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Let's meet up and discuss the role of TV and movies in shaping consciousness!
Are TV and movies shaping our consciousness negatively, are they a vehicle Spirit uses to support our evolution, are they social tools for manipulation, or are they simple mechanisms for cultural and artistic expression. More importantly, regardless of what we think they are, is there a mechanism for using TV and movies to trigger and support our individual and communal evolution and enlightenment. If so, how? If we can interact with these abundantly available resources as a meditative practice where would they take us?

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    This group is open to the public. It is an non-denominational opportunity to explore the spiritual essence of God and the operation of Spirit on the physical plane. This is a group for exploring, expanding, learning, teaching, developing and applying new and existing Spiritual modalities for experiencing and expressing the divine energy of God (the Guiding - Organizing - Designing principle of the universe). It is a group for those who desire to experience the fun, power, bliss, and peace that comes with the practice of love, compassion, and acceptance.

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