GOTO Nights Amsterdam is joining forces with Reaktor for a very agile night

GOTO Nights Amsterdam
GOTO Nights Amsterdam
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GOTO Nights Amsterdam is joining forces with Reaktor Amsterdam for a fascinating night of Agile.

Venue: Reaktor Amsterdam, Looiersgracht 32, 1016 VS Amsterdam, Netherlands

Costs: Free of charge
Speakers: Dirk Geurs and Gary Crawford
Food & refreshments included

18:00 Welcome & Food
18:25 Short introduction by GOTO Night and Reaktor Amsterdam
18:30 Talk Dirk Geurs
19:00 Short break
19:15 Talk Gary Crawford
19:45 onwards, Q&A ending with networking and drinks

Talk 1 - Is it done yet?
Frustrated about long estimation sessions that yield nothing but inaccurate estimates? There is a better way using queuing theory and some basic statistical methods like the Monte Carlo simulation. We can get much better results with much less effort!

Sounds complicated? I promise it isn't. In this session I will teach you the basics of making solid predictions around these questions using forecasting techniques:

- When will this story or bug be done?
- How many stories can we take on for the next sprint?
- When will the next 100 items on our backlog be done?

The methods described here are applicable no matter what your process looks like. I will show you how using just a week of historical data you can already get very solid predictions.

Bio: Dirk is a software consultant at Reaktor, which means he writes code and helps teams get to the best results. He values advancement, collaboration, integrity, kindness, adventure and independence. Don't ask him to eat pizza.

Talk 2 - Unintended Consequences

We’re now almost 19 years post-manifesto. With good intentions, businesses have armed themselves with scaling frameworks, certifications, coaches and masters of various varieties — not to mention the Spotify model.

Yet these same organisations often struggle to truly adopt agile principles, in turn causing a growing number of employees to become disillusioned with their experience of “agile”.

In this talk we’ll take a look at why some organisations find it difficult to become agile. As the proverb goes, “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions”.

Bio: Gary Crawford used Agile Techniques for Smuggling Whiskey - All in the Name of Science. He is fascinated with emerging technology, its impact on society and potential for positive social change. Speaker of GOTO Amsterdam 2019 and now lives in Sweden with his wife and daughters Erin and Erika.