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"Secrets to Successfully Investing in US Real Estate"-Webinar
Dear Group Members, As you already know, we love to bring great content and speakers to you! You may remember that recently my friend Mike Wolf came out to speak to our group. His talk was such a hit that we want to bring him back! Unfortunately, he doesn’t live in Ontario and travels quite extensively, so we are bringing him to you virtually on a webinar ! I will be interviewing Mike so that anyone can attend, regardless of your location. Mike Wolf is an expert is US real estate investing. He’s been doing it successfully on both sides of the border for over 20 years and also now teaches others how to do it. Imagine if you could not only shorten the learning curve on how to invest in the US, but also purchase properties at decade-old prices. Mike Wolf has been buying in the US for almost 9 years. As a Canadian investing in the US, Mike understands the issues surrounding foreign investing.He teaches strategies to help Canadians take advantage of these opportunities so that they can create a lifestyle of freedom. If you’ve been wondering about how Canadians can get into the US market and build wealth, then you need to check out this webinar that Mike Wolf and I will be doing for you Mike will share his strategies such as… • Where are the best places to invest for the best cash flow and the most growth • How you can achieve positive cash flow on a single family home of $500 - $1000 per month • What the tax consequences are and why it is actually better to invest in the US • A little-known strategy to purchase properties for pennies on the dollar • How to bring in more joint-venture funding Join us on this exclusive webinar to learnthese valuable tips and much more… RSVP and we will forward you the link! Cheers, Monika Jazyk

This is an Online Webinar Event!

You join each class via phone/computer from the comfort of your home. · Toronto, ON


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There is 1 hour of mingling mixed with a 1 hour educational component featuring STAR guest speakers guaranteed to educate you on REAL trends, tips and topics about Real Estate Investing, keeping you current and providing you with an inside scoop about happenings in the industry!

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