GOTO Night: Second Security Night with Trifork


We are excited about getting together with Trifork for another secure GOTO Night!

Find out how to properly lock your doors and keep your applications safe. Joris Kuipers and Scott Helme will share their personal experiences with you.

Venue/Host: Trifork Amsterdam
Costs: Free of charge
Speakers: Joris Kuipers & Scott Helme
Food & refreshments included, courtesy of Trifork

18:00 Welcome & Food
18:30 Short Intro
18:45 Joris Kuipers Building Layers of Defense with Spring Security
19:30 Short break
19:45 Scott Helme on discovering his first big security breach
20:30 Ending with beers and networking

Talk 1 - Joris Kuipers
It's not enough to secure your applications by simply locking the front door, expecting that that will keep attackers out. Modern web applications require security at many different levels: using appropriate HTTP headers, preventing CSRF and CORS attacks, matching URLs, securing method invocations, performing multi-tenancy and other ownership-based checks, etc.
In this presentation, Joris will show how to address these concerns with Spring Security, an OSS framework for securing Java-based web applications. He'll cover the built-in features, but will also demonstrate how to extend those with custom functionality to meet the security needs that many applications have.

Bio: Joris has worked as a hands-on architect and CTO of application development for Trifork over the last 7 years, in markets as diverse as education, healthcare, news media and government. Before that he was a trainer and consultant for SpringSource, and he still teaches the occasional Spring training for the GOTO Academy. To his own astonishment, he has been building enterprise applications in Java for 20 years now."

Talk 2 ​- ​Scott Helme

‘Stories from the trenches’
Scott’s talk will focus and tell the story of his first big ‘hack’, during which he share his experience about the first security issue he reported. He will dive into more depth and share the technical details and the process of finding and reporting the issue.

Bio: ​Scott Helme is a Security Researcher, international speaker and trainer. He is also the founder of the popular ​​ and ​​, free tools to help you deploy better security!
Scott is an absolute industry leader in many of the areas this Masterclass covers and knows the tech inside and out. He's an increasingly public figure at the moment too, often appearing on the BBC and other media programs (his ​recent appearance on BBC Click​ where they pull OSINT data on audience members was especially cool).

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