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The Best of Dim Sum in Toronto

Needs a location


This will be a series of Dim Sum stops visting some of the top rated Dim Sum restuarants in the Toronto area. We will visit 1 per month, alternating between downtown and outlying areas. We will start with #10 on the list and work our way to #1. #

I will arrange carpooling where possible for the locations not in the downtown area so fill out the RSVP questions if you want a ride or can offer one. As always, please do not RSVP from a phone app or the questions will not come up.

The best dim sum in Toronto is, sadly, devoid of the stereotypical cart service that one would normally equate with this Cantonese specialty. In fact, you'll find no middle-aged Chinese ladies yelling at the top of their lungs at any of these spots. And even though the restaurants here are diverse and scattered around the GTA, they're guaranteed to deliver fresh, tantalizing dishes best enjoyed with a side of good friends and good conversation.

I'm going to limit this to only 10 people. The RSVP change with 48 hours notice rule is in effect. If you are a no show or change your RSVP less than 24 hours before, you are assessed 2 strikes. Change your RSVP between24-48 hours before the event and you get 1 strike. 2 strikes and you can no longer attend RSVP events with the group.