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GLOW is an I-Opener NYC monthly Sunday morning ecstatic dance. Originating in Boston, Mass, I-Opener was the co-created vision of dance enthusiasts Marek Tresnak (DJ Luminus) and Sarah Monette (DJ Journey Weaver) which began in 2016 at the Arts for the Armory in Sommerville, MA. Starting with a monthly Sunday morning ecstatic dance their project quickly grew to encompass events in both Boston and Western Mass, from morning ecstatic dances to weekend retreats, and an ever expanding community of all ages and backgrounds who share a passion for dance, connection, and creative expression. Delighted to be invited to create a sister event in the big apple for our growing NYC I-Opener tribe, GLOW is the newest project... offering a rich experience of guided movement warmups, co-created art, community connection, live DJs from around the world, and ecstatic dance to give us a monthly dose of high vibration bliss!

Come GLOW with us and dive into the I-Opening magic of morning ecstatic dance!

I-Opener Dance is a space of freeform expression... welcoming in families, groups, partners and solo enthusiasts. You may participate in the dance or just enjoy witnessing. There’s interactive art, space for prayer or meditation, a zone for flow toys, and a kids corner with family activities.

A combination of factors allows ecstatic dance to offer such a safe space, when we all honor and respect each other, people relax and become fully present:

- We dance to the music of different genres, tempos and emotions. The music forms a journey, which invites us and helps us to fully express ourselves in dance. This journey is carefully crated by ecstatic dance DJs who are proficient in providing a musical space for full expression.

- We dance in a beautiful warm dance hall with clean wooden floor and a pleasant atmosphere.

- We open and close our dance journey together in a circle and have a short warm-up before the start.

- We dance barefoot, without talking and for our own joy. Together we create a safe atmosphere, without staring at each other. Each person’s dance helps to make the others feel safe, relaxed and tuned in.

- We dance on our own or with a partner but at all times we are aware of each other's desire to dance as they wish, together or alone and respectful of this through offering invitation and inviting truthful gentle response.

- We dance without the influence of drugs or alcohol.

- We do not take pictures or videos on the dance floor.

- Please help us improve with feedback ... (

A typical schedule looks like:

11am - Arrival

11:15 - Welcome & Warm-up

11:45 - DJ's Beats

1:30 Closing Circle

Featured DJs:

DJ Journey Weaver (

- Inspired by a love of dance and connection, Journey moves your spirit and form through space with the push of beats and the invitation of melody. From organic world beats to ambient chill, deep house to global base... each set is nourishingly familiar yet cravingly unique. (

And many more guests from Manhattan, Boston, and beyond!!!

Featured Warm up Facilitators:

Rachel Santos (

- Rachel is a practitioner of Healing Touch, Reiki, and a huge range of bodywork modalities. She teaches Tao Tantric Arts and Universal Healing Tao Chi-Kung, as well as Anahata Yoga and the 5-Element Form: A Dance of Shiva and Shakti. Rachel is trained in Sacred Cacao Dance Ceremony and so much more from her beloved friend and mentor Daisy Kaye. She lives in gratitude for all of her guides and teachers in performing arts, dance, ritual, ecology and healing arts. (

Featured Ceremony Leaders:

Sarah Monette (

- Sarah leads Authentic Relating events throughout the Northeast and abroad to help individuals and collectives discover more meaningful ways of interacting and promote deeper connections within communities through Synthesis Connection - Authentic Relating ( . She’s trained in psychosynthesis, mediation, and facilitates a variety of compassionate communication and ecstatic dance events. Sarah has a passion for relational systems and interpersonal growth, leaning into our edges and discovering the many layers of connection at both gatherings and in our everyday lives. Along with facilitating she loves to dance and is often off DJ'ing around the world. (

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