GOTO Night: Step outside of your comfort zone and learn something new!

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Trifork Amsterdam

Rijnsburgstraat 9-11 · Amsterdam

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Driving directions via Google Maps (parking place available), or public transport via M50 or bus 15 - or use OV-fiets from Amsterdam Zuid

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This meetup brings to you two very passionate tech professionals who will inspire you to take the next step to try something new. Whether that is to become fluent in a new language (human or programming), launch your own start up on a new continent, or play a musical instrument; you will discover that you have a lot of the (Agile) tools you need already.

Venue/Host: Trifork Amsterdam
Costs: Free of charge
Speakers: Teddy Funger and Artur Margonari
Food & refreshments included

18:00 Welcome & Food
18:30 Short Intro
18:45 Artur Margonari
19:30 Short break
19:45 Teddy Funger
20:30 onwards, ending with beers

Talk Abstract: Accelerated Learning: How Agile Can Help You?
Have you ever thought about applying your Agile knowledge to learn something you want? Want to learn how to play an instrument? Want to learn a new language? Want to know how to juggle balls? Archery? Dance? Whatever is the new skill you are willing to learn, believe me: agile can help you with it.

Bio: Artur Margonari
Artur is passionate about Agile, which he also applies in his personal life, daily. He works as Agile Coach, Trainer and Facilitator at Wemanity Belgium and has more than 4 years of experience in practicing and helping organizations to be more Agile, to form powerful teams and to deliver great products. His hobbies and passions include guitar, ukulele & harmonica, archery, beer tasting, martial arts and traveling.

Talk Abstract: Being an entrepreneur means stepping outside of your comfort zone.
Amazing things can happen when you shake things up. In 2014, I considered myself an entrepreneur. I had worked as the first engineer at three different startups, and was at the time working on building my own cryptocurrency startup. But I still had a backup plan in case it didn't work out. I was living in San Francisco working for Redhat, and I knew I could rely on that stream of income. Well, big surprise, the company I was building never took off. It wasn't until I sold everything that I owned, moved to a new continent, and fully threw myself into my new company that I would ever experience success(still trying to get there). Now, you don't have to go to such an extreme, but we can see this effect all around us. Why do people move to Silicon Valley to start a company? Why are so many companies built by immigrants? Building a startup company means that you have to take risks, and often times, that means stepping out of your comfort zone.

Bio: Teddy Funger
Teddy is Co-founder and hands-on CTO of ProctorExam (, developing WebRTC technology for the future of Online proctoring. Before moving to Europe and starting the company, he was a Software Consult at RedHat in San Francisco, working specifically with cloud infrastructure as a service and platform as a service.