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IMKG South Asian Music Association Welcomes U – Without U we are nothing…

Music is the essence of our life. First cry of the new born is the most melodious music to the mother’s ears. We put across many expressions through music – be it love, friendship or patriotism. But for all this we need a platform, a group or a place to explore our musical talent.

IMKG is a unique platform – for a wide range of singers - beginners to the professional singers. If you desire to sing your heart out – join us in the musical journey. If your ambition is to perform on stage and be recognized as a professional singer, if you are dreaming of tapping and exploring your hidden talent in singing- You have a great ear for music or as a trained singer want to be with music loving people to enhance or exhibit your talent YOU are at the right place - JOIN IMKG.

IMKG has events to suit each and every person who loves South Asian Music. Be it contemporary music or good old golden classics – we embrace every style of music. Our events are designed to meet the needs of all walks of life.

Indian Music & Karaoke Singing Group is classified as:

1. IMKG - SUR Group

Professional level events in which singers will meet-up to prepared in all aspects, to present/ sing in public performances and stage shows. These events will be organized in professional studios or star hotels with high quality videos and Audio recording and best food included as a package.

2. IMKG - TAAL Group

Mid range events with an affordable event contribution, where everyone chips in to rent the place and equipment. Food and videos will be as per demand (optional).

3. IMKG - DHUN Group

These events will be conducted in a family get-together atmosphere with a very low budget. The venue would be a homely cozy place at any member's residence. Food will be either by pot-luck or someone throws party for fun. Event fee collected towards equipment, Chai and Saaf-safaai. There will be NO formal video recording (members can get their own cameras and shoot). It will be full of fun with Bindaas singing and dancing.

IMKG is the only Karaoke Group which gives you an all round satisfaction in Bollywood, Ghazal, Sufi, Qawwali and all other types of Hindi/Urdu singing.

Join and Learn more about music and this Meetup Group.

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