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This is a group for women who consider themselves beginners, advanced beginners and very patient intermediate golfers. We are committed to improving our game through practice, course play and learning the Rules of Golf. Perhaps we want to get past the intimidation factor that seems inherent in our previous experiences with the sport. Or, maybe we just want to have a lot of fun and meet others who are learning the game! Whatever the perspective, this is about learning, practicing and playing in an encouraging and "no pressure" atmosphere.

Yearly membership dues: $8, updated 5.16.18

Required: A recent photo of yourself is an invaluable aid in assisting WG members to become acquainted with you.


•Opportunities to practice, improve and learn

•Supportive atmosphere

•Competition centered on personal best; not "besting others"

•No "have to be there" on a weekly (or more!) basis. Sign up only for the activities that interest YOU

•Take advantage of member discounts and utilize our numbers to negotiate better prices at local and resort courses

•Make good friends and have FUN


•Attend. Keep your rsvp's up to date. For a number of reasons, it is imperative to know expected attendance for any given event--not the least of which is for the consideration of other members as well as for fostering good relationships with the courses where we have reserved tee times. Don't rsvp unless you are pretty sure you are going to be there. A last minute rsvp is much better than a "maybe rsvp, I will see what I feel like doing that day" combined with a last minute cancellation.

•Communicate. Utilize the comments section to notify the organizer and other members of emergencies or if you will be late--and why. Keep event organizer's phone number handy for texting an 11th hour crisis. (It is always on the event page, near location.) You may or may not reach me as I may be en route or already on the course. If organizer has an emergency, the comments section on the site is where it will be posted.

•Be timely. Event times will always be posted 15 minutes PRIOR to tee time, class times, etc. This will give you time to do things like pay at the pro shop, get a beverage, put on lipstick, etc. Basically, if one arrives on time in golf, it's already late.

•Check the website. Weather updates are posted in the comments section. MICHIGAN WEATHER IS FICKLE. Stormy at your house could still mean a sunny day at the course. In last minute situations, Organizer will attempt to make a questionable weather call at least an hour or more in advance. If advance forecasts are available, the event may be canceled or rescheduled much earlier. Last minute and still unsure? Call the course.

•Pay dues. Yearly membership dues of $8

are to be paid no later than attendance at a second event where there is a requirement to be a paid member. Yes, I'll keep track. Why? Because I want to make sure you like the experience before you pay. Once paid, you will receive a member designation here on the site by your name, indicating your status as a member in good standing. (View my profile or MJ's to see how that looks). Dues are to be paid cash only and to be in an envelope marked with your member name as it appears on the site. (Dues are only to be paid to me or MJ). Oh, and.... I may be a banker, but I won't make change right before tee time. You can get that at the pro shop!

Be a sport! Be generous with sincere compliments and hold criticism in check--wanted or otherwise. Many of our members take lessons from pros on their own time and are working to improve their game.

Here's the fine print: Organizers reserve the right to dismiss members for habitual no-shows, lack of sportsmanship or non payment of dues, etc. etc. But, hey, we just know there won't be (too) much mischief.

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