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The Greater Manchester Skeptics run the Manchester Skeptics in the Pub events. We have been active since 2009 and have held well over 100 events, usually three every month: a talk, a social and a book group. Our members have wide-ranging interests, but what unites us is a belief in the importance of critical thinking and an insistence that claims should be backed up by evidence. The more extraordinary the claim, the more evidence we ask for. Most of us will be highly skeptical of claims of psychic abilities, alien encounters, all-powerful global conspiracies, the healing power of alternative therapies, or anything else which is not grounded in robust, peer-reviewed research. On that basis, the skepticism movement as a whole advocates for evidence-based policy decisions, better science reporting, secularism and stricter regulation of “holistic” medicine. We differ from “denialists” in that we are willing to change our minds in the face of compelling evidence. We aim to put on a wide variety of talks, covering science, politics, history, philosophy, religion, law and much else besides. You don’t have to be a member to come to our talks and socials, just a willingness to engage respectfully in discussions which may challenge your beliefs. Everyone and anyone is welcome — even if you disagree with the speaker. If you’re in Manchester, come along!

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Manchester Skeptics' May Social

Marble Beers (upstairs)

After you have voted for someone who isn't utterly terrifying, come to Marble's bar at 57 Thomas Street, where we will be gathered around the big upstairs table with open arms, whatever absurd beers they have on this month, and a whole fresh batch of nonsense to moan about. Greater Manchester Skeptics Society is a group for anyone who believes in the importance of critical thinking and that claims should be backed by evidence. We organise talks on science, politics, history, philosophy, religion, law, and anything else people are interestingly wrong about. You don't have to be a member and events are free — just bring an open-minded willingness to believe as the evidence suggests.

Knowing Better, Doing Worse: The Causes of Evil

The Kings Arms

Would you electrocute a puppy if someone asked you to? How about if you were a soldier during the Nazi regime, would you have followed orders and executed innocent bystanders? Whilst these questions may sound unusual— and frankly, a little odd — they serve a purpose in demonstrating how most individuals perceive the causes of evil behaviour. When asked such questions, people have often confidently answered ‘no’ due to not considering their selves as being evil. However, what people often forget to account for is to the power that situational factors can have on influencing our actions. Throughout history, notable cases have demonstrated how easy it is for ordinary individuals to be manipulated by their environment into carrying out unspeakable crimes. This talk will be discussing the situational factors that can turn good people evil. Dr Dara Mojtahedi is a lecturer in psychology at the University of Huddersfield.

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