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Jan. 16th, 2019

This is a TWIN-CITY Meet-up Group, "bridging" between Greater-Montreal Area residing people, and their existing, enthusiastic counterparts in the Greater Toronto Area...with nearly 125 Members already realized in it's founding city; that being Toronto.

Hi & Welcome! Anyone who has a passion, curiosity, and day-to-day interest in "making a difference" in their local natural environment; which is also integral to the greater geographic community and bio-region in-which they live, work and call HOME.

These are hands-on DOERS, Collaborative Types... Extended-Community-minded and Soulful Personalities who strive to better their harmonious day-to-day living in-and-around NATURE in their immediate proximity.

'To be Interactive Contributors ( at times subtle, fun ways... and at other times by more profoundly- productive means, as they choose to be engaged ). This can be Culturally, Recreationally or Technologically in both Grassroots & Higher-Tech Realms... and also in Recreation Learning ways.

Green Community Hub - Montreal (GCH-Mon) Enthusiasts are also Outdoor Activities Oriented, Entrepreneurially-minded, Creative and Goal-oriented People. Artists, Artisans and Crafts-Persons are especially invited!

The tactile nature of creative people naturally dovetails the ways by-which business people navigate; making this Sister-Site a sort of "Bridge" between unique subcultures of our regions, our market places and within our bio-region. I hope that your joining and sticking with us will form new partnerships, friendships and can also empower you to explore the common natural beauty between the diversified communities that make up the Greater Toronto Area and The Greater Montreal Area; both very rich with countless sub-cultures, languages, peoples of many ethnicities... and therefore, a broader overall intelligence towards how we can contribute to the greening our communities, while also carving-out a good living via our work aspirations.

Please also check on Meet-ups at Green Community Hub - Toronto regularly... as we are already beginning to open doors to Greater Montreal area members, by putting-out The Welcome Mat for you to collaborate and participate with us here in Ontario.

*As we seek out and place a Fully Bilingual Co-Organizer for GCH-Mon, the goal will be to create a Bi-Way between our municipalities ( and in-between, such as Ottawa ) and The Enthusiastic People Who Help Make Good Things Happen.

Hopefully, You're With Us On This Adventure As Well!

" Thanks for taking the time to explore... and we look forward to your joining us! "


MoJo ;)

GREEN COMMUNITY HUB - Toronto ( A Sister City Meetup Group that I've inherited and just this past winter, and have begun to "reshape" ), is now in the order of 125 Enthusiastic Members. There is clearly a unique difference between how people of different regions approach things, and through your active participation, this is precisely how you will discover a myriad of benefits --through new types of interactions that you may have otherwise not have been exposed to. I encourage your participation.

" Please Also Complete The Short Anonymous Survey; Posted As The First Springtime Event-Of-Sorts, For Spring of 2019... and a precursor to what will become our first future Meet & Greet Gathering ahead...

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