Past Meetup

Group Meditation and Dharma Talk with Gateless Gate Zen Center at UCG

This Meetup is past


Hello All,

This will be a bi-monthly recurring meetup.

If you have never been to Zen practice with Gateless Gate Zen Center, please arrive at 6pm. Arriving early will give you an opportunity to learn about our practice. If you have been to the Gateless Gate Zen Center before, do come early anyway to chat or just arrive at 6:30 or 7:00 depending on your schedule and preferences.

At 6:30, chanting will begin. You should try to join in and chant as best as you can, or just read along. You will not be judged if you have trouble chanting or choose not to chant. Chanting is a good preparation for meditation since concentrating on your breath and on intonating each syllable helps you clear your mind of the day's stresses and worries.

At 7:00, seated meditation will begin. You are wearing comfortable and loose-fitting pants, right?

At 7:25, a Dharma talk will be given. The topic is different from week-to-week but always in line with the philosophies of disciplined effort and commitment toward being present and finding wellness for yourself and for others.

Please don't hesitate to respond here or contact me directly if you have any questions.

If Mondays are never good for you, let me know and we'll set up a meetup at another time.

Oh, and do plan on bringing a little cash to contribute toward rent of our space. If you do not have cash or do not feel comfortable donating, then no problem.


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