Bank. The units of Blood collected will be used for poor patients who require transfusion in Gandhi Hospitals Hyderabad. All donors will be given voluntary donor certificates.

Tea/Coffee, Biscuits, refreshments will be available for Donors.

For people donating Blood: Important Instructions

• Make sure you have not donated blood in the last 3 months

• You must be healthy, fit, and not suffering from a current illness in order to donate blood.

• Avoid donating blood if you have severe cold and cough, a cold sore, viral infection, or an upset stomach.

• Avoid donating blood if you have cardiac problems, hypertension, epilepsy, diabetes on insulin therapy(on tablets is fine to donate), history of cancer, chronic kidney or liver disease, bleeding tendencies, venereal disease

• Had a miscarriage in the last 6 months or have been pregnant / lactating

• Under treatment with antibiotics < than 7 days

• Shared a needle to inject drugs/ have history of drug addiction

• Been tested positive for antibodies to dengue, Hepatitis (jaundice) and HIV

* You must weigh at least 110 pounds or 50 kg.

• You must have had a meal (lunch/breakfast) few hours before donating blood.

• You must not consume any kind of intoxicants or alcohol before 72 hours of donating blood.

Please read the below link for more details.

Please contact me for any further queries or clarifications

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Donate Blood, Save Lives!