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We're looking forward to meeting newcomers from Meetup. We have a core group of regular members as well as occasional attendees who follow our events calendar from our Facebook group and page, and from our website. Meetup calendars are not representative of our attendance rates.
The Greater Manchester Skeptics run the Manchester Skeptics in the Pub events. Part of the long established worldwide network, we have been active since 2009 and have held well over 100 events, usually two every month: a talk and a social. Our members have wide-ranging interests, but what unites us is a belief in the importance of critical thinking and an insistence that claims should be backed up by evidence. The more extraordinary the claim, the more evidence we ask for. Most of us will be highly skeptical of claims of psychic abilities, alien encounters, all-powerful global conspiracies, the healing power of alternative therapies, or anything else which is not grounded in robust, peer-reviewed research. On that basis, the skepticism movement as a whole advocates for evidence-based policy decisions, better science reporting, secularism and stricter regulation of “holistic” medicine. We differ from “denialists” in that we are willing to change our minds in the face of compelling evidence. We aim to put on a wide variety of talks, covering science, politics, history, philosophy, religion, law and much else besides. You don’t have to be a member to come to our talks and socials, just a willingness to engage respectfully in discussions which may challenge your beliefs. Everyone and anyone is welcome — even if you disagree with the speaker. If you’re in Manchester, come along!

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Science Friction – how surface interactions shaped the world – Laurie Winkless

Live event link: https://www.twitch.tv/sitp

We are surrounded by stickiness. From the bike tyre that grips the road and the Post-it note that’s become an office mainstay, to your non-stick frying pan, and the ice that transforms waterways each winter. All of these things are controlled by tiny forces that operate on and between surfaces, with friction playing the leading role. In this talk, Laurie will explore the role of friction in both the manufactured and natural worlds. She will describe how our understanding of surface science, and our ability to manipulate stickiness, have developed throughout history, transforming the world around us. If you’ve ever wondered how the ancient Egyptians could move colossal stone blocks, or why earthquakes happen, you might find the answers here.

This talk is inspired by Laurie’s latest book, ‘Sticky: The Secret Science of Surfaces’. Published by Bloomsbury in the UK and Europe on 11 November 2021, it will reach other markets in early 2022.

Laurie Winkless is an Irish physicist and author. After a physics degree and a masters in space science, she joined the UK’s National Physical Laboratory as a research scientist, specialising in functional materials. Now based in New Zealand, Laurie has been communicating science to the public for 15 years. Since leaving the lab, she has worked with scientific institutes, engineering companies, universities, and astronauts, amongst others. Her writing has featured in outlets including Forbes, Wired, and Esquire, and she appeared in The Times magazine as a leading light in STEM. Laurie’s first book was Science and the City. Her second, Sticky: The Secret Science of Surfaces, is available now (in hardcopy, e-book and audio formats) from all good bookshops.
Praise for Sticky:

“I am in awe of Laurie Winkless: of her ability to take something as seemingly plain as a tire, as overlooked as the dimples on a golf ball, and produce from it a surprising, fascinating narrative, one that effortlessly reveals the astonishing science of the world around us.”

— Mary Roach, author of Stiff and Fuzz

“A beautifully-written, utterly fascinating book that had me glued throughout. Like the very best of science writing, Sticky helps you see the world from a different perspective. I couldn’t recommend it more.”

— Angela Saini, science journalist and author

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We anticipate that Twitch or SitP may be new for some of you so we will have *early doors at 6:45* to welcome new attendees and answer any questions you may have. A useful guide to Twitch here: https://www.lifewire.com/what-is-twitch-4143337

You don't need a Twitch account to watch the talk — only if you want to take part in the chat. You won't need an account to ask questions in the Q&A.

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