GL Tech Talk #1 Front-End

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Puszkarska 7k · Kraków

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Building F, GlobalLogic company, 5th floor

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Hi all!

Have you missed our GL Tech Talk? Good news, our next meeting will take place on 25th April and we will be talking about Front-End!

Speaker: Andrii Lundiak

Title: "Create ReactJS component & publish as npm package"

It's 50/50% Live coding mixed with a few slides about how to create ReactJS component and then publish it to npm registry. What Webpack configuration issues can be and how to resolve it. Case study with usage of such component by anyone.

Title: "ReactJS & Functional Programming principles"

FP is the process of building software by composing pure functions, avoiding shared state, mutable data, and side-effects. Let's compare JavaScript and ReactJS code examples in scope of Functional Programming principles. More attention to ReactJS terms like "Functional Component", "High Order Components", "Immutability of component props and component in HOC", "Memoization", etc..

About Andrii:
Senior Frontend Developer at GlobalLogic Poland. 10+ years experience. JavaScript, CSS, HTML, NodeJS/npm. Passionate about Git. Sometimes doing Unix/Bash scripting, configuring Jenkins/Bamboo. Many years worked with BackboneJS/MarionetteJS stack. These days I spend more time with JSX/ReactJS for work-related projects. Hobbies: Genealogy/Genetics, History, Languages, #EDM. I run 6 blogs. I'm Ukrainian. I worked in Ukraine, Bulgaria and now in Poland. Technical education (Electronics and IT). Github - @alundiak, Twitter - @landike.

We can’t wait to see you there!