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Meet other local snowboarders and find new friends to board the slopes with. We'll rip up the local hills and also try to do a few out of province trips.

All skill levels are welcome to join us (we were all beginners once !) ... and we'll even let you skiers tag along too ! But you should know that we will make fun of you ! .... and we expect a tow from you on those damn flats.

Typical daytrips include everyone from beginners to park riders and experts.

Everyone is required to answer all the questions asked when signing up for a daytrip. The questions will pop up after you confirm your RSVP answer. I need this info to plan carpooling and assign rides. If you do not answer the questions then your RSVP will be removed. Please RSVP from a computer to ensure the question come up.

Rides will be allocated based on those who have RSVPed AND have answered all the questions. The rides will be based in the order in which people have signed up and answered all the questions.

We always need more drivers. Drivers do not pay for gas since they are supplying cars. Gas cost is $15-20 per passenger depending on the destination

This is the one of the only groups that will arrange rides for you. With all other groups you have to find your own rides which means drivers get swamped with requests and passengers have to e-mail a bunch of drivers to find a ride.

Please note that this is a group for adults only so you must be 18 years of age or older to join and particpate. Please note that due to the proliferation of fake spam profiles organizer approval is now required to join the group please make sure that you have a clear face picture as your profile picture.

I've split off the snowboarding portion from the Beach Volleyball group where we were previously combined. That way each group can focus on members who are only interested in one of our core activities.

Beginner Tips:

(https://www.meetup.com/GTA-Snowboarding-Social-Group/boards/thread/8052885) (https://www.meetup.com/GTA-Snowboarding-Social-Group/board) https://www.meetup.com/GTA-Snowboarding-Social-Group/board ...

Check out our Beach Volleyball group too for you summer lovers. We did all of our snowboarding events through that group last year so check out the past events there to give you a taste of what we will do for the upcoming seaso

Upcoming events (2)

Blue Mountain Ikon and 5x7 passholders

Blue Mountain

This is NOT an event.
This is to create a list of who has an Ikon or 5x7 pass and would be interested in weekday or weekend night snowboarding at Blue.
This is ONLY for 5x7 or IKON passholders

Do not sign up for this if you don’t have a pass.

Please answer ALL of the RSVP questions to be added to the list. If you do not answer all questions as always your RSVP will be removed

GROUP COVID UPDATE 2021-2022 Season

Online event

Updated June 14


This group has always been founded on being a community of snowboarders (and a few of you skiers too 😉) that come together as a group to carpool for local trips and for out of province trips. I’ve met many people and made great friends over the years.


As we progress through the COVID pandemic, we will be using new safety protocols in the group to try to keep everyone safe. Group carpooling and any overnight, or out pf province trips are a high risk activity since we are sharing space and air in an enclosed car and/or accomodations for hours/days with strangers. As a result, as the new normal evolves, to start only those who have been fully vaccinated with 2 shots of Canadian approved vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna or Astra Zenica) will be able to sign up for carpooling and group trips. You will be required to provide proof of vaccination (your printed confirmation after your second shot is sufficient if vaccines passports are not yet available - you can black out the health card # or any private information but your name, date and location of shot must be visible). You will be required to text or email me this when you sign up.
For those who have not been vaccinated you can join us for the outdoor portion of the event only if you make your way up to the resort. Carpool arrangements will not be made for those that are not vaccinated.
Please do NOT attempt to arrange any carpooling through the group for a group event. Anyone that tries to will be removed from the group.
As the COVID situation evolves this may change so look for updates in the group or in this update periodically

As everything begins to normalize we will again plan overnight, weekend and out of province trips.

Hopefully this pandemic will soon be under control and we can return to a more normal level of leisure activities.

In order to join for any daytrips, weekend or over night trips please RSVP for this event and Read and answer the RSVP question.

I hope to see you all soon.

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Sunday night at Blue

Blue Mountain

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