LONG HIKE: Bridge to Nowhere and spur trail to abandoned mine!

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Bridge to Nowhere

San Gabriel Mountains · Azusa, CA

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Meet at the site at 8:30AM - This is a LONG, FUN DAY of hiking so we're starting early and meeting there. See details for carpool information.

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***Please note: If you are RSVP-ing directly from the email announcement, you are not asked, therefore not answering, the RSVP questions. You MUST answer the RSVP questions to provide a contact phone # and also inform the organizers whether you are meeting to carpool or at the site. If you do not, I'll ask once before the event, but if still no response, the organizers will un-RSVP you. Thanks!***

Hi all! We're doing a great hike that we did last June, but this year we'll give it a try earlier in March. We might have some weather giving us problems, so watch for adjustments or announcements related to this event. It's the Bridge to Nowhere hike that most of you have probably heard of if not done already, but with an add-on to an abandoned and largely unknown mine and secret waterfall. The distance listed on different sites varies significantly; this is either a 9 mi, 10.1 or 11 mile hike, and the elevation gain is anywhere from 1742'-2113'. If someone could clarify this a bit for me, wow - I would appreciate it and will update asap. For a detailed description of the Bridge to Nowhere hike itself, see here (http://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/california/east-fork-trail-bridge-to-nowhere), or for an even more detailed description INCLUDING THE DIRECTIONS, see here (https://socalhiker.net/hike-the-bridge-to-nowhere/). Frank C. knows a secret trail over to an abandoned mine that really no one knows about, so once we get to the bridge, we will also head over there. I found one tiny scrap of info on the mine, so if you want to check it out, see here (http://www.lagoldmines.com/index.php?page=863755.txt). I personally will NOT be going through "the crawl" - claustrophobic just looking at the picture! There's also a hidden 30 ft waterfall and pool near the entrance to the mine. Hopefully this time Rachel and I won't fall on a cactus!

For this hike you absolutely need lug-soled hiking boots (well broken in), spare socks (you will get wet - several river crossings) and a head lamp for the mine. Be sure to bring a lunch and snacks and plenty of water, even if the weather is cool. If you have any injuries, or propensity towards injury, bring along braces and such. Frank and I will pack for general first aid issues (just in case - including tweezers lest that @#$!! cactus attacks again). This hike does allow dogs, and our restaurant for after does have a dog-friendly patio, but please be sure that your best friend can make this long of a trek.

After the hike, there's a Congregation Ale House chapter in Azusa, so we'll grab food and celebratory 'we-did-it!' beers before heading home.

RSVP as soon as possible and contact Rachel if you are interested in carpooling to the site. There are several options, including possibly meeting in Azusa at APU (I'm teaching there and could arrange) so we take just a few cars in since an Adventure Pass is required to park at the location. We'll get this arranged closer to the date. Just communicate with me (Rachel) if you are wanting to drive in together.

Have a great day!

- Rachel