• GOTO Night: Security Night with Trifork

    Trifork Amsterdam

    We are excited about getting together with Trifork for a super secure GOTO Night! Find out how to properly lock your doors and keep your applications safe and whether AppSec Testing or Red-Teaming is more important. Venue/Host: Trifork Amsterdam Costs: Free of charge Speakers: Joris Kuipers & Benoit Flippen Food & refreshments included, courtesy of Trifork Schedule 18:00 Welcome & Food 18:30 Short Intro 18:45 Building Layers of Defense with Spring Security 19:30 Short break 19:45 AppSec Testing vs. Red-Teaming. Epic Smackdown! 20:30 Ending with beers and networking Talk 1 - Joris It's not enough to secure your applications by simply locking the front door, expecting that that will keep attackers out. Modern web applications require security at many different levels: using appropriate HTTP headers, preventing CSRF and CORS attacks, matching URLs, securing method invocations, performing multi-tenancy and other ownership-based checks, etc. In this presentation, Joris will show how to address these concerns with Spring Security, an OSS framework for securing Java-based web applications. He'll cover the built-in features, but will also demonstrate how to extend those with custom functionality to meet the security needs that many applications have. Bio: Joris has worked as a hands-on architect and CTO of application development for Trifork over the last 7 years, in markets as diverse as education, healthcare, news media and government. Before that he was a trainer and consultant for SpringSource, and he still teaches the occasional Spring training for the GOTO Academy. To his own astonishment, he has been building enterprise applications in Java for 20 years now." Talk 2 - AppSec Testing vs. Red-Teaming. These two branches of offensive security have very different rules, methodologies, tools and goals. Sometimes red-teamers act as if they're more important, but are they? Or are the two just different tools in achieving the same ultimate goal? And maybe more important, does it even matter for developers, product managers and others without direct security responsibility? Bio: As head of cyber security for finleap, a fintech company builder, Benoit tries to manage risk without destroying the startup culture, and gets to play CISO in several ventures at once. In his prior role, he provided advanced adversary simulation and security incident response services to top-tier financial, entertainment and critical infrastructure enterprises worldwide. Benoit also has broad experience covering red-teaming, penetration testing, vulnerability management, cyber investigations, incident response, security program development and system administration. Have you checked out Trifork Tech Update Amsterdam? Join https://www.meetup.com/Trifork-Tech-Update-Amsterdam/ to discuss the tech topics that matter today!

  • GOTO Night and Software Circus: hosting a joint night of GitHub with Brent Beer

    GOTO Nights Amsterdam is joining forces with Software Circus (https://www.meetup.com/Software-Circus/) for a fascinating night of GitHub Venue: Container Solutions - De Ruijterkade 143 · Amsterdam, NH Costs: Free of charge Speakers: Brent Beer Food & refreshments included 18:30 Welcome & Food 18:55 Short introduction by GOTO Night and Software Circus/Container Solutions 19:00 Talk Brent 19:45 onwards, Q&A ending with networking and drinks Talk - In this talk Brent beer will discuss some GitHub Best practices around workflows and give an overview and demo of the new GitHub Actions. GitHub Actions are a new way to automate your workflows as code hosted, shared and executed on GitHub.com. GitHub Actions apply open source principles to workflow automation allowing you to share and discover actions to use in your workflows. You can use them to build and test your code, to package and deploy, to send notifications on specific events like creating a release or to automate welcoming new users to your open source projects. We think GitHub Actions are going to have a big impact on software development and we would love to hear your feedback and ideas. Bio: Brent Beer has used Git and GitHub for over 7 years through university classes, contributions to open source projects, professionally as a web developer, and as a trainer for GitHub. Brent is also a published author for O'Reilly in the book titled, "Introducing GitHub". He works as a senior solutions engineer for GitHub in Amsterdam to help bring Git and GitHub to developers across the world.

  • GOTO Night: Learning Docker can be great fun...

    Relay42 Netherlands

    GOTO Nights Amsterdam is joining forces with Relay42 for a full night of Docker and Kubernetes. Venue/Host: Relay42 - Meeuwenlaan 100, 1021 JL Amsterdam, Netherlands Costs: Free of charge Speakers: Ivo Woltring, Karlo Sarin & Zeki Irkdas Food & refreshments included 18:00 Welcome & Food 18:45 Talk 1 Ivo 19:30 Short break 19:45 Talk 2 Karlo & Zeki 20:30 onwards, Q&A ending with networking and drinks Talk 1- Learning docker can be great fun if you give yourself fun challenges. This sessions speaker would like to show some of his weird image creations while learning about this fantastic tool. The attendee will probably see some docker images it has not seen before like running a graphical desktop application as a website, but will also get an appreciation of what can be accomplished if you don't know the limits of a tool. As Pippi Longstocking said: “I have never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that.” We will go into the technology used and the attendee should leave this session with a new appreciation. Bio: Ivo Woltring has been a coding addict for more than 20 years. He is a Codesmith with an absolute passion for Java and Python. Other focus areas are IoT and Docker and everything else. Ivo blogs (https://www.ivonet.nl) on all these topics. He is also a lecturer at dutch academies and universities and is often found speaking at meetups. Ivo is one of the editors of the Dutch Java Magazine and he frequently writes articles. Talk 2- Eco-friendly AI on Kubernetes Abstract: A talk on how to use classic AI Stack on Kubernetes with Autoscaler in order to minimize unutilized resources and really use only what you need, while still being able to scale up indefinitely really quickly when the situation requires it. Bio: Karlo Sarin is both a software developer and data scientist working on the intersection in between. Specializes in building both ML infrastructure and ML models with high performance and low latency. He likes career challenges so joined Relay42 from IBM Watson health in order to be part of the product he really believes in and help with the development of Intelligent Journey Orchestration. Bio: Zeki Irkdas is from Istanbul and is working as a Machine Learning Infrastructure Engineer at Relay42. He has 9 years of experience in software development with a focus on ML oriented services in the recent 3 years. Now the challenge for him is to leverage ML on real-time platforms to deliver lightning-fast predictions through a resilient and scalable way. When not coding, Zeki enjoys following the NBA, going camping with minimal equipment and trying to survive.

  • Winning the Lottery with Spring

    Trifork Amsterdam

    GOTO Nights Amsterdam and GOTO Academy are once again joining forces! We're happy to invite you to our first Spring community event on Thursday, March 21. The event starts at 18:45 as some of the attendees including our speaker Joris will be at the SpringOne Tour beforehand. In case you're also attending the Pivotal event, you are more than welcome to join us afterwards. Talk: Joris Kuipers, Triforks CTO of Application Development, will showcase how Spring Boot and Cloud are being used to build an integration platform for the Dutch Lotteries. You will learn how to apply custom auto-configuration, customize metrics, use distributed tracing, and other things that come into play when you're building a production-ready application intended to run in the cloud! This is also a chance to connect with other tech-minded people who work with Spring, learn, network and have fun! We’ll also be raffling 1 free spot to our Spring Boot & Spring Cloud in September valued at €999 and of course, there will be free beer and pizza! Here is our program: 18:45 – Welcome & Food 19:30 – Short introduction 19:45 – Joris talk: Winning the Lottery with Spring 20:30 – Announcing the winner of the Spring Boot & Spring Cloud ticket 20:40 – Networking & Drinks We look forward to seeing you there, GOTO Academy team

  • GOTO Cinema with Sam Newman

    Trifork Amsterdam

    GOTO Nights and GOTO Academy are teaming up for an awesome night of cinema! We're very excited to announce the launching of the first external GOTO Cinema event. You are probably wondering what on earth this is?! The GOTO Cinema is a free event that aims to create a community of tech savvy and innovative people who want to learn and have fun together! Program: We've planned a great evening during which you can watch Sam Newman’s GOTO Conference video about Insecure Transit, have popcorn and meet like-minded people. There will be also pizza and beer! The best part is that after the video you will have the chance to participate in an online Q&A session with Sam himself and get answers to all those burning questions you have about Microservices. Schedule: 18:00 – Welcome & Food 18:30 – Short Introduction 18:35 – GOTO Conference video: Insecure Transit 19:30 – Q&A session with Sam 20:00 – Networking & Drinks Microservices Guru Sam Newman Sam Newman is an independent consultant specializing in helping people ship software fast. Sam has worked extensively with the cloud, continuous delivery, and microservices and is especially preoccupied with understanding how to more easily deploy working software into production. For the last few years, he has been focusing in the area of microservice architectures. He has worked with a variety of companies in multiple domains around the world, often with one foot in the developer world and another in the IT operations space. Previously, he spent over a decade at ThoughtWorks and then then left to join a startup, before setting up his own company. Sam speaks frequently at conferences. He is the author of Building Microservices (O’Reilly). In this talk, we will take a deep dive into some of the technical challenges and solutions to securing a microservice architecture. Sounds great, right?! If you want to join us, we kindly ask you to register beforehand because we have limited spots. We look forward to seeing you there, The GOTO's!

  • GOTO Night: Live Observability and Logging for Modern Software Systems - Humio

    This meetup is all about what works when it comes to logging and observability of modern software systems. We will dive deep into how logging can improve the observability and resilience of your system, followed by a neat case study demonstrating the key concepts. Venue/Host: Trifork Amsterdam Costs: Free of charge Speakers: Peter Mechlenborg (Humio) and TBD Food & refreshments included 18:00 Welcome & Food 18:30 Short Intro 18:45 Live Observability Made Easy: Logging for Modern Software Systems 19:30 Short break 19:45 Case Study 20:30 onwards, ending with drinks and snacks Talk 1 - Live Observability Made Easy: Logging for Modern Software Systems Making software systems observable is critical importance for today’s modern software systems. Observable systems is what enables good monitoring and alerting, so developers can efficiently diagnose and fix production problems or even discover failure situations before they turn into big production issues. And one of the central pillars to achieve this is logging. But making logging actionable and effective for live system observability requires being able to search, analyze and visualize all of that data instantly. In this talk, Peter will discuss how to utilize logging for live observability and live demo use cases, using Humio as an example, for developers, IT, and security operations teams. Bio: Peter Mechlenborg Peter is a software developer at Humio working on making the next generation of log-management tools for DevOps teams. He has 10 years of experience doing backend software development as well as operating these systems. Peter holds a Msc degree in computer science from Daimi (Aarhus University). Talk 2 - Case Study: A bleeding-edge cryptocurrency platform In this talk, Peter will detail an interesting Humio case study: The bleeding-edge cryptocurrency platform, We are BLOX (www.weareblox.com).

  • GOTO Night: Step outside of your comfort zone and learn something new!

    This meetup brings to you two very passionate tech professionals who will inspire you to take the next step to try something new. Whether that is to become fluent in a new language (human or programming), launch your own start up on a new continent, or play a musical instrument; you will discover that you have a lot of the (Agile) tools you need already. Venue/Host: Trifork Amsterdam Costs: Free of charge Speakers: Teddy Funger and Artur Margonari Food & refreshments included Schedule 18:00 Welcome & Food 18:30 Short Intro 18:45 Artur Margonari 19:30 Short break 19:45 Teddy Funger 20:30 onwards, ending with beers Talk Abstract: Accelerated Learning: How Agile Can Help You? Have you ever thought about applying your Agile knowledge to learn something you want? Want to learn how to play an instrument? Want to learn a new language? Want to know how to juggle balls? Archery? Dance? Whatever is the new skill you are willing to learn, believe me: agile can help you with it. Bio: Artur Margonari Artur is passionate about Agile, which he also applies in his personal life, daily. He works as Agile Coach, Trainer and Facilitator at Wemanity Belgium and has more than 4 years of experience in practicing and helping organizations to be more Agile, to form powerful teams and to deliver great products. His hobbies and passions include guitar, ukulele & harmonica, archery, beer tasting, martial arts and traveling. Talk Abstract: Being an entrepreneur means stepping outside of your comfort zone. Amazing things can happen when you shake things up. In 2014, I considered myself an entrepreneur. I had worked as the first engineer at three different startups, and was at the time working on building my own cryptocurrency startup. But I still had a backup plan in case it didn't work out. I was living in San Francisco working for Redhat, and I knew I could rely on that stream of income. Well, big surprise, the company I was building never took off. It wasn't until I sold everything that I owned, moved to a new continent, and fully threw myself into my new company that I would ever experience success(still trying to get there). Now, you don't have to go to such an extreme, but we can see this effect all around us. Why do people move to Silicon Valley to start a company? Why are so many companies built by immigrants? Building a startup company means that you have to take risks, and often times, that means stepping out of your comfort zone. Bio: Teddy Funger Teddy is Co-founder and hands-on CTO of ProctorExam (https://www.proctorexam.com), developing WebRTC technology for the future of Online proctoring. Before moving to Europe and starting the company, he was a Software Consult at RedHat in San Francisco, working specifically with cloud infrastructure as a service and platform as a service.

  • GOTO Night: Microservices Security with Sam Newman and Roy van Rijn

    GOTO Nights and Container Solutions are super excited to bring to you Sam Newman, author of O'Reilly's Building Microservices. He is in town delivering a workshop for GOTO Academy NL (places still available, visit www.gotoacademy.nl) and was happy to stop by for a meetup. What a top guy! Its no secret that Microservices are all the rage...and unfortunately, so are security breaches! Sam will discuss what you can do to create one without the other. After Sam's talk, JavaOne Rockstar Roy van Rijn will share lessons learned from a 2+ year migration from a modular monolith to microservice environment. Venue/Host: Lloyd Hotel, Oostelijke Handelskade 34 Costs: Free of charge Speakers: Sam Newman & Roy van Rijn Bitterballen & drinks courtesy of Container Solutions (https://container-solutions.com/) Schedule 17:50 Welcome, networking & bitterballen 18:20 Short Intro 18:30 Sam Newman 19:20 Short break 19:35 Roy van Rijn 20:30 networking continues Talk Abstract: Security and Microservices Microservices give us many options. We can pick different technologies, mix synchronous and asynchronous integration techniques or embrace different deployment patterns. But they also give us different options for how we think about securing our systems. Done right, microservices can increase the security of your vital data and processes. Done wrong, and you can increase the surface area of attack. This talk will discuss the importance of defence in depth, discussing the many different ways in which you can secure your fine-grained, distributed architectures. Bio: Sam Newman Sam Newman is an independent consultant specializing in helping people ship software fast. Sam has worked extensively with the cloud, continuous delivery, and microservices and is especially preoccupied with understanding how to more easily deploy working software into production. For the last few years, he has been focusing in the area of microservice architectures. He has worked with a variety of companies in multiple domains around the world, often with one foot in the developer world and another in the IT operations space. Previously, he spent over a decade at ThoughtWorks and then then left to join a startup, before setting up his own company. Sam speaks frequently at conferences. He is the author of Building Microservices (O’Reilly). Talk: Fostering an Evolving Architecture in an Agile World What is software architecture? Is it the decision to adopt microservices? Is it the document that describes the layers in your Java EE application? No, every line of code you commit is part of your evolving architecture. During this talk I’ll explain how we, at the Port of Rotterdam, manage our software architecture in an highly agile environment building a successful harbour management system. We spend the last two years transitioning from a modular monolith to a microservice environment. How did our architecture evolve? What is the role of the architect? Do we even need an architect? We’ll dive into problems like cargo cult, survivorship bias, shared responsibility, technical debt and system design. In the talk I’ll tell about our experiences and the do’s and don’ts we’ve encountered. Bio: Roy van Rijn Roy is a Software Craftsman at JPoint. He has worked on numerous projects all over the Netherlands as developer, architect and agile coach. He has talked at JavaOne (Rockstar), Devoxx BE & UK & PL, Joy of Coding, and NLJUG events. You can read more at his blog (http://www.royvanrijn.com) or follow him on Twitter (@royvanrijn).

  • Reactive GOTO Night: Industrial LoRaWAN | Outsmart your smart meter with Akka

    GOTO Nights are thrilled to collaborate with Reactive Amsterdam for this event. IoT is a prime use case for the Reactive principles. With so many connected devices, scalability and resilience need to be built in the system from day one. Join Johan Stokking, Co-founder of The Things Network, as he shows us how they achieve these goals. You can register here on the GOTO Nights page OR at https://www.meetup.com/Reactive-Amsterdam/events/254470886/ Venue/Host: Trifork Amsterdam, Pizzas provided by GOTO Berlin Costs: Free of charge Speakers: Johan Stokking and Maarten Mulders Food & refreshments included Schedule 17:30 Doors open 18:00 Pizza, (thanks GOTO Berlin! https://gotober.com/2018) 18:30 Intro 18:40 Johan Stokking: Going Industrial with LoRaWAN 19:20 Short break 19:30 Maarten Mulders: Outsmart your smart meter with Akka 20:10 More drinks and networking Talk #1: Going Industrial with LoRaWAN Low-Power Wide Area Networks such as LoRaWAN and NB-IoT seem the perfect fit for IoT devices, combining low power consumption and kilometers of range. However, they come with constraints, bandwidth is limited and communication is uplink focused. This talk, by the CTO of the largest world-wide LoRaWAN network, covers the challenges and opportunities of using LPWAN networks for industrial use cases: focusing on reliability and deployments that will last. Speaker bio: Johan Stokking Tech Lead and co-founder of The Things Network, an open, crowd sourced and decentralized IoT network. Starting with covering the city of Amsterdam in less than six weeks, the community counts more than 46K developers in 97 countries and 4500 gateways connected: the biggest global LoRaWAN network. As CTO of The Things Industries, Johan oversees architecture, product development, operations and is involved in technical business development and customer engagement. **Johan will be delivering his talk "Building LPWAN solutions that last for years" at GOTO Berlin on November 1: https://gotober.com/2018/sessions/570 ** Talk #2: Outsmart your smart meter with Akka Starting 2014, all Dutch households are receiving a "smart meter" to replace their old meter systems for electricity and gas. They're called "smart", but are they really? Most meters just send their data to a central point using GPRS. Using third party services, consumers can get an insight in their energy usage. But we're technicians, we can build something better ourselves. All it takes is a prefab cable (or some soldering), code, patience and a beer. Using Scala plus Akka for the backend, TypeScript plus React for the frontend and Websockets for communication you can build your own energy dashboard. En passant, we might even see a little Akka stream dropping by. Attend this session to discover how to outsmart your Smart Meter! Speaker bio: Maarten Mulders Enthusiastic architect, senior developer and trainer. Passionate about "building the right thing" and "building the thing right". Focusing on lean and elegant solutions. Love to share new ideas and knowledge. Outside work, I appreciate creating and consuming good food, photography, and music, in no particular order. **Maarten will be delivering a workshop at GOTO Berlin on October 30: https://gotober.com/2018/workshops/113 **

  • GOTO Night pre-conference edition: microservices stories from the trenches

    This microservices-themed meetup is intended to be a pre-event for the GOTO Amsterdam 2018 (https://gotoams.nl) conference (19-20 June), allowing some participants to find their conference buddies and get in touch with the local GOTO community. There will be two talks, with refreshments provided by GOTO Partner, eBay Classifieds Group. Venue/Host: House of Watts, courtesy of eBay Costs: Free of charge Speakers: Sander van den Berg and Joris Kuipers Food & refreshments included Schedule 18:30 Welcome & Food 19:00 Short Intro 19:15 Sander van den Berg 20:00 Short break 20:15 Joris Kuipers 21:00 onwards, ending with beers Talk Abstract: Running microservices for 7 years - Troubles in paradise? This talk is about eBay's real life experience with the less-nice parts of microservices: - Code sharing is evil (or rather classloading is) - Entity services look nice, but have an evil side - Eventing trumps blocking calls (almost always) - Resillience in JVM land is hard(er) Speaker bio: Sander van den Berg Sander is a software engineer and systems architect with over ten years of experience in building scalable systems. His passions include building full-stack systems (everything from the implementation in code to the infrastructure) and finding elegant solutions to complex problems. Talk Abstract: Building and running Spring Cloud-based microservices on AWS ECS Spring Cloud is a set of frameworks providing support for running microservices in what often is a cloud-based environment. Joris is currently an architect on a project that Trifork started this year that uses Spring Cloud's Netflix and Consul integration to run a set of microservices on AWS using its Docker orchestration support, ECS. This talk covers some of the lessons learned in setting up a project like this, including integrating Spring Cloud with AWS ECS. Topics include efficient build script management, advanced HTTP client and RestTemplate configuration, Consul service registration using EC2 host IP addresses and port numbers, integrating Spring's PropertySource abstraction with AWS's Parameter Store for storing and retrieving secrets, and other things that will undoubtedly come up before presenting this talk ;) Speaker bio: Joris Kuipers Joris is the CTO of application development at Trifork Amsterdam. Over the last 6 years, he has worked as a hands-on architect, in markets as diverse as education, healthcare, news media and government. Before that he was a trainer and consultant for SpringSource, and he still teaches the occasional Spring training for the GOTO Academy. He has been working with Enterprise Java for more than 18 years.