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GL Tech Talk - Big Data & ReactJS

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Hi All!

Seems that winter already came but Big Data and ReactJS topic is still in flames. That is why we would like to invite you all for our GL Tech Talk. Check out what we have prepared for this time.

Speaker: Maciej Bogusz

Title: “Functional and type-safe programming in Spark.”

Apache Spark is seen by many as a killer app for Scala but at the same time its API is not very idiomatic for the language. In this talk I will explore the evolution of Spark API, elements that do and do not fall into functional, type-safe category as well as some ways to benefit from
employing such concepts when writing distributed data processing jobs.

About Maciej:
Scala developer @ GlobalLogic. Currently making his first steps in vast Big Data ecosystem, mostly interested in programming languages design. Believes that "Programs must be written for people to read, and only incidentally for machines to execute."

Speaker: Rafał Dranka

Title: "Big data, first blood"

Why I found big data project cool to develop?
Behind the "buzz word", there are real-life projects and I would like to share our experience on this subject. What obstacles we encountered and how the team overcomes pitfalls. How we progressed from hi-level business project overview to a tiny implementation detail in a world of
Kafka, Hadoop, Hive, and Spark.

About Rafał:
Experienced in both system analysis and product design & development for about 20 years. Wide experience in different technologies as Java developer, UI developer, and designer. Worked with different platforms. Scrum practitioner. Passioned about new technologies and game development.

Speaker: Dawid Gorczyca

Title: "Building Electron based applications with Event Based Approach, fluid data communication between JavaScript and other languages."

Using a simple stack of React/Redux/Electron/Node i'll try to show how we can use an event driven approach to communicate all parts of the application, even those which isn't written in JavaScript, or are dependent on operating system methods.

About Dawid:
I'm a software engineer, mostly experienced in building desktop and web applications based around Javascript. On daily basis I’m mostly concerned with data flow, readability and performance. Before I became a developer I’ve worked as a interface and interaction designer.

See you soon!