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'Wine Down Wednesday' @ Chatham Hill Winery!

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Our next 'Wine Down Wednesday' is Valentine's Day EVE, February 13, @ Chatham Hill Winery! (TO RSVP, visit this link:

Special speakers include Laurie Watson (certified sex therapist, marriage family counselor and regular radio sex expert for G105!) & Claudette Irene/Shelley Julienne (Founders of Revolution Zone Media - Relationship Success Coaches!)

* Chatham Hill Winery is giving 'Wine Down Wednesday' a SPECIAL deal ... for $12, we get eight(8) wine tastings, keepsake wine glass, wine presentation, and chocolate! They are staying open specifically for us and this is the reason for the $12 entrance. (normally $25+)

* That's eight(8) tastings, chocolate, wine glass and two fabulous relationship speakers for $12! Plus, they will have special deals on wine bottles, Valentines baskets, and more for that special someone in your life. Get all you need for Valentines Day @ Chatham Hill Winery next Wednesday!

Speaker #1: Laurie Watson: Founder of the Awakenings Center for intimacy and Sexuality
Presentation Title: ‘Six Secrets for Better Sex!’

Presentation Description: What men need to know; what women need to do. How to maximize her desire and get her to say yes to sex and variety! Develop the erotic self without pole dancing. Q&A. Take away - 3 ideas for each gender to make Valentine's Day hotter!

Speaker #2: Claudette Irene & Shelley Julienne (female duo!): Relationship Success Coaches

Presentation Title: ‘The Affection-Connection Deal between Men and Women!'

Presentation Description: Learn the secrets of how men and women can get what they really need from each other. For Men - We'll reveal the secret of how to have more affection from the woman in your life. For Women - We'll reveal the secret to how to have more connection and commitment from the man in your life.

More About our Speakers:
* Laurie Watson: Laurie Watson, author of Wanting Sex Again, certified sex therapist, licensed couple's counselor, locally appears on G105 and My Carolina Today, blogger for Psychology Today, teaches at Duke and Chapel Hill's medical schools, clinical director at Awakenings, follow her on Twitter at AskLaurieWatson! Laurie teaches sexuality courses at local universities such as UNC-Chapel Hill, Duke, and East Carolina University as well being a popular guest speaker for churches, clinical practices and medical specialties.

* Shelley Julienne/Claudette Irene: Founders of Revolution Zone Media - Relationship Success Coaches. Authors of an upcoming book on Dating to be released in Spring 2013! They teach the secrets for how men and women can get what they really need from each other. They help individuals and couples move from thinking "she's so needy" or "all he wants from me is sex" to understanding that there are good reasons behind why we need such different things from each other. There is a great deal to be made by providing what the other needs.

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