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Want Lower Purchase Price , Higher Cashflow and Appreciation? You Can!
Although we loooooooooooooove Buy Rent Hold Real Estate, sometime the numbers do not make sense. Maybe you don't have enough downpayment? Or is your property cashflow NEGATIVE? Or just not cashflowing enough to make it worth your while. Although these are common struggles, the truth is you can overcome all of the above! The key is finding high growth areas with loooooooooooow purchase prices in areas where now EVERYONE is looking! And this is EXACTLY what we will be discussing at our event! We will have THREE Real Estate Power houses who have created financial freedom through Real Estate in their own backyards in areas that are often not discussed in Ontario. Cassidy Logdson. is a Real Estate agent , owner of WinCity Investment Club and an active investor in Windsor, Ontario. Cassidy will be sharing why Windsor is one of the top places in Ontario to investment and will be reviewing different types of investment strategies in how Investors can get above average cashflow and appreciation for less money down! Kory Mackinnon is a successful Real Estate Investor with over decade of investing experience, focusing primarily on Sarnina , ON. He started with a 6-plex property back in 2005 and today is managing 20+ properties / 60+ rental units. With investing experience in Sarnia, London and Windsor, Kory has wholesaled, flipped for profit and used the BRRRR method on route to owning dozens of single and multi-family properties. Kory is also the author of "Inside the Mind of a Millionaire Real Estate Investor" (available for sale at this event) Jeff Wybo is a Real Estate Agent , Investor and Youtube sensation and will be telling us all about investing in London, ON. Jeff hosts Investment Property Limo Tours to investors offering a creative approach to learning how to make money in real estate. He also focuses on selling private deals to investors and offers a unique marketing ability via social media. Jeff is a Canadian Armed Forces Veteran and knows how to get results. This is an event you do NOT want to miss! Networking 7-7:30 Presentation will start at 7:30 SHARP! RSVP on the Eventbrite link below to save your spot and up to $10 $30 on-line EARLY BIRD PRICING BEFORE SEPTEMBER 25TH $35 on-line after September 25th $40 at the door * THERE WILL BE A PRIVATE MASTERMIND SESSION PRIOR TO THE EVENT FROM 5:30-6:30 COST IS $50 (includes event entry) AND MUST BE PAID ON-LINE PRIOR TO THE EVENT. SPOTS ARE LIMITED What is a Mastermind group? The purpose of the Mastermind is to get a small group of SERIOUS game changers and Investors together to share their goals and ideas. As everyone gets a chance to share what they are trying to accomplish, the group chimes in with their perspectives and helps create growth and change for all participants. Kory and Cassidy will be in attendance facilitating this group alongside our other experts, to offer their input and expertise! This is your chance to have an expert in investments and commercial Real Estate and one of the best minds in the business in YOUR Inner Circle! We look forward to seeing you there! Monika & Vaughan

Bayview Golf and Country Club

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Real Property Investments Networking Group provides a platform for Real Estate Education AND Networking for Real Estate Investors as well as professionals in the industry (Real Estate agents, mortgage brokers, contractors etc.) looking to expand their network and promote their service.

The purpose of these networking events is for Real Estate Investors and professionals to mix and mingle with other real estate investors and professionals in the real estate industry as well as expand your knowledge base and stay current with trends in Real Estate.

There is 1 hour of mingling mixed with a 1 hour educational component featuring STAR guest speakers guaranteed to educate you on REAL trends, tips and topics about Real Estate Investing, keeping you current and providing you with an inside scoop about happenings in the industry!

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