August Meetup: PWAs and more!


Two talks in August:

1) Demystifying PWAs: Learn how to create native-like apps with JavaScript by Lee Warrick

PWAs are cross-platform, searchable, opt-in apps that can provide native-like experiences using web technology (JS, React, Vue, etc). This talk is going to not only explain what a PWA is, but when you should make one and how to do so easily with your existing skills!

Lee Warrick is a Front-end Developer with by day, and by night the Organizer of Orlando’s Project Code Experience Meetup, Co-Host of the Tech Jr Podcast, and all-around Junior Developer Advocate.

2) Mike Herchel will demo Chrome 76's new native lazy-loading functionality!

After the talks, we'll do short informal show and tells. These can be anything from "look what I did!" to "I need help with this!"

Afterwards, we'll walk across the street for drinks and food! All are welcome!