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user 9090133
Kenner, LA
Post #: 3,151
The Common Core Standards are being implemented in 48 states as a result of Pres. Obama's mandates for states who want to opt out of the NCLB program (No Child Left Behind) which has become a typical government program of immense cost and no value to our children. Another carrot and the stick ploy by Team Obama!!!

If you are NOT familiar with Common Core Eucational standards and initiatives...... read this­

Mary has been networking nationwide to wake up "the people" about the true intent and dangerous consequences of the Common Core initiative....which will eventually implement INTERNATIONAL (read UN ) benchmarks and curriculum coming out of Washington and the federal DOE. She will be distributing THOUSANDS of informational business cards at the Glenn Beck event later this month as part of her plan. Remember, even IF the Common Core intiative coming FROM the Federal government did NOT reflect UN and other international values.... it is STILL ILLEGAL for the Fed government to direct educational content for the states!!!

So , What can WE do????

Sen Rubio wrote and excellent letter regarding the unconstitutional nature of the Common Core...... He says, it is unconstitutional for the feds to require "states having to adopt a federally-approved “college and career ready” curriculum: either the national Common Core standards, or another federally-approved equivalent. I am also concerned that the U.S. Department of Education has created, through its contractors, national curriculum materials to support these Common Core standards

It would be hard to say this any better then Sen Rubio did and we have already asked that you send his letter to your state and local officials. It is important that our local officials, School Board, State Reps and Senators, Gov Jindal , Senators Vitter & Landrieu , and your Congressional Rep hear from you AND get Sen Rubios's letter!!

ALSO, The Republican Party reportedly invited Freedomworks to participate in framing the Republican Party Platform for the 2012 Presidential Convention ...... unfortunately, I can find no evidence that Freedomworks so far has mentioned the abolition of Common Core (or other federally directed) standards. TIME TO PRESSURE FREEDOMWORKS TO SHOW THEY TRULY BELIEVE IN CONSERVATIVE VALUES LIKE A SMALLER, CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT and NO educational curriculum interference from the federal government.

I know we disagreed strongly with them on the "School choice" legislation here in Louisiana.... and in previous correspondence they "confused" school choice with our concerns about the Common Core Standards. Although the issues are related, we want them to specifically fight the common core as outlined in Sen Rubio's letter. (We will continue the "choice " fight separately!!) .

So, please specifically address only the common core standards in your correspondence with Freedomworks.


Contact Freedomworks : (Jacqueline Bodnar, press secretary) (David Speilman: campaigns co-ordinator)
http://www.freedomwor...­ (Main email contact Form)

Send the Sen Rubio letter link to the above emails and ask that they :
1. as an organization, fight to eliminate the unconstitutional actions of the federal gov't in imposing "common core" standards and curriculum. By law, the federal gove rnment may NOT
2. insist that the Republican Party 2012 platform include a commitment to abolish the unconstitutional common core initiative.
3. Tell them you would appreciate a response regarding their intentions and proposed actions
4. SHARE this with ALL your contacts..... friends, family, other Tea Party and conservative groups, parents, schools, ..... EVERYONE!!!

Connie Z.
Kenner, LA
Post #: 509
Can anyone give me a succinct connection between UNESCO, Agenda 21 and Common Core? I am itchin' to blast every elected official I know, and I also want to include it in my correspondence with Freedomworks! I am not skilled enough yet in my Agenda 21 research to be able to put the pieces together, so if anyone has done this, I would be most appreciative to have the info. If not, I will give it my best shot, and post the results here.

During my calls with Freedomworks in advance of the "school choice" vote in Louisiana, when they were pushing it so hard, the fellow I spoke with was like "I've never heard ANYONE across the whole country express a concern that Agenda 21 is related to School Choice, until Louisiana." (I was actually very proud of the fact that we are on the cutting edge of fighting this COMMUNISM!!!) Of course, there is always a chance that he was being less than truthful, but he sounded sincere.

I asked him to please consult with the Agenda 21 department of Freedomworks. He said that there was no official department working on it as an official Freedomworks issue, but that there were a group of folks who were interested in it.

So I guess Freedomworks must have now recognized it as the extremely relevant and dangerous issue that it is, thus we now have the petition. I am looking at that with cautious optimism.

How they deal with us on eradicating Common Core and other UN-driven initiatives, will tell the true tale of whether Freedomworks is "with us, or against us."

user 8981040
Group Organizer
New Orleans, LA
Post #: 422
You don't have to mention AG21 as much as SHOW THEM we are now link to UNESCO.... here is a link that shows... the timeline.... 2004 shows the deal with Bill Gates and UNESCO..


George Will wrote an article dated March 12, 2012

UNESCO and Education, Obama simply ignores laws" http://www.pressofatl...­


The United Nations’ UNESCO, via the funding tool of Microsoft and Bill Gates, is attempting to call the shots on what will be taught in U.S. schools, and it’s going to be “environmental awareness,” not honest academic science. Here’s how we know:


Read for yourself. Bill Gates’ company, Microsoft, in its 26-page Cooperation Agreement document with UNESCO (The United Nations Education branch) shows Gates giving support and money to promote the U.N.’s “programmes” in host countries like the USA. That PDF is here: http://www.eagleforum...­ .

Common Core Science Implements U.N. Directives


user 8981040
Group Organizer
New Orleans, LA
Post #: 423
We know the truth but we will get marginalized again just like Agenda 21...
but AS other States win battles like Alabama did with their Agenda21 legislation - it helps us here in Louisiana to keep beating the drum... standing for truth is hard but when you have truth on your side.... well good things will happen...

Alabama is now pushing to EXIT Common Core.. they have written legislation _ I'm sure it will be a battle but the Alabama conservative legislators remain strong against AG21 ... Lets hope they win the battle to EXIT Common Core..... Read about the Gov of AL... http://whatiscommonco...­

and it will show people here in Louisiana as more and more States start YELLING.... Jindal and John White will have pressure to answer...

be prepared... the proponents keep saying :its voluntary: is is State Led: BUT


Connie Z.
Kenner, LA
Post #: 510
Thank you Terri and Mary!! That info is very helpful!
user 8981040
Group Organizer
New Orleans, LA
Post #: 424
THIS SHOULD BE CONCERNING TO ANY PARENT.... unless they want to be breeders only and leave all raising of the child to the STATE...

The EPIC Lawsuit Against the U.S. Dept. of Education http://whatiscommonco...­

user 8981040
Group Organizer
New Orleans, LA
Post #: 425
CONNIE YOUR WORDS ARE TRUE... "How they deal with us on eradicating Common Core and other UN-driven initiatives, will tell the true tale of whether Freedomworks is "with us, or against us."

WE will push FW to take on the common core fight and their silence should tell people where they stand... I have repeatly contacted them on Common Core - not school choice etc that debate with them is over FOR NOW....
but COMMON CORE is a different fight.. AND THEY SHOULD BE FIGHTING THIS... so we will see.

Hence my "card" campaign at the Glenn BEck Restoring Love event I will be attending... I have 5000 cards to hand out...URGING people to contact FREEDOMWORK to HELP FIGHT BACK THE COMMON CORE STATE INITATIVE...

Connie Z.
Kenner, LA
Post #: 511
Hi Terri,

I'll focus on UNESCO, but here is a great link I found which ties them together:


and here is one for higher education:­

Thanks! ... Connie
user 8981040
Group Organizer
New Orleans, LA
Post #: 426
the Contract the US DOE has with the National Center for Education and the Economy (NCEE), Mark Tucker, perennial President.

All complying states first had to revise their education statutes to conform to the federal expectations. ..all states must select ( NCEE committee, Tucker, Chair) approved curriculum, aligned assessments to be scored out of state, must send teachers (minimum, 2) to national centers for “re-training” , must submit all data required on all individual students, teachers, etc. to national data base, institute 3 “Divisions” in H.S. , the lowest of which will provide only a Certificate at age 15 before out the door. The next two Divisions do not offer curriculum depth that would “guarantee” admission to private colleges or universities…ONLY public.

All costs, after the seed enticement grants disappear, will be borne by local schools and districts.

A former member
Post #: 123
Some things to consider:

If we discuss education in general and outside of government schools, we can remember what the goals of education used to be and what made our educational system the greatest in the nation:

When our educational system was great, a kid could receive an excellent elementary and high school foundation and earn academic scholarships to some prestigious institutions. No one pre-determined what that child's capablilities or station in life should be! No one ever told their parents what their child "wasn't" capable of or how low they should set their sights!! It didn't matter that they were not from a wealthy or prominent family. It didn't matter if they were poor or of several minorities!! Every child truly had the same opportunity to succeed or fail as any other American. Sure, those with wealth and influence were assured of opportunities that others had to work for; but, those same opportunities were available, none the less.

Today, our children are given a very different message. They are being put in their places and we are being told to sit down and shut-up. Those of us who can remember being educated in a system of possibilities have an obligation to our children, our state, our country, and our own futures. We must remind everyone from where we came and what made America great.

In order to return education in our country to its former greatness, we must simply move in reverse:

The Dept. of Labor (Louisiana Workforce Commission) should have no seat at the table of education. The business lobby should likewise be excluded. Non-profits must be publicly defunded and operate only from private donations. In doing these three things, and undoing any legislation related to those entities, we can begin to return education to the educators.

Our educational system always had those influences; however, their involvement was minimal at first. Overtime, thanks to incrementalism and a sleeping electorate, they have garnered the reigns.

What I am suggesting is this:

A free market system (NOT what we currently have) is the greatest system for mankind. The checks and balances of a supply and demand economy unencumbered by manipulations of state, labor, and/or business interests (for-profit and non-profit) is the only way to have freedom:

As soon as the special interest trough is removed, the state's interest in telling us what to teach and how to parent our children will suddenly disappear.

The needs of the citizens very naturally (without state intervention) dictate to the business community and those same needs dictate to individuals the courses of study and training that they will seek. That freedom is also what leads to innovation. In the system that is truly the system of our great country, state manipulation leads to exactly what we have now. Failure on all fronts.

Beware: no matter their rhetoric, Heritage and FreedomWorks WILL NOT help us to change this:

Their successes are as dependent on Public-Private Partnerships/State Managed Economy/Privatization as any other Special Interest Group:

While Heritage speaks against National Standards, it is a proponent of measuring the success of students through the use of the N.A.E.P.

Anyone who has heard the presentations by The People, LLC understands the contradiction of such a stance:

In order for students to succeed on the N.A.E.P., the curriculum MUST be aligned with the national standards which are derived from the international benchmarks created by the United Nations. Heritage is using double-speak in order to take a good, healthy swing at the Political Pinata and run up underneath it!

"School Choice", "Vouchers", and "Charter Schools" are different ways of describing the same animal: Public-Private Partnership; and, our friends at Heritage and FreedomWorks want us to believe that their concern is about our children! How is it that these policies are aligned with those of Arne Duncan??

Tax money is used to fund private ventures directed by non-profits to solve the "education crisis". Privatizing schools has the same result as privatizing any other part of government: it costs the taxpayers more while greatly restricting oversight of the entity.

In the case of Charter Schools/Vouchers, we are sold a bill of goods by speaking of giving parents more choices by applying free market principals to the public education system; thus, improving education through competition. If the students must all be given the same test based on the same standards (UN) where's the "choice" and where is Heritage's and FreedomWorks's true interest??

Here's a novel idea: how about applying free market principals to the free market?!

Private schools go back to accepting no government funds.

Government funds and runs the public schools, while not concerning itself with the private ones.

Character education takes place at home.

Reading, writing, and arithmetic return to their rightful academic priority.

Standardized testing (contrary to the Heritage stance) becomes a thing of the past; because, Americans educated in the American way ARE NOT to be compared to students in any other country: the American education of the past was second to none!

Reading, writing, and arithmetic haven't changed.

The only things that have changed are:

The Ruling Class's determination to indoctrinate our children with the un-American values of the UN;

and, the Political Pinata Players' determination to find different ways to siphon more and more money out of the education pinata.­
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