• Scrum@Scale with Jeff Sutherland

    Nordea Metro

    GOTO Copenhagen and Nordea welcome you to a GOTO Night with Jeff Sutherland. More info will be revealed by time. AGENDA - 17.00: Doors open - 17.15: Welcome by GOTO - 17.30: Jeff Sutherland - part 1 - 18.30: Food & drinks - 19.00: Jeff Sutherland - part 2 - 20.00: Thanks for today Jeff Sutherland BIO A former US Air Force “Top Gun,” Dr. Jeff Sutherland is the inventor and co-creator of the SCRUM framework. Developed in 1993 and formalized in 1995 with Ken Schwaber, Scrum has since been adopted by the vast majority of software development companies around the world. ABSTRACT Jeff Sutherland started scaling Scrum in 1996 and has now helped thousands of companies deploy collaborating Scrum teams. We have learned that one size does not fit all and that the simplicity of the scaling model is critical to evolving linear scalability of teams, particularly when teams are distributed. Business agility is only achieved when an entire value stream is saturated with Scrum, so Scrum needs to work in all departments and domains. Leadership is essential for prioritization and maintenance of an agile ecosystem essential to success. Multiple case studies will be presented that support a clean and simple approach to scaling that consistently works.

  • Experiment to innovate + Building the right product

    GOTO welcomes you to 2019 with this first GOTO Night of the new year. AGENDA: 17:00 - Doors open 17.15 - Welcome by GOTO 17:30 - Talk 1: Experiment to innovate 18:15 - Food and Drinks 18:45 - Talk 2: Building the right product with early validation and user involvement: The simple, fast and practical method 19:30 - Networking 20:00 - Thanks for today TALK 1: Experiment to innovate with Anders Toxboe, Founder of http://ui-patterns.com/ Are you stuck in product tunnel vision, still focusing on implementing ideas months old, only to find out they failed? Are you tired of spending time on building stuff nobody wants (other than your boss)? Then let's go on a ride! Anders will tell you how to escape tunnel vision and start focusing on building the right thing. The silver bullet is systematic and constant product testing. Anders will take the boring part out of testing and show you how easy it can be, so you product can start shining to more (and the right) people. He will reveal his playbook of cleverly thought out product experiments used by product builders at companies like Spotify, Booking.com, Facebook, Amazon, and Google and recommended by top universities like Harvard, MIT, and Stanford. ABOUT ANDERS: Since 2007, Anders has also been running a popular site on UI Patterns. It has led him to explore, learn, and understand the mechanisms behind the user experiences we all take for granted. The site has grown into a platform of how to conduct successful UX, design, and process and also offers three popular brainstorm tools: The Validation Patterns-, Persuasive Pattern-, and the UI Patterns card deck. TALK 2: Building the right product with early validation and user involvement: The simple, fast and practical method with Claus Venlov (CEO) and Sebbe Selvig (CTO) of Preely (https://preely.com/) Would you like to learn how early stage validation and user involvement will allow you to build better digital products while increasing innovation and saving precious resources at the same time? Join us for this hands-on meetup, where we will present highly applicable knowledge, on how to rapid prototype and test multiple product ideas on real users in the very early stages of the product development cycle. The fundamental idea behind the Preely method is to lower the barrier of getting user-feedback by limiting the resources and time that goes into the process. Our technology is changing the way products are designed and developed by ensuring continuous user-involvement in all parts of the process. ABOUT CLAUS AND SEBBE: Claus Venlov (CEO)​ has worked with digital concept development for 20 years and been involved in multiple large-scale projects from idea to finished project. Claus is the driving force behind the Preely method of digital product development. Sebbe Selvig (CTO)​ is a digital entrepreneur with a firm belief that digital products need a technical solution of high quality and a strong focus on user needs. Sebbe has a background in games and now leads the technical part of developing the Preely tool. Together they share the slogan: “Stop making shitty products.”

  • Two different ways of being Agile

    Nordea Metro

    GOTO Copenhagen and Nordea welcome you to this last GOTO Night of the year. Come and join us for a night with no less than two agile talks. One given by Rodica Pirau from Nordea and one given by Tomas Eilsø, former fighter pilot. AGENDA • 17:00 Doors open • 17:20 Welcome by Nordea and GOTO CPH • 17:30 Confessions of an agile coach and F-16 fighter pilot by Tomas Eilsø + Q&A • 18:30 Food & drinks • 19:00 #ChangeLab: Fast and Curious by Rodica Pirau + Q&A • 20.00 Networking TOMAS EILSØ ABSTRACT - Confessions of an agile coach and F-16 fighter pilot. The dirty military secrets for fostering agile culture, trust and effective collaboration. In 2002 I joined a crisis meeting with 30 other fighter pilots. It was the second week after I arrived at the rapidly build Army tent camp just north of Afghanistan. I was still trying to get used to the fact that I was now in a war zone. It all seemed unreal. The commander explained that the meeting was called for, because we had experienced another serious accident. The cause of the accident was categorized as "pilot mistake" - Again. A Danish F-16 aircraft had crashed in Afghanistan. It was the third severe incident just that week. Fortunately, the pilot survived, despite first having to eject and then landing in an active minefield. What happened next was very natural to me at the time, but something I later found out is actually quite rare in organisations. Something very powerful. Something many organisation say they do, but something I've only experienced a few organizations actually capable of really doing.... Now, you might be thinking; This is a nice war story and all, but my business problems are very different then what's going on in a military tent camp in war. The most dangerous thing I do, is to carry a cup of "not so dangerously" hot coffee to my desk. I will give you that, our problems in business are different for sure, but personally I've arrived at the conclusion, that the underlying principles of what drive humans to perform and collaborate in situations with complexity and uncertainty are exactly the same. Exactly ! I've spent half my carrier as a fighter pilot, the other half dealing with agile and helping companies create products customers love. I've experimented with transferring some of the lessons from my past to the business world and I will share some of the stories and perspectives with you. I hope the brave ones of you might be inspired to try them out. ** RODICA PIRAU BIO Rodica has worked as a Business Analyst for 5 years within the shipping and financial industries. Her current role is Strategic Change Lead where she is responsible to build and continuously improve a change initiative named #ChangeLab. At the same time, she is designing and developing the framework on which the lab will operate. Rodica is from Moldova, and has been living in Denmark for the past 8 years. She holds a BSc in Economic IT from the Bucharest University of Economic Studies and an MSc in Economics from the University of Copenhagen. During her studies and work experience, Rodica developed a set of pivotal skills for her desired career path such as critical thinking, analytical reasoning and problem-solving capabilities. ABSTRACT #ChangeLab: Fast and Curious How do we enable Nordea’s transformation? In this fast-changing environment Nordea is commited to embrace novelty and rethink tomorrow, all in the name of the greater good. #ChangeLab is one of the initiatives that contributes directly to Nordea’s transformation journey. This presentation will give you: 1) an introduction to #ChangeLab, 2) how we employ Agile Ways of Working every day to create value, have happier employees and customers, 3) which are the biggest challenges we faced so far and what have we learned from them.

  • GOTO CPH Special with ngCPH: Angular Schematics - the unknown hero

    Space is limited so please register at ngCopenhagen to ensure your RSVP: https://www.meetup.com/ngCopenhagen/events/256282590/ With GOTO CPH happening during the day, it's a perfect opportunity to also have great evening events with fantastic speakers! This one is with ngCopenhagen (https://www.meetup.com/ngCopenhagen/events/256282590/) will be held at Falcon.io - click here for directions from Bella Center: https://goo.gl/AxZHxS ABOUT THE EVENT: We are pleased to have Christoffer Noring (https://twitter.com/chris_noring) as our first speaker. He is going to talk about Angular Schematics - the unknown hero. We are going to add more information soon Also expect some surprises!!!!

  • 5+ Great Tech Talks, 1 Afternoon: Special GOTO CPH Meetup

    This evening features talks on bootstrapping Machine Learning on Code, building GDPR-compliant apps, empathy and more. Please note that we will only serve drinks and snacks during the event – feel free to bring more proper food if you would like! TALK 1: Uniprocess: Developing apps that comply with GDPR by technical means with Ramón Soto Mathiesen, Computer Scientist at SPISE MISU Many companies are providing services to help us comply with GDPR but very few, if any, provide tools that help us develop apps that technically comply. Law firms provide legal services, at high prices, while other consultancies, provide a lot of paperwork. An uniprocess encapsulates a process, seen from a commercial point of view, where it is known at all times what data enter and leave the process. Developed in Haskell, a functional programming language that has a clear separation between code that makes effects and the one that doesn't, it is very easy to ensure these claims by using granulation and restriction of side-effects. Therefore, it is obvious to see that the development itself has to meet with the design of the process similar to microservices, since the binaries are distributed with Docker containers. To help the work of the EU Data Protection Agencies, both Haskell binaries and Docker images/containers will have a Reproducible Build Hash (RBH). With this RBH, you can mathematically show, that the software, which is currently executed, comes from the source code. TALK 2: Visualizing Abstractions with Carmen Andoh, Snazzy Rsync Empress at TravisCI A picture is worth a ten thousand words in code. ~ancient proverb. “The drawing shows me at a glance what would be spread over ten pages in code.” ~Ivan Turgenev You've heard variations of this quote and know it to be true. Text in your editor is the lossiest way to represent our thoughts & processes, yet it is the one we must work with when we code. Come get a whirlwind tour of the history of visualizing & abstractions, thoughts from the masters of our craft to help you put all those pieces together and back into thousands of lines of code. TALK 3: Bootstrapping Machine Learning on Code with ideas from NLP with Hugo Mougard, Deep Learning Engineer at source{d} Machine Learning on Code is gaining steam at an exponential rate in recent times, for good reasons: it will have a tremendous impact on the way we produce and manage code (and hence value). As a new field (at least compared to other more established research domains), it can feel like everything needs to be (re-)invented. This talk will argue instead that there are many parallels between Natural Language Processing, an established field active for more than 60 years with a hugo body of research and this new and exciting machine learning domain. We will see how ideas from parsing, information retrieval, topic similarity or even machine translation can be applied to code. TALK 4: Cultivating Empathy with Dajana Günther, Community Manager for Trifork DE GmbH When considering how to design products, teams, or even every day household objects, empathy doesn't end up on the required features list. Yet, without empathy, teams with enormous technical skills can fail in their quest to deliver quality products to their users. Incredible projects fail to create communities because they don't exercise it. Fail at empathy, and your chances of failing at everything skyrockets. Contrary to what you may have heard, empathy is not something you're innately born with - it's a skill that can be learned, cultivated, refined and taught to others. In this presentation, your lovely co-speakers will discuss the value of empathy, how you can cultivate it in yourself and your organizational culture, and conclude with concrete steps for leveling up in your interactions with your fellow human beings. TALK 5: Using event sourcing for GDPR compliance with Kenny Bastani, Developer Advocate at Pivotal and Jakub Pilimon, Spring Developer Advocate

  • Alternative Microservices?

    Nordea Metro

    GOTO Copenhagen and Nordea open the doors to an evening with "Alternative Microservices" by Jeppe Cramon. AGENDA • 17:00 Doors open • 17:15 Welcome by Nordea and GOTO CPH • 17:30 "Alternative Microservices?" - part 1 + Q&A • 18:30 Food & drinks • 19:00 "Alternative Microservices?" - part 2 + Q&A • 20.00 Network + mingle JEPPE CRAMON ABSTRACT Alternative Microservices? There are many articles about microservices, but few cover how to apply Microservice principles to non-trivial domains. In this presentation, Jeppe will share his experience with designing highly autonomous microservices. We will look into the underlying principles for distributed system, how to discover service boundaries, how to communicate between services and what role the UI plays. Finally, we will look at how to implement service and what type infrastructure is needed to support them. Keywords: DDD, Microservices, Serverless, CQRS, Event Sourcing, Event Driven Architecture, Federated Bus, Composite UI BIO Jeppe is a long term veteran in the software development space. During the last decade, his journey has lead him on a path searching for what it takes to design and build large-scale distributed systems, that doesn’t turn into a big ball of mud.

  • Bluetooth and IoT applications

    Trifork A/S

    It is with pleasure to welcome Martin Woolley as tonight's speaker. He was a part of the BBC micro:bit team and designed the micro:bit’s Bluetooth profile. At this meetup he will give no less than two talks (see abstracts below). AGENDA • 17.00: Doors open • 17.15: Welcome by GOTO Copenhagen • 17.30: "Putting the Smart in Smart Buildings with Bluetooth Mesh" + Q&A • 18.15: Break/Food/Drinks • 18.45: "Creating IoT Applications with Web Bluetooth" + Q&A • 19.30: Network and mingle • 20.30: Thanks for tonight ABSTRACTS TALK 1: Putting the Smart in Smart Buildings with Bluetooth Mesh There’s a compelling business case for the smart building. Building regulations and energy efficiency regulations are driving the adoption of advanced technologies in sophisticated smart building systems. Bluetooth mesh is a new Bluetooth technology which allows secure networks of thousands of devices to be formed and one of the primary applications that Bluetooth mesh was created for is the truly smart, connected building. It was designed from the outset with reliability, security and scalability as key goals and with the ability to meet the sophisticated and technically challenging engineering requirements of the smart building and smart industry. Lights form a permanently powered, natural processing and communications grid and visionaries from the world of commercial lighting are predicting that Bluetooth mesh lighting systems will evolve to become a distributed platform for all manner of smart building services, many having nothing to do with lighting itself. This session will explore the concepts, technicalities and uses of Bluetooth mesh networking and how this next evolution of the ubiquitous, standards-based technology, renowned for its cross-vendor interoperability, will make the biggest initial impact in the commercial and industrial space by enabling smart lighting as a platform. TALK 2: Creating IoT Applications with Web Bluetooth 10 million Bluetooth devices ship every day, and that figure is rising. Regarded as one of the key, enabling technologies of the IoT, Bluetooth is everywhere and in the Summer of 2017, a new Bluetooth technology, Bluetooth mesh networking was released. Bluetooth mesh is used in enterprise and industrial IoT systems and in these environments, web technologies and cloud-based architectures are king. Web Bluetooth allows developers to create web applications which can monitor and control Bluetooth devices. In this session, we’ll review key Bluetooth concepts and capabilities and the Web Bluetooth APIs which let you exploit them. There may even be demos! BIO Martin Woolley Developer Relations Manager (EMEA), Bluetooth SIG Twitter: @bluetooth_mdw Martin Woolley is an industry veteran with over 30 years’ experience working with computers large, small and ….. getting smaller. He still has a Sinclair ZX81 somewhere. He was a part of the BBC micro:bit team and designed the micro:bit’s Bluetooth profile. When Martin first discovered Bluetooth low energy it struck him as a phenomenally useful and developer-friendly technology and a perfect fit for this age of the Internet of Things. Bluetooth mesh networking will take this to the next level. Martin is the Bluetooth SIG's Developer Relations Manager for the EMEA region and is responsible for informing, educating and supporting developers in the region.

  • The Bottlenecks of Natural Language Processing

    Nordea Metro

    GOTO Copenhagen and Nordea open the doors to an inspirational evening of learning and discussion about Machine Learning. Tonight's speaker is Anders Søgaard, professor in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning at the Dpt. of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen. AGENDA • 17:00 Doors open • 17:15 Welcome by Nordea and GOTO CPH • 17:30 "The Bottlenecks of Natural Language Processing" - part 1 + Q&A • 18:30 Food & drinks • 19:00 "The Bottlenecks of Natural Language Processing" - part 2 + Q&A • 20.00 Network + mingle ANDERS SØGAARD BIO Anders Søgaard is a full professor in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning at the Dpt. of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen. He has been awarded an ERC Starting Grant and a Google Focused Research Award, and has received multiple best paper awards at the top NLP conferences. ABSTRACT "The Bottlenecks of Natural Language Processing" NLP has grown rapidly in recent years, as a research field and as an industry. Intelligent search, speech recognition, machine translation, and dialogue systems are being employed at scale. We now have a much better understanding of what is possible, and what is not; and we’re constantly pushing the horizon of what is possible. This talk will try to give a sober picture of the NLP landscape, in Denmark and beyond, and of what will likely become possible in the short term. Specifically, I will discuss some of the bottlenecks that still prohibit some companies and end users getting their part of the cake.

  • Cloud Native


    GOTO Copenhagen and 3Shape invite developers from Copenhagen to an evening of learning and discussion about Cloud Native technologies. Two discussion sessions will be held by Kasper Nissen (@phennex) and Thomas Bøgh Fangel (@tbfangel). AGENDA • 17:00 Doors open • 17:15 Welcome by 3Shape and GOTO CPH • 17:20 Introduction to 3Shape and our R&D organization by Flemming Christensen, Software Development Manager at 3Shape • 17:30 "A tale of 1,5 years with Cloud Native technologies at Lunar Way" by Kasper Nissen + Q&A • 18:30 Food, drinks and hands-on experience with 3Shape products • 19:00 "Cloud Native Transformation: from monolith to microservices" by Thomas Bøgh Fangel + Q&A • 20.00 Network + mingle KASPER NISSEN BIO Kasper holds a Master degree in Computer Technology and worked as an DevOps & Infrastructure Consultant at LEGO prior to working at Lunar Way. Kasper wrote his master thesis, “KubeCloud - A Small Scale Cloud Computing Environment”, on how Universities could leverage small-scale cloud environments built out of Raspberry Pis. Kasper and his fellow master thesis partner wrote about this on kubecloud.io and are still actively blogging about Cloud Native technologies. Kasper is the founder of the “Cloud Native Aarhus” meetup group along with the danish Slack Community “Cloud Native DK”. https://www.linkedin.com/in/kaspernissen/ ABSTRACT "A tale of 1,5 years with Cloud Native technologies at Lunar Way" Cloud Native technology has been used as a differentiator when challenging the established. Infrastructure technologies such as Kubernetes let us move fast. In this talk, Kasper will present the tale of how we built our infrastructure and how it’s been like running Kubernetes in production for 1,5 years. This also includes touching upon key infrastructure components, like Prometheus, fluentd, and Humio. THOMAS BØGH FANGEL BIO Thomas holds a Master degree in mathematics and has been working in IT industry for 10+ years implementing distributed systems in Java, Scala, Node and Go. Thomas has been working at Lunar Way since June 2016. Thomas enjoys sharing his and Lunar Way’s experiences being a frontrunner adopting Cloud Native technologies and microservices. https://www.linkedin.com/in/thomasboeghfangel// ABSTRACT "Cloud Native Transformation: from monolith to microservices" Back in 2016, Lunar Way went live on a monolithic backend implemented in Rails. Shortly after, a decision was made to break up the monolith and implement a microservice architecture. 2 years later we have come a long way with 40+ microservices running in production in an architecture using asynchronous message passing as a first principle for inter service communication. In this talk Thomas will talk about the transformation, the lessons learned so far and also look ahead towards the planned changes in the platform. ** WIN A RASPBERRY PI ** All participants can enter 3Shape’s draw to win a Raspberry Pi – a small computer that will let you and your friends try programming skills through fun and practical projects.

  • Copenhagen Cocoa Meetup

    Trifork A/S

    Copenhagen Cocoa is a community of iOS and Mac developers. GOTO Copenhagen is happy to coorporate with them with this meetup. Please follow the link below and be aware of to sign up at their meetup page. https://www.meetup.com/CopenhagenCocoa/events/252355866/ See you the 23rd of August.