Lightning Talks!

This is a past event

9 people went


Do you have...

* A burning idea around software or testing you want to share in 5 (FIVE!) Minutes?

* An idea you want to float in front of a room full of reasonably friendly people?

* A thought you want to exercise before taking it to the BOSS?

This is a PERFECT opportunity!

Lightning Talks are BACK!

It has been a while since we did an evening of lightning talks. This is simple. You give a Five Minute talk - no more than that. It can be LESS - but less is pretty tough. Then questions / discussion for up to Five Minutes.

It doesn't need to have slides (but if you want to show some, we can probably work something out.) It doesn't need to be absolutely polished (but a couple of trial runs with a timer might be a good idea.)

If you have a burning desire to talk about something - post a note here. If you are a bit more shy, no worries - We'll have a signup list that evening and take "spur of the moment" entries.

Join us a Salvatore's on January 22 at 6:00 PM - hang out, eat a bit (or not - we're pretty flexible.) We can have pizza pre-ordered OR order off the menu. (See what I mean about flexible?) We get down to business around 6:30 PM

Come up with an idea! Work out what you want to say! Say it! (There WILL be prizes for the best talks...)