GOTO Night featuring Trifork: Choose Java 11 or the “other” one… Kotlin


Join Trifork, Kotlin Amsterdam ( and GOTO Nights and welcome Paulien van Alst back into the GOTO family.

Venue/Host: Zoom:
Costs: Free of charge
Speakers: Paulien van Alst & Joost Heijkoop

18:30 Short intro
18:45 Upgrade time: Choose Java 11 or the “other” one… Kotlin with Q&A at the end
19:30 Short break with an open chat
19:45 Coding a Webflux Webserver from Scratch
20:30 Wrap up with Q&A and chat

This GOTO Night will be recorded and uploaded to GOTO Night Live page on YouTube

Talk: Upgrading to Java 11 might be an obvious next safe step to do. But what if you could migrate to Kotlin with the same effort?
This would bring you additional advantages like: data classes, very concise list manipulations, extension functions, DSL's and even more to get your code more readable and maintainable.

Considering the Kotlin migration, the first questions that pop up are: What are the wise steps to take? And where to start?

Bio: Paulien is a passionate software engineer in love with readable, reliable and testable code, independent on the language or technology used. At OpenValue she works on helping companies setting up better software. Lately, she is giving presentations and workshops about Kotlin. In her free time, she likes sports, cycling and swimming in particular.

Session: Let's build a reactive Webflux webserver with nice, enabling and interesting tools like Kotlin, Spring Boot 2, Project Reactor, Gradle and MongoDB. This will be a pragmatic tour of the things you encounter when building a modern web application. This will show you, through live coding, how one can build reactive webserver in simple way.

Bio: Joost is a passionate software craftsman, who helps you solve the hard challenges. He is a meetup organiser at Amsterdam.scala and, who likes to help learn, grow and enjoy software development.
If you want to gain an in depth practical knowledge of Kotlin and put it to immediate use in your real projects, join Kotlin for Developers masterclass with Venkat Subramaniam, May 6-8