GOTO Night: When is a conversation "successful"?

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Speaker Tom Metcalfe
GOTO Night: When is a conversation "successful"?

In real life, conversations are unpredictable and uncomfortable. Fortunately when building chatbots, we can engineer the conversations we have in how do we make them successful? If a user leaves half-way through, does that mean we accomplished their goal or did they give up? In this talk I will detail the ways we have been measuring success in our conversations at Rasa, and go through some machine learning research we have been conducting to predict where the conversation will go as it is happening.

Bio: Tom Metcalife is a machine learning engineer at Rasa, building conversational bots that extend far beyond answering simple questions. He has a master's in Physics from the University of Durham and his passion for AI is deep-rooted in a fascination with the way people interact with machines.