GOTO Night: What's happening with the Elastic Stack? @FD Mediagroep

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106 people went

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Venue/Host: FD Mediagroep
Costs: Free of charge
Speakers: Jeroen Snoeij, Patrick Kik & Christoph Wurm
Food & refreshments included

18:00 Registration & food
18:30 Opening by Henk Nijenhuis
Welcome from FD Mediagroep by Arno Vaneman
Jeroen Snoeij
Patrick Kik
19:30 Short break
Christoph Wurm
20:45 Ending with beers

• • •

Driving personalised news with Elasticsearch Percolators, by Jeroen Snoeij (FD Mediagroep)
At FD Mediagroep we started using Elasticsearch for personalisation and searching through our archive of articles (since 1985). Since the introduction of the 'my news' section at (, where users can build their own news page, we needed a way to bring this to our customers attention. We started using percolator queries in Elasticsearch to do exactly that. In this talk I will elaborate on what percolator queries are, how you can use them and how we use percolator queries at FD Mediagroep.

• • •

Service Monitoring using Kibana, the ANWB case by Patrick Kik (Trifork)
With over 3.000 car breakdowns a day ANWB needs to be highly efficient in handling their service calls. In this session Patrick will demonstrate how their Axon based event-driven architecture allows ANWB to gather valuable data insights with Elasticsearch and Kibana. These insights help ANWB to increase customer satisfaction by analyzing data for continuous process improvements.

• • •

What's happening with the Elastic Stack, by Christoph Wurm (Elastic)
Recap of Elastic{ON} 2016
Christoph will tell about the expriences at Elastic{ON}16 with company and product highlights from the past year as well as what to expect with the upcoming 5.0 release. You'll hear about updates coming to the Elastic Stack, learn about what the heck a Pack is, and see some awesome live demos of the Graph API.