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Gainesville Nonviolent Communication is a community of folks seeking personal and collective transformation through the power of self-responsible, honest, and compassionate communication and listening. We aim to connect hearts across Gainesville using Nonviolent Communication (www.cnvc.org) and other tools. NVC is an exquisite form of taking responsibility for our lives, our communication, and our relationships.

It’s a language and set of tools for harmony where connection has been broken or lost, and for restoring a pathway to closeness, intimacy, and authentic expression with those around them.

We meet for those who want an introduction to the principles of nonviolent communication. Practice consists of teaching exercises, discussion, and role plays in which we apply NVC theory to our real lives. You are free to participate as much or as little as you would like.

Leif Stringer is a long-time student of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) currently pursuing his certification as a trainer with the Center for NVC. He works with individuals, couples, and organizations to deepen their capacity to weed through the language of disconnection and discover the beauty and power of our shared human values. He supports clients in strengthening their ability to express their joy and pain alike in ways that inspire healing, harmony, and closeness with those whom they care about. When not sharing NVC, Leif serves as a law school counselor and teaches communication and self-esteem skills to at-risk youth.

Marina Smerling is a life and communication coach who is committed to our evolution through the composting of shame into radical self-love, and the creation of a world where we no longer have to hide who we are, but rather, where our authentic and undefended selves can come out of the closet. She brings a decade of training in Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and coaching to her work with women, couples, and families.

Upcoming events (5+)

GNVC Practice Group

Civic Media Center

On the 3rd Wednesday of each month in 2019, you can expect an excellent mini-workshop with a unique focus and a practice group, each taught by someone uniquely skilled. You will be provided handouts to support new concepts and learning, and we recommend you bring a notepad and pen. We often engage in role plays, and you are free and safe to participate as little or as much as you'd like. The format for these two hours is: Overview & Check-in, Empathy Exchange, New Learning, Skills Practice, Feedback, Closing You are welcome just as you are, and if you'd like to learn a little prior to joining an event check out tools at www.gnvc.love

Attending To Needs With Care Vs. Meeting Needs

Civic Media Center

Attending to needs with care is different than actually meeting needs. Often times, for very fine reasons, we can't meet the needs of ourselves or others. To have more ease and acceptance in those moments we can **attend to needs with care** instead. Join us to learn what this looks like, how it sounds, and what it takes. Whether it's to compassionately hold our shortcomings or to give ourselves permission to say no, we can learn to gracefully acknowledge another person without being called away from our center. We can learn to warmly say I see you, I hear you, I care about you, and I am lovingly choosing something else. Because truth is calling. Because choice matters. Because you deserve genuine self-care as much as others deserve kindness. Join us for an artful lesson and key differentiation of Nonviolent Communication. FACILITATORS Leif www.leifstringer.com Send questions, comments, or requests to [masked] No cost to attend. Donations accepted. MORE INFO AND RESOURCES www.gnvc.love Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Loving Well: Women's Online Relationship Support Group & Practice Series

Loving Well: Women's Online Relationship Support Group and Practice Series January 17 - February 28 (7 weeks) Thursdays 5-6:15pm PST / 8-9:15pm EST For those seeking practical tools, wisdom, and loving community to help their relationships to thrive. It takes a village to raise a relationship. For 7 weeks, this will be your village. Come with your break-downs, your heartaches, your hurts, your dilemmas. Come with your celebrations, your joys, your successes. Let us help one another. Let us support one another. Let us tire with the way of doing relationship alone. This group will inspire you to stretch in the places where you need to grow your tolerance and your compassion for your partner. To speak up in the places you need to risk disappointing them for the sake of being true. And to discern whether it is your empathy or your expression that needs engaging. You will learn when to back down, and when to step up. When to empathize more with your partner, and when to listen more to yourself. You’ll learn how to stay connected to yourself in the midst of the roller coaster. Committing to never abandoning yourself again. And with this as your foundation, this group will help you to move and to speak from the ground of love. This is a place to get support. To find hands to hold as we try on new ways of responding to those ancient triggers. To learn from each other. To help us keep perspective on our daily struggles – remembering they are part of larger, typical, *human* patterns – and ones to speak up about, rather than hide away in shame. Each gathering will be part class and part support group. I will offer brief instruction on a particular topic, followed by group practice and then open discussion. * Week 1 - Recognizing our shared humanity, struggles, and strengths * Week 2 - Practicing self-care as the foundation for right relationship * Week 3 - Owning, honoring, and reclaiming our needs in relationship * Week 4 - Speaking our truth with love, even (especially) when we’re pissed or hurting * Week 5 - Responding to complaints: Hearing the heart beneath our partners’ criticism * Week 6 - Resourcing ourselves – and our young, innocent, tantrum-ing selves – when our partners aren’t available or willing to give us what we want * Week 7 - Committing to the path of loving well, starting within >>> Register at https://bit.ly/2GDYS3T <<< Components Every Thursday for seven weeks, we’ll meet via Zoom as a group for live teaching and practice. You’ll learn new relationship support practices, discuss and actually practice them within the group, then have large group Q & A and discussion. At the end of every group, you’ll have homework (aka “lovework”) to take these tools home and try them on in your relationship, then report back to us in the Facebook group (see next component) In between gatherings, you’ll have a private Facebook group to report back on what you’re learning, what’s going well, where you’re struggling, to ask questions, and to give and receive support Every Sunday I’ll offer a Facebook live event in the private group to address your questions Cost $197 Early Bird - by January 1st $247 Regular Bird - by January 17th >>> Register at https://bit.ly/2GDYS3T <<< About Your Facilitator Marina Smerling is a life and relationship coach who longs for us to say “yes” to our wildly beautiful and fallible human selves, just as we are. Her work draws upon over a decade of training in Nonviolent Communication (NVC), the Hakomi Method’s mindfulness and somatic-based approach to transformation, and time with her beloved spiritual teacher, Jeannie Zandi. Marina lives with her partner and his nine year-old son in Gainesville, Florida. When not coaching, Marina can be found nerding out over kombucha, dancing to anything with a beat, playing Uno with the family, and otherwise navigating the art of living in a broken world with a wide open heart. Learn more at www.shamelessheart.com.

HeartSpace for Women! Compassionate Communication Practice

Welcome to Gainesville's Compassionate Communication gathering just for women. Start off the New Year right -- nourished by community support. Because we need each other, and are not here to go it alone in this life. This group will be the first in a series that it is about deepening our capacity for self-kindness and love, and stepping into greater authenticity and intimacy in all our relationships, including with each other. Nonviolent Communication (aka "Compassionate Communication") is a powerful practice that can be used for both personal healing and interpersonal communication, based on the deceptively simple notion that everything we say, do, and speak is an attempt to meet a human need. The more we can connect with our needs - rather than our judgments of ourselves and others - the more compassion flows naturally within and between us. This group will have 3 focuses: ** Skill-Building: Practicing the art of compassionate truth-telling, expressing ourselves with both honesty and kindness, rather than stuffing it and playing nice, or else "speaking our minds" and creating rifts, even in the relationships that rile us up the most ** Fostering Radical Self-Kindness: Noticing the places where we blame and shame ourselves into the closet, and offering those places kindness, empathy, a deep and gentle listening. It's from here that our wellspring of love, kindness, and empathy for others arises. Resource our own hearts, and we are naturally able to respond to those around us. ** Community-Building: Creating a safe and supportive space for personal and collective healing, and for practicing the tools of authentic communication with each other WHAT TO EXPECT: Arrive on time for a short guided meditation. Then we'll check in - sharing how we're feeling, and if we have any requests for support that evening. You don't need to know if advance what kind of support you'd like. I will then offer a brief overview of Nonviolent Communication and its tools for empathic listening and reflecting. Lastly, we'll divide the remaining time by the number of requests in the room. Typically, this looks like empathy from the group for individual members, role plays using Nonviolent Communication, or other creative healing exercises that are often improvised on the spot. All members are encouraged but not pressured to participate! PREREQUISITES: None! But you might want to check out this video by Marshall Rosenberg, the founder of Nonviolent Communication, to give you an idea about the practice: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgaeHeIL39Y WHEN: Wednesday, January 27, 4-5:30pm WHERE: House of Yin 1624 NW 6th St, Gainesville, FL 32609 Parking! The lot at House of Yin at times fills up quickly. If it does, please park either in the lot for the architectural firm next door at 1628 NW 6th St, or on side streets to the west of House of Yin. COST: $10 requested donation to cover costs. No one turned away. ABOUT MARINA Marina Smerling is a trainer with Gainesville Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and life coach who is deeply committed to our evolution through the composting of shame into radical self-love. Drawing upon a decade of training in Nonviolent Communication (NVC), Hakomi mindfulness and somatic training, and a wild love of self-expression, Marina specializes in supporting women in not just surviving, but thriving through their communication and relationship challenges. Learn more at www.shamelessheart.com WANT TO JOIN US? RSVP here! Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. [masked], or 1-855-EMPATHY. Hope you’re having a beautiful New Year, and I look forward to meeting you on the 27th! ~ Marina

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