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What Gay Men of South Jersey Social Group is about and Group Rules

Welcome to Gay Men of South Jersey Social Group. My name is Christian Gonzalez and I am your organizer. I created this group in the Summer of 2019 since there really wasn’t a group tailored to gay men that get together every weekend, or every other weekend specifically for our area. I wanted to build a relationship with our gay men in southern new jersey by creating a safe and inviting place where group activities, outings, events, and simple gatherings can take place. With this thought in mind, here we are today. As our group continues to mature, word of mouth is pushing our little group, which was originally a mini test run for myself, into a popular go to for gay men in our area. With this, comes an increase of membership. And with that, comes a responsibility of creating a communication between me and you to make sure that we’re all on the same page. While I understand that is not always easy, it is my responsibility to protect the group members and its reputation. If you are thinking of joining this group, please look at our rules below. If this group and its rules are to your liking, hit the join button. By joining, you agree to these rules. As of 10/13/19, 3 rules have been created. As our group matures, and ideas and situations are brought up, more rules will be added. I will notify members of any updates on new rules so you can make the choice if this is still a group you’d want to be a part of. Look below! Any questions or concerns, please message me directly.

1). ATTENDANCE: When you see an event or gathering that’s to your liking, and have interest in, always remember to hit the options to join the event. Once added to that event, it is your responsibility to follow the directions inside the event and make sure you plan accordingly with transportation and finances. My phone number will always be inside each event, and the option to contact me directly is always available through MeetUp at all times. If something changes suddenly, or you choose to not come, it is your responsibility to mark yourself accordingly. “NO SHOW” will be marked If you haven’t contacted me at all or expressed a change of plans or simply, no call no show. A member who is a no show three times will be removed from the group. Keep in mind, I let myself go by who added themselves. Myself and your follow members are waiting for YOU and your attendance. By becoming a no show, it’s inconsiderate to my time and the time of your fellow members.

2). PHOTOGRAPHY: This group is a PUBLIC group. Which means that it is open for everyone and anyone to search for. When an event takes place, I, the organizer, and members may be inclined to take various photos of the events we’re in, our surroundings, and group photos of us together and individually. These photos will be posted inside our group, and often times these photos will be shared on member’s own social media accounts or other entities that are unknown. Photography in our group is allowed, encouraged, and important because these photos will generate interest in our group by observing photos of us and our gatherings and events. If this is an issue, and you still make the decision to be part of this group, or attend an event, it’s your responsibility to notify me privately before an event that you would feel comfortable being our designated photographer that day. Once a photo is posted, I will not remove or alter it in any way. Especially when other group members who adhere to this policy want these photos of their group together. We are NOT an anonymous group.

3). INACTIVE MEMBERS: At various times, I have communicated with different members about what my feelings are for our group. This is not MY group, this is OUR group. As such, I’m open to various suggestions, thoughts, opinions, and constructive criticism. I will always plan events that I feel are good for our group. However, when members make suggestions, I take these suggestions and go forward with what I feel is fit. If there’s events for which you’re not interested in, It is your responsibility to speak up and make suggestions and express your thoughts. Waiting for something to show up that you like may not happen. There for you become an inactive member. My group is not about quantity but about quality. If you would like to have an event and feel that it’s a great idea, let’s talk about it and set it up. I even have an option where you can become the organizer that day for the event you want. Members who are not attending regular events, and are not making suggestions, or are not trying to have somewhat of a minor interest in our group will be removed. A group that is successful is based solely on the parcipation of its organizer and the participation of its members. When neither step up to the plate, the group fails.

Upcoming events (3)

****Color Me Mine Group Painting****

Color Me Mine

****Color Me Mine Group Painting**** Thanks to a few family members for bringing this idea up. Please go to: www. voorhees.colormemine.com for ALL important information that you need before going. Pricing is an $8 Studio Fee for all painters, plus the price of pottery. Your Studio Fee is good for all day, no time limits, and includes unlimited colors to paint with, all supplies, glazing and firing. Pottery pieces start at $14, with the average piece around $20.00. Groups that are reserved for more than 10 will require a $100.00 deposit for a room there. Groups under 10 do not require that deposit only a reservation and we just get a table. Since this is our first time doing this as a group, I’m locking the limit of attendance to 10 as a test run. If we do this and enjoy it and there’s a good turnout, we can do it again at a later date and open it up to a larger group. If you have any questions or concerns, please text or call me at [masked]. There will be a close off time for an RSVP so please let me know when you can as spots will possibly fill up quickly. Thank you!:)

****Sunday MeetUp****

Panera Bread

****Sunday Meetup**** With the success of our first MeetUp at this location, I want to try and make this our spot once a month on a Sunday. This will give us an opportunity to meet others in a relaxed environment. Come out for a nice gathering of great guys and conversations. Guest limit is set to 20 due to limitations of space. Any questions or concerns, please contact me at [masked]. Thank you! :)

****Exit 4 Private Escape Rooms****

710 Haddon Ave, Collingswood, NJ 08108

****Exit 4 Private Escape Rooms**** NOTE: Our family member, Ned Hanover, is the organizer for the day for this event. Any questions or concerns please contact him directly. Thank you! NOTICE: Attendee limit for this event is 10 PLEASE ARRIVE PROMPTLY. WE WILL ENTER THE ESCAPE ROOM PROMPTLY AT 1:45 PM. LATE ATTENDEES MAY HAVE REDUCED TIME IN THE ESCAPE ROOM AND/OR MAY NOT BE ABLE TO PARTICIPATE IN THE EVENT. Details: Please go to: www.exit4escape.com/collingswood-nj for ALL important information that you need before going. Admission is $26 per person (after $2 discount) plus tax. Payment will be made at the time of the event. However you MUST reserve via Meetup to hold your space. If you are unable to attend please opt out so someone else can take your place. What is an escape room? You are placed inside a room and have 60 minutes to solve the task at hand using the clues and puzzles hidden throughout. It’s a hectic, fun and challenging dash as you and up to nine other players work furiously to complete your objective before the time runs out. Our escape room is the "Wizarding Hour": While visiting a rival wizard school you hear rumors of a sinister magical creature black market hidden away in the potions classroom and there is only one hour to free the helpless magical beasts before the evil professor returns. You may bring your belongings into the escape room. Feel free to use your phone to take pictures! Parking: There is a coin metered parking lot behind the Escape Room building running parallel to the PATCO High Speed Line with direct access to the Escape Room in the Avenue Mall, between Nunzio's and Sabrina's. A quarter is good for one half hour. There is also metered street parking on Haddon Ave as well. Our party will have the entire room to ourselves!!! Afterwards depending on the wishes of the group, we may go to The Pop Shop (diner food) or Grooveground Coffeebar to hang out! (Both are about a block away from the escape room.) If you have any questions or concerns please text or call Ned Hanover at (267)[masked]

Past events (4)

****Outfest Philadelphia 2019****

PATCO Woodcrest Station

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