Practical Quantum Computing


GOTO is happy to welcome Niels Sthen Hansen and Nicholai Stålung from Trifork to talk about Practical Quantum Computing... Live demos on an actual quantum computer!

17.30 Doors open
17.45 Welcome by GOTO
18.00 Practical Quantum Computing by Niels and Nicholai
19.00 Food and drinks
20.00 Thanks for today


Probabilistic computing and the future of machine learning.

Quantum annealing is a technique for solving NP-hard problems using quantum physics. Over the last years it has gained significant traction as an alternative - or supplement - to gate model quantum computing. D-Wave has for several years been delivering fully functional quantum computers to research institutions and industry based on this principle and there is a growing body of research and open source software around the technology.

In this talk you will learn how to formulate problems, write programs using the Ocean SDK and running them on a D-Wave 2000Q quantum computer. We will explore varieties of constraint satisfaction problems and how to map them to the D-Wave Chimera architecture. Examples will include factorisation, network analysis and machine learning.
We will also discuss the potential of quantum annealing and specifically how it can enable the next generation of Artificial Neural Networks.


Niels Sthen Hansen and Nicholai Stålung work at Trifork in Copenhagen. Niels is a software developer, team lead and business unit CTO. Nicholai is a data scientist and machine learning lead.