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There is still some time before the next GOTO Berlin conference takes place. To give you the GOTO feeling until then, we schedule a wide range of free GOTO Nights in the months before.

GOTO Nights are designed for people who want to stay up to date with the latest tools, technologies, processes and practices in the software industry.

GOTO Nights are free evening events driven by involvement from both speakers and participants. Come along to learn something new and network with your peers! We will provide you with a first class speaker (or two) - all you have to do is: sign up and show up ;)

GOTO Nights provide you with an opportunity to:

• Hear excellent speakers
• Learn about the latest trends
• Reach beyond your current language, platform, or practices
• Increase your technical depth and breadth
• Expand your professional network
• Connect with the global software community
• Share your experience and expertise with others

We cover a vast range of topics on our GOTO Nights. If you have a topic you are keen to learn more about, please let us know and we'll try to organize a talk.

Upcoming events (2)

GOTO Night: Your Git is a treasure trove

Office Club

Doors opening 18:30 Start 19:00 Cost free of charge Snacks & refreshments included Speaker Holger Frohloff GOTO Night: Your Git is a treasure trove Your developers use Git all day. They create new commits, merge pull requests, write wonderful commit messages (hopefully!) and create your product. Still, there are times when you are wondering why features take longer, or why bugs creep into your application. Some weeks it runs smoothly. Some weeks are like a rollercoaster. If you would like to get answers to your questions, your version control system can give you the insight you are lacking. During this talk, I will provide actionable examples as to which data you can get out of Git — and how! Leave the talk with ideas and inspiration about how to mine your Git to learn insights into how to create better products. Bio: Holger Frohloff is an independent consultant from Berlin specializing in improving software quality through training and workshops. He’s worked for over 10 years helping companies architect maintainable web applications and achieve reliable release schedules, low bug counts, and happy developers.

GOTO Night: Dev & CI/CD of Enterprise Cloud Apps leveraging S/4HANA Cloud SDK

Doors opening 18:30 Start 19:00 Cost free of charge Snacks & refreshments included Speaker Marco Dahms GOTO Night: Dev and CI/CD of Enterprise Cloud Apps leveraging the S/4HANA Cloud SDK When it comes to rolling-out new innovations to the business departments, enterprises may use the SAP Cloud Platform as deployment platform apart from the landscapes running their core ERP systems. By separating these lifecycles, it gets possible to frequently deliver new releases to the cloud extensions while maintaining the stability of the core ERP systems. In this talk, we will present the S/4HANA Cloud SDK which enables to rapidly develop such cloud extensions and additionally brings an out-of-the-box continuous delivery pipeline to ensure a constant supply of updates. Specifically, we will focus on the benefits and simplifications this SDK brings in the context of app development. Bio: Marco Dahms works as senior developer in the S/4HANA Cloud SDK development team at the SAP Innovation Center located in Potsdam. He joined SAP in 2008 and worked in several custom development projects in the field of Treasury Risk Management. Later, he contributed to and led the development of several Fiori applications and helped bring the SAP RealSpend solution to life.

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